the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 4. Co-creation (1999)

They’re capable of changing the world?


“Why is it, Anastasia, that every time you speak of your forebears, you always talk about mothers, about women? As for men, your forefathers, I hardly hear anything. It’s as though the fathers in your line were all insignificant. Or maybe your genetic code, or your Ray, doesn’t allow you to feel your male ancestors? Isn’t that a bit insulting toward your forefathers?” “I can feel and see the deeds of my forefathers, just as I can my foremothers, when I want to. But I am far from being able to understand all their deeds, or to determine their significance for the present day — for me and everyone else.”

“Tell me at least about one of your forefathers whose deeds you don’t fully comprehend. As a woman, you find it harder to understand men. It’ll be easier for me, seeing I’m a man. If I understand, then I can help you understand, too.”

“Yes, yes, of course, I shall tell you about my forefather who was able not only to discern but also to produce living substances of a power greater than all the weapons known, either today or in the future. Nothing manufactured could ever withstand them — they are capable of changing the earthly world, of destroying galaxies or even creating whole new worlds.”

Tou must be joking! And where is this gadget today?” “Any Man living on the Earth today is capable of producing it provided he can understand, and can feel... My forefather revealed part of the mystery to the Egyptian priests. Even today, earthly rulers in their political states

govern according to the system and mechanism established by those priests. But now there is less and less understanding of the meaning and the mechanism of government. This mechanism was not perfected, and has become degraded over the centuries.”

“Hold on, hold on a minute, there. You’re saying that today’s presidents rule their countries according to a system or directions worked out by the priests of ancient Egypt?” “Since that time, Vladimir, nobody has ever contributed anything significant of their own to the system of government. And today’s earthly states have no conscious awareness of how the government of human society works.”

“Now that’s simply too hard to believe. Can you try taking me through the whole thing step by step?”

“I shall try taking you through it all step by step, and you try to understand.

“Tens of thousands of years ago, before the world witnessed the grandeur of Egypt, when no state like that yet existed, human society was divided into a multitude of tribes. My forefather and foremother’s family lived apart from human society, they lived according to their own laws. They were surrounded in their glade by everything as it was back in their pristine origins, as in Paradise. My foremother, a beauty herself, had two Suns — one of them was the orb of day, which, as it rose into the sky, awakened everything to life. The other was her chosen one.

“She was always up first. She bathed in the stream and warmed herself in the rising Sun. The light of joy was something she always shared with everything around, and she waited. She waited for him to awaken, her loved one. As he awoke, she caught his first glance. When their glances met, it was as though everything around them fell into a trance. Love and trembling, comfort and ecstasy were excitedly taken in by the Space around them.

“The day passed by in joyful duties. And each time the Sun began sinking toward sunset, my forefather always watched thoughtfully, and then he sang.

“My foremother listened to his singing with hidden ecstasy in her heart. Back then she did not yet understand how the words interwoven into the song were forming a new image, an extraordinary image. More and more often she felt like hearing about it, and as though feeling my foremother’s desire, my forefather sang about it again and again, and each time he sang he outlined the unusual features more and more distinctly. The invisible image came to dwell among them.

“One morning upon awakening my forefather did not en-counter the glance of love that he usually did. He was not surprised. He quietly rose and headed into the forest. In a secluded spot he caught sight of my foremother, enfolded in silence.

“She was standing there all by herself, leaning against a cedar tree. Enfolded in silence, she felt my forefather put his hands on her shoulders. She kept her moist eyes lowered, instead of raising them to look at him. He lightly touched a tear running down her cheek, and said tenderly to her:

“‘I know. You are thinking about it, my beloved. You are thinking about it, and you are not to blame for that. The image I created is invisible. It is invisible, but you love it more than you love me. You are not to blame for that, my beloved. I am going away I am going now, out among the people. I have been able to discern how splendid images are created. I shall tell the people about that. What I know, others can know, too. And the splendid images will lead people into the pristine garden. There is nothing more powerful in the Universe than the substance of living images. The image I created has proved itself even stronger than your love for me. Now I shall be able to create grand images. And these images will serve people.’

“My foremother’s shoulders trembled, and a trembling voice whispered:

“‘But why? You, my beloved, have created an image which I love. It is invisible. But you who are visible are going to be leaving me. Our child is already stirring within me. What shall I tell him about his father?’

“‘The splendid images will create a splendid world. Our son will picture to himself, as he grows, the image of his father. If I am able to become worthy of the image pictured by my son, then my son will recognise me. If I am not worthy of his conception, I shall stay on the sidelines, so as not to interfere with his aspiration to the dream, the splendid dream.’ “Incomprehensibly to my foremother, my forefather went away He came to the people. He came with a grand discovery enthralled. He came for the sake of his future sons and daughters, in an aspiration to create a splendid world for all.”

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