the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 7. The Energy of Life (2003)

Going deep into history


The account told me by Anastasia’s grandfather struck me as being quite extraordinary, and yet quite simple in its proof of the extraordinary

Subsequently I began comparing his arguments with those from other sources and yeas amazed at how closely the details coincided. These were facts which nudged logical thinking to certain conclusions. And now I shall try reconciling the conclusions drawn by Anastasia’s grandfather with those of other sources.

Back during the years 30-100 of our Common Era small groups of believing Jews and dissidents living in Israel, Palestine or other parts of the Roman Empire, began to merge into an independent movement within Judaism. This resulted in the formation of a small Christian community comprising people who earnestly believed in the precepts of Christ Jesus and His imminent resurrection — an account attested in a great number of historical monographs, including the Bible.

In a word, there is no question that the mighty Christian doctrine began with the gatherings of a small Jewish community.

But now let us try to determine how the teachings of this small community suddenly found its way into not only the Roman Empire but also the territories of present-day Europe and Russia. How did people in so many countries come to hear of it — given that so few people knew about it even in Israel itself?

According to Anastasia’s grandfather, the priests who con-trolled the Jews of that period realised that by tinkering with (or, rather, re-working) the Christian teachings in a certain way these teachings could shape a type of slave mentality which would be very easy to control. This mentality either partially or almost completely rules out independent logical thinking, and Man begins to believe what he is told by the clergy or by someone else. More precisely: one ends up with bio-robotic people, subject to whatever programming has been instilled in them.

(A bio-robotic Man is a Man who consents — not entirely of his own free will, of course, but under the influence of spe-cial occult programming — to believe in an unreal world. And given that this unreal world has been constructed by someone for a specific purpose, this someone claims that he knows the laws of the unreal world and demands that Man subject himself to them. Whereas in fact he is subjecting the Man personally to himself.)

Next, the priests of Judaism, who at the time had not just the knowledge but also the practical experience of inculcating self-serving teachings into masses of people, trained hundreds of preachers from Christian ranks, gave them money and sent them off to various countries to instil the priests’ own self-serving teachings into the local populations.

An incidental proof of this may be seen in the following.

At the end of the second century of our Common Era a number of Jewish Christian communities suddenly launched a comprehensive missionary campaign in various countries. This campaign was preceded by a period of intensified evangelisation (the publication and copying of the Christian Hebrew Bible).

Everybody knows perfectly well that even today publishing books requires money. In ancient times the production of each book required not just money, but big money A goodly

sum would have been needed, too, for travel to other countries. It was largely merchants, or wealthy and prominent people, who could afford such travel. So how could such an extravagant, large-scale operation be carried out by a community consisting mainly of rural residents?

Of course there must have been expert theoretical training and a considerable amount of financing involved. The attention the priests paid to these rural residents, together with their moral and financial support, served to turn ordinary peasant believers into fully-fledged fanatics.

Just picture to yourself a Hebrew villager who is suddenly told:

“We see in you the makings of a great missionary and preacher. All you have to do is study up a bit, well give you money and you’ll teach people, only... Only not here in our country You’ll be going to other countries.”

And so they studied up, got their money and off they went — travelling to other lands. So, what was the result? Any success? Not a bit. The Jewish preachers were rejected by the people in every country they went to. It was more than just a simple rejection — at first they were listened to, then asked to leave. The more obtrusive among them were beaten or had dogs set upon them.

This is confirmed by many historical facts known from the Roman Empire of the period, where the major contingent of preachers was sent.

The only significant result of this massive campaign was the organising of a network of Christian communities in various parts of the Roman Empire. But there was no way they could shake the foundations of the traditional sects of the time. Ancient Rome was left just as pagan as in earlier times. These sects exerted no influence either on the political life of the Empire or on the formation of the new type of Man — the bio-robotic slaves the priests had dreamt about.

And the Roman emperors had absolutely no regard for this first wave of preachers.

The Emperor Nero, who was generally tolerant of the various pagan beliefs on the whole, took a particular dislike to the Christians. Christians were expelled from Roman territory by various emperors: Dionysius (249-251), Diocletes (284- 285) and especially Galerius (305-311), one of the leading persecutors of the sect.

It was not until the second wave came that the preachers had any success. Unlike their predecessors, preachers of the second wave were no fanatics. The priests prepared them in such a way that they could speak eloquently about their faith on the one hand, while on the other they had a knowledge of psychology and were capable of influencing a person by using his aspirations to achieve their own ends.

The mission of the second wave of preachers was focused solely on the rulers — persuading them that their authority could be enhanced and perpetuated by the Christian faith, that it would make their state completely governable, controllable and flourishing.

It was to this end that certain dogmas were introduced as well, such as Allpower is of God and The ruler is God’s vicegerent on the Earth.

Confessions opened the door to controlling the thoughts, hopes and actions of every citizen of a country In a word, the preachers began persuading the rulers that the christianisa- tion of a state would create the most favourable conditions for governing.

And on the surface it did, but only on the surface. In falling into these traps, the rulers had no idea they were actually falling under the control of other powers.

Christianity began noticeably consolidating its position in the Roman Empire beginning in 312 C.E., when Emperor Constantine was persuaded how advantageous the presence

of Christian churches within the state would be for him. He agreed to offer them patronage, even while still maintaining the temples to the Roman gods.

This led to a significant improvement in the position of Christianity within the Roman Empire, an increase in its wealth, and successive generations of Christian archbishops attaining a level of power rivalling that of the Roman senators.

This phenomenon, along with many others to follow, attests to the fact that Christian teachings were unable to develop and exert any serious influence on society without the support of secular rulers. Christian leaders themselves were always among the pretenders to power.

While the Roman Church continues to enjoy great power even today, the Roman Empire disappeared. A coincidence? An exception to the rule, or a predictable pattern? This question can be answered by examining the history of nationstates in the ensuing centuries, right up to the present day.

There is not a single state on our planet anybody could name which began flourishing with the arrival of Christianity On the other hand, one can name off a whole list of states which succumbed to the same sad fate as the Roman Empire.

And one more interesting historical fact: in every single country where Christianity was officially adopted, it wasn’t long before non-Christian Jews began to appear and start engaging in rather strange activities. They became wealthy with extraordinary ease.

In every Christian country they pursued their activities on such a large scale that they couldn’t help but be noticed by both the citizenry and the governments of these countries. And when they reached a certain level in a particular land, the people started reacting violently toward them and the government began expelling them abroad.

We have access to a whole lot of reports of anti-Jewish pogroms in various Christian countries, dating back to the beginning of the eleventh century. In 1096 dozens of Jewish communities were plundered on the Rhein and their residents exiled. In 1290 Jews were expelled from England. At the end of the fourteenth century more than 100,000 Jews were exterminated in Spain. (Granted, some time later Jews quietly began coming back to these countries.)

This list of historical facts could all too easily be added to. But no need. It is already absolutely clear that these situations, so similar to each other and constantly repeating themselves over many centuries, are the result of pre-programming.

And since losses have been suffered by both the members of the Christian world and the Jews themselves, there must be a third party involved which remains free from loss. For this third party both types of Man — the Christian and the Jew — are reduced to the status of mere bio-robots, easily manipulable.

Who is this third party? Historical researchers attempting to dig out the roots and discover the essence of the lawlessness that has been taking place constantly in the world over the millennia have always pointed only to the Jews. They are to blame for everything, or so the claim goes. But if there exists a third power, both the Jews and the Christians turn out to be nothing but puppet bio-robots in the hands of this third power.

But is it possible to determine and prove its existence today? Of course it is. By what means? By means of historical facts and logical thinking. You can judge for yourselves.


Within the Jewish society there is one tribe in particular — or layer, ethnic division, caste: you can call it what you like — the name doesn’t really matter. For brevity’s sake let’s call them Levites.

Some historical sources say the Levites were descendants of the Egyptian priests. Other more familiar sources, in particular the Old Testament, give us to understand that the Levites occupied a special position among the Jews.

For example, according to Hebrew law they were exempt from participation in military action. They were not compelled to pay taxes or tributes to anyone. The Levites were not included in the Hebrew census described in the Old Testament.1

When the Hebrews were on the march and the time came to make camp, the tribes of Israel — numbering anywhere from 50,000 to 150,000 — pitched their tents in a circle, each one in a pre-designated spot. There were indications of the north, south, east and west co-ordinates as well as the locations where guards were to be posted. The Levites invariably occupied the centre. Hence protection of the Levites fell within the duties of all the other Hebrew tribes.

And just what did the members of this class of Levites do?

It was their duty to appoint from among their ranks officials to conduct services, and enforce Jewish laws — laws which, among other things, regulated what to eat, what to do with apostates and where to go. The laws were strict and specific. They covered all one’s waking hours from morning ’til night. They showed what lands people could occupy Also whom they should fight.

Thus the Levites were the de facto rulers of the Jewish people. And, all things considered, most definitely qualified for the job.


It is hard to tell whether the Levites were actually Jews themselves. Few of the laws every Jew was supposed to abide by extended to them. For example, while universal Jewish law required circumcision of a child on the eighth day after birth, the Levites were exempt.

Thus, with their knowledge of the secret science of the Egyptian priests and their capacity to do experiments, engage in observation and contemplation free from military duties and the work routine everybody else was so accustomed to, they have been in a position to constantly perfect their knowledge from generation to generation right up to the present day

Now, how could that be — ‘up to the present day? People may wonder why we haven’t heard about the ethnic group or social class known as the Levites. The English, Russians and French, for example — everybody knows about them. But why do so few people know about the most intelligent people of all, the Levites, especially since they are the ones governing everybody?

The reason is that just like the Egyptian priests, they too must remain in the shadows. In case anything happens, full responsibility will fall on the Jews, the ones who carry out their will.

Jews have been persecuted for centuries in various countries of the world. Persecuted for what? For using any means they can to make as much money as possible. And many of them are successful.

Anyway, what have the Levites got to do with this? What benefit or interest would it be to them if Jews in England, Spain or Russia went about their politicking and transferred a major part of public or private funds to their own bank accounts — in other words, pocket the money for themselves? Wouldn’t both the rulers and the people of some country or other catch sight of this ugly phenomenon, and start a violent reaction against Jews and mistreat them? Something like that could go all the way up to the Levites. Hence the impression of illogicality in the actions of the Vise Levites’. And what point would there be in the Levites’ helping the Jews with sound advice or in coming up with clever intrigues for them — manipulating whole nation-states at a time?

Well, as it turns out, there is a point. A matter of simple, direct and specific interest. Money! Wealthy Jews, no matter what country they find themselves in, are obliged to pay a part of their profits to the Levites. Proof? Take a look! According to the Old Testament, the Hebrews are obliged to give a tenth part of their income to the Levites. Here is the exact wording from the Bible:

All the contributions from holy-gifts, which the Israelites set aside for the Lord, I give to you and to your sons and daughters with you as a due in perpetuity This is a perpetual covenant of salt before the Lord with you and your descendants also.

The Lord said to Aaron: You shall have no patrimony in the land of Israel, no holding among them; I am your holding in Israel, I am your patrimony.

To the Levites I give every tithe in Israel to be their pat-rimony, in return for the service they render in maintaining the Tent of the Presence. In order that the Israelites may not henceforth approach the Tent and thus incur the penalty of death, the Levites alone shall perform the service of the Tent, and they shall accept the full responsibility for it. This rule is binding on your descendants for all time. They shall have no patrimony among the Israelites, because I give them as their patrimony the tithe which the Israelites set aside as a contribution to the Lord. Therefore I say unto them: You shall have no patrimony among the Israelites.

The Lord spoke to Moses and said, Speak to the Levites in these words: When you receive from the Israelites the tithe which I give you from them as your patrimony, you shall set aside from it the contribution to the Lord, a tithe of the tithe. Your contribution shall count for you as if it were corn from the threshing-floor and juice from the vat. In this way you too shall set aside the contribution due to the Lord out of all tithes which you receive from the Israelites and shall give the Lord’s contribution to Aaron the priest. Out of all the gifts you receive you shall set aside the contribution due to the Lord; and the gift which you hallow must be taken from the choicest of them.

You shall say to the Levites: When you have set aside the choicest part of your portion, the remainder shall count for you as the produce of the threshing-floor and the winepress, and you may eat it anywhere, you and {your sons and] your households. It is your payment for service in the Tent of the Presence...

Someone might wonder how the OldTestament, more than two thousand years old, relates to our modern times. There is an answer. Aren’t there still rabbis and other clerics among Jewish believers today? Of course there are! And, of course, the majority of Jews still observe their religious canons. If that is so, then just try to picture the colossal amount of capital held by the Levites, scattered through the banks of various countries!

Besides that, they don’t have to worry about maintaining or multiplying their capital. Most bankers in a lot of countries are Jews, and that is their job. Of course, at the right moment

the Levites can drop a hint as to where their capital should be invested. They can suggest which regimes, alliances or groups opposing existing governments should be either supported or, alternatively, exterminated by financial intrigue.

There might have been reason to doubt Anastasia’s infor-mation on human society all over the globe being controlled by just a handful of priests. But now, after going through this chain of logic, there can no longer be any doubt for anyone still capable of logical thinking. I’m not talking about fanatics.

The logic may be outlined as follows:

Approximately one million Jews came out of Egypt under the control of the priests. The priests’ close assistants were the Levites, to whom they entrusted the task of shaping the Jews into a pre-determined type of individual Man. To this end they created an ideological religion, which set up a series of rituals along with a unique way of life.

The Levites managed to carry out their appointed task. The ideology created several thousand years ago still weighs on the Jews even today. It is what distinguishes them from the host of other nationalities living on the Earth.

One of the basic tenets of this ideology is the declaration that, of all the national groups populating the Earth, God selected the Jews alone as His chosen people.

So, this ideology still exists today, the Jews still exist today, and the conflicts continue and many people know about them. But where are the Levites? Do we ever hear much about them? Hardly at all. And therein lies their subtlety — or their wisdom — you can call it what you like, but they exist.

Now picture to yourself a rather small group of people living on this Earth who possess a greater degree of esoteric knowledge than anyone else — a group that has, over the millennia, been constantly adding to their experience of practical influence over masses of humanity.



Is there any body that can be compared with them — say, some sort of state-sponsored institute set up to study issues of national development or the formation of ideologies?

This is not possible for a variety of reasons, including the following:

The Levites have been passing their esoteric knowledge down to their heirs over the generations, and are continuing to do so today

Modern science rejects esoteric knowledge and therefore does not consider it a serious object for research, to say the least.

This absurd situation did not come about haphazardly. But why is it absurd? Judge for yourselves.

On the one hand, the state accords official recognition to a number of religions, and they too are quite esoteric. The state even sets up favourable conditions for their financial support. Yet the state does not make any provision for scientific study of esoteric tendencies. This means, in effect, that within the territory of the state there are legalised structures capable of influencing the mentality of its citizenry. But the secular government has only the foggiest idea of what this influence consists of in actual practice. So, in the end, who is controlling whom?

Secondly, not only the government but all its thinking citi-zens should try to learn the lessons of history History makes a very good school of life. But, for this, one has to know one’s history Those who rule the world know it perfectly well. Most people, however — and that includes those in the government — know next to nothing of the history of the state in which they live. More than that, the little history they do know is distorted. Russia is a perfect example.

It wasn’t that long ago that we heard in our schools and colleges, in art and especially literature — just about everywhere, in fact — how terrible life was for our grandmothers and grandfathers in Tsarist Russia. For most of us this belief was a sacred cow. For most of us it went far beyond a belief — people made such a fuss over those that delivered us from the terror of tsarism. For many people the commissars in their leather jackets were heroes, while the symbol of reactionary extremism became the priesthood.

And then all at once, before our very eyes — note, not over

two or three generations or centuries, but right before our eyes — history changed.

The commissars in their leather jackets, it turned out, were scoundrels, subjecting the people to genocide. And after tsarism we lived in the most terrible and totalitarian state in the world. And again, the majority of the people believed it. And once more the majority made a fuss over those who had delivered them from the yoke of a totalitarian state.

I am not about to say which of these regimes is the better or the worse. But it seems that we should all ponder this phe-nomenon of change — something amounting to a whole sea- change in our consciousness over an extremely brief period of time. We should ponder the question of why it changed so radically. Did the changes take place all by themselves or under somebody’s manipulation?

Here, too, it is not difficult to guess: for a long time now it has been all too easy to manipulate our consciousness, and this is what is still going on today. We are like guinea-pigs in somebody’s hands.

It is only the masters of manipulation that are competing amongst themselves. It is they who render us incapable of perceiving historical reality.

But let us try to discern just what this reality in fact, is all about. Let us try to determine historical reality not on the basis of somebody’s words, but of our own power of reasoning.

Note how every day on the TV, programme after programme keeps showing us first-hand how husbands subtly betray their wives and vice-versa. We are constantly being called upon to pay attention to scores of non-existent problems, but God forbid any serious issue will be raised by our politicians, journalists or writers! Such an issue makes a brief appearance only to be immediately lost in the daily soup of gossip, violent TV series, psychotropic advertising and mud-slinging.

What we need is a thoughtful analysis of what’s been going on, a critical analysis of the status of life on our planet today, and the working out of a plan for the future. We need a new ideology An ideology that won’t cause the world’s peoples to come to blows with each other, but will actually unite them.

But repeating a thousand times how necessary it is to do this, even shouting it a thousand times, won’t make it happen. Even if we were to gather all the leading scholars of the world and sit them down together to work out this new ideology, again, nothing would come of it. Only an unending argument.

If science were capable of working out such an ideology, it would have come up with it and put it into practice long ago, at least in some country or other.

Anastasia. It doesn’t matter any more who she is. That’s not the point.

In the face of this ongoing lawlessness, Anastasia has given to the world the idea of family domains. Now it is becoming abundantly clear that in very simple terms she has outlined a philosophy, a new ideology, which has remained and still remains unshaken in human hearts ever since the creation of the world.

Kings andpaupers, Christians and Jews, Muslims and Shintoists, Russians, Chinese and Americans, have always found the greatest grace and solace for their soids in the bosom of Divine Nature.

Anastasia’s philosophy is the philosophy of uniting mankind not with words, but through concrete action, by merging the interests of different peoples of the world. Experience has shown that it is accepted by people of different nationalities, including Jews. And I have documentedproof of this.

And I invite Jewish analysts, Christians and ideologues of patriotic movements to examine her ideas and philosophical aspirations. My invitation extends to leaders and followers of any religious denomination, either large or small. The very act of examination is a creative process in itself, which can lead to a union of opposites — to a “conjoint creation and joy for all from its contemplation” as God Himself wanted.



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