the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 7. The Energy of Life (2003)

To Jews, Christians and others


In appealing to Jews and Christians, I am counting on the un-derstanding of at least some adherents of these two mutually exclusive ideologies. I realise not everyone is aware of the reason I felt compelled to touch upon this topic.

The mere mention of the subject in my previous book1 touched off a chain of hurt feelings — even though the essence of Anastasia’s sayings has only one aim, namely, to shed light on the causes of conflicts between peoples — the same conflicts that have been going on incessantly over the past five millennia.

As I was working on the present volume, common sense dictated that it would be better to avoid the theme of Jews and Christianity altogether. Why stir up a good part of my readership and cause them to become disposed against me? Nevertheless, in view of the information in my possession, I do not feel I have a right to withhold it, no matter how distasteful it may seem to some people.

In presenting descriptions of the Jewish pogroms which have been going on for millennia, I simply cited historical facts, trying my best not to offer personal commentary on the events described or to treat them too subjectively.

My only goal here is to try to prevent yet another large-scale pogrom against Jews which could take place simultaneously in several countries.

Such a pogrom could conceivably be significantly greater in scope than that unleashed during the era of Nazi Germany.


In fact, it is almost inevitable. Only one thing can prevent it: a sufficient understanding of the causes of previous pogroms, along with corresponding actions to remove these causes.

I shall try not to resort to the statements made by the recluses of the Siberian taiga — Anastasia and her grandfather — even though they carry more and more weight with me personally with each passing year, since others might interpret them as sheer invention. I shall endeavour to draw proofs simply from well-known facts, or facts which can be easily attested by anyone who wishes to.

And so, as is known from historical sources, anti-Jewish po-groms date back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. And over the last millennium they have occurred approximately once every hundred years, in various countries which had become christianised by that time. And their scope has been expanding with each passing century

The last large-scale attempt to annihilate the Jews occurred in Nazi Germany from 1939 to 1945. Jews were burned in concentration-camp ovens, shot execution-style and poisoned with gas. Various sources estimate the number ofjews exterminated during this time to be in the neighbourhood of six million.

The regularity of recurring events connected with the ex-termination of the Jewish populations of various countries over more than one millennium clearly and convincingly attests to the existence of certain causes behind these events. At the same time somebody has been attempting to carefully conceal the true causes.

The mass media — the press, radio and TV — have been painstakingly trying to avoid this most contentious issue. It only takes a single mention in the media to provoke accusations of inciting racial hatred.

In actual fact racism can be incited more readily by remaining silent about the sensitive and controversial issues facing society today.

A great many facts attest to society’s sensitivity to the Jewish question. Many people will remember a speech by a Russian general, a member of the State Duma, in which he declared, in effect: “Get all the Jews out of Russia!”

A number of Duma members condemned the general. Naturally, he was given no coverage in the press. Nobody started an argument with him. Why? Was it because this general was just one lone voice supporting such a view, making it hardly worth wasting precious airtime on the whole Russian public’s arguing with just one person?

I dare say, though, he is not alone. He has a lot of company, not just among his fellow-generals, but among Russian civil servants, among Russian youth.

The numbers of people willing to blame all their troubles on the Jews are steadily increasing. The silence on the part of the press is allowing them to build up to a critical mass. I can cite figures which more than eloquently attest to this.

Since 1992 more than fifty anti-Semitic books have been re-leased in Russia by various publishing houses. This rather sizeable number does not include materials published by the underground press, nor a multitude of newspapers and magazines.

You won’t find these publications gathering dust on store shelves or in publishers’ warehouses. They are circulating from hand to hand. Many of them have been read so many times the covers are starting to fall off. These are publications in demand. And their readers tend to dismiss the absence of any discussion of the issue in the press by simply saying “the whole press is in the hands of Jews”. Their arguments are so well developed that anyone without a thorough grounding in the subject will find it a challenge to counteract them.

I was sitting in my train compartment, on my way back to Moscow from St. Petersburg, when in walked two men and a girl. The men wore dark-coloured shirts and wide army-officer belts. They looked very much as though they had been exhausted by some rather strenuous activity and immediately lay down on the upper bunks.

I struck up a conversation with the girl, who, like the men, was dressed rather severely. It turned out they were on their way home from a convention of (as she put it) ‘the patriotic forces of Russia’.

‘And what issues were discussed at your convention?” I asked her.

“The struggle with world Jewry,” she proudly replied.

“How can you, being here in Russia, struggle with someone who is, let’s say, in Europe or America?”

“We’ve got our supporters in Europe, and in America too. We haven’t contacted them all, but we know of many movements that share our views. Patriots in various countries are soon going to unite against world Jewry”

The girl was talkative, chatting on audaciously Either by in-struction or at her own initiative she was taking on the role of agitator for her (as she was convinced) ‘patriotic’ movement.

I asked the girl:

“Tell me, have the Jews harmed you personally in any way?”

“Sure they have. Because of them I’m forced to live in a poor and filthy country which keeps kowtowing to the West and licking up its crumbs.”

“But what makes you think the Jews are the cause of the failures in our country?”

“’Cause they’ve got this special plan of action. They deceive and plunder one country, then another, then a third. And no sooner does the first get back on its feet than they start cleaning it out again. They don’t even consider us human beings.

Just look at what’s written here. This is a copy of several passages from their Talmud.”

Handing me a slim pamphlet, she opened it to a particular place and I began reading.

I shan’t reproduce these citations here, as back then, during our conversation, it was hard for me to tell how much they actually corresponded to the Talmud. I was already aware that, according to the Old Testament, the Jews consider themselves to be a chosen people. But that’s not the point. I was so struck by this young ‘patriot’s’ rampant aggressiveness that I felt it was high time to get to the truth of the matter.

The root cause of the incessant conflicts within many countries lies in the existence, within one and the same society at one and the same time, of two mutually exclusive religious ideologies.

Let us examine the question of just what is religion? First and foremost, it is an ideology which shapes a particular class of Man, plugging him into a particular programme of action.

Religion — in this case, the religion of the Jews — defines the Jewish people as exclusively chosen by God, and even concretises and regulates its actions in respect to other peoples.

Christianity, on the other hand, says that a Christian Man is a servant, and some will get to relax in Paradise only after this earthly life. It’s hard for rich people to get to Paradise. You must love your neighbours and share your possessions with them.

The Talmud says: “It’s all yours”, while the Bible says: “Give it all up”. A good combination! These two mutually exclusive ideologies arose from one location — i.e., Israel. But that doesn’t mean that they were worked out by Jews themselves. That’s not the point. What is significant here is the inevitability of conflict.

The inevitability of conflict between adherents of the two ideologies can be attested by examining even the behaviour of very young children. Let’s say we tell one child that all the toys he sees belong only to him, while we encourage another

child to give up the toys he owns when another needs them — what then is the result?

The second child may agree to hand over his toys once or twice, but he won’t exactly feel love for the one who takes them. Sooner or later he will want at least something back, but nothing will be offered to him. As a result he will either start crying or try to use force.

And so it turns out that two differing ideologies may serve to facilitate conflict even between children as yet unborn.

In a case like this nationality doesn’t even come into the question. You could turn all the ethnic Jews into Christians and all the Slavic peoples into practising Jews and still get the very same conflicts.

It is not nationalities that are constantly warring with each other, but differing ideologies exploiting nationality for their own purposes.

We have heard even very cultured and enlightened people warn us from time to time about the necessity of a tolerant at-titude toward different faiths. The State Duma has adopted a law punishing those inciting ethnic or religious hatred. On TV we see leaders of different denominational groups getting together to participate in secular governmental receptions.

It all gives the appearance of something good, proper and normal. But it does absolutely nothing to reduce extremism. We still keep seeing placards with inflammatory slogans saying Kill them! and we still hear reports on people setting off explosions at non-profit organisations.

So, what’s going on? It’s all quite simple. The situation cannot be changed simply by eloquent words and appeals. To the contrary, such words only serve to conceal the real state of affairs and make it worse. It remains concealed, waiting for the ‘zero hour’ to explode and destroy the state.

“Let’s show a tolerant attitude toward all faiths!” Let’s indeed. I myself — like many others, I think — have nothing against a tolerant attitude.

But what then happens with the faiths themselves? This is what happens. Each of them tries with all their might to become as strong as possible and attract to their ranks the greatest possible number of followers. Finally, once they think they have achieved a sufficiently solid power base, two ideologies inevitably find themselves on a collision course, as is clearly confirmed by the history of incessant conflicts in the world. But over the course of many centuries mankind, as though pre-programmed, continues to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Did the priests know about this — the ones who created the two ideologies? Yes, they knew How could they not know, these people who are capable of exercising a psychological influence on millions of people in various countries all over the world, capable of pre-programming human beings?

Was their aim really to make the Jewish people happy by telling them they were ‘chosen’? History shows quite a different motivation. Over the centuries the Jewish people have been used as a ‘throwaway card’, or scapegoat, serving as a shield to divert people’s attention from those who are ‘playing their own little game’, using both Jews and Christians as pawns in a simple chess match. This kind of pre-programming causes only suffering to both parties.

You can see for yourselves where all this is leading today. The world is witnessing an ever greater accumulation of aggressive energy. Conflict continues between Israel and Palestine. With their military technology and American support, Israel can occupy Palestinian land and subject the inhabitants to its own demands. But this is by no means favourable to the development of mutual respect between two neighbouring

peoples. Quite the opposite: the amount of aggressive energy directed at the Jews is sharply rising throughout the Muslim world. This energy will inevitably find its outlet, including incessant acts of terrorism on both Israeli and American territory. But it is not just the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that is at play here. More and more inhabitants of our planet are realising that the current path of development of our global civilisation is heading for a dead end.

People are being devoured by AIDS, drugs, crime and tech-nological disasters. The overwhelming majority of Earth’s in-habitants are deprived of the opportunity to consume food that will not harm their health, to drink clean, uncontaminated water and to breathe pure, unpolluted air.

But what if these masses of people were to acquire information about the true cause of social and technological disasters? What if leaders appeared who could show them the true instigators of this depressing global situation, and expose their game, their aims, their tricks?

This, and this alone, is what the world ideologists are afraid of. It is for this reason, in an attempt to shield themselves from universal human outrage, that they keep tossing out again and again that time-tested card, namely the Jews. You bet — they’re to blame for everything — down with them] Angry masses launch attacks on Jews indiscriminately That’s what’s been going on, over and over again, throughout the ages. They attack them, thinking they’re getting rid of something evil, whereas all they’re doing, in fact, is letting off steam’.

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