the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre ́ (on July, 23rd 1950, village Kuznichi, Gorodnjansky area, the Chernigov area, УССР) - the Russian writer, the businessman, the author of a series of books «Ringing cedars of Russia», winner Premii Guzi 2011.


In 1994-95 has organised at own expense two large-scale trading expeditions on the river Ob on river crafts on a route Novosibirsk - Salekhard - Novosibirsk. «The merchant caravan» it was much told about its first expedition in a press of Siberia, Hunts-Mansijskogo and Yamal-Nenets national districts. Long time for friends and relatives remains a riddle that has forced it, the businessman with the ten years' experience, to spend the saved up capital, moreover having put property, on the organisation of the expeditions which are not bringing not only profits, but also not paying back.


The secret of intuitive search reveals in its books. It has brought that it is impossible to estimate in a money's worth from expedition. In a number of the central newspapers it has published the sensational materials which have caused wide reader's responses, comments of scientists.


Anastasia - the heroine of books of Vladimir Megre. Was born in 1968.

Lives in Russia, in a taiga.


Has presented to the world the fine ideas described in books which you can read on this site.


Anastasia herself has stated that this book, written about her, consists of words and phrases in combinations which have a beneficial effect on the reader This has been attested by the letters received to date from thousands of readers all over the world.

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