the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 7. The Energy of Life (2003)

Take down Jesus Christ from the cross


I’ll say this right off: one must be careful not to confuse the teachings of Jesus Christ, the selfless deeds of Russian church elders, with the occult set of rituals we are confronted with today. It is quite possible for the most beautiful teachings to be neutralised by occult devices.

As you must realise yourself, Christ Jesus has nothing to do with them. Moreover, He himself continues to hang on the cross to this day, thanks to the efforts of the occultists and our own ignorance.

I have deliberately devoted a number of chapters to the power of the energy of human thought, through which people are able to create images. If this is understandable, then tell me: which is the clearest image of Christ Jesus prevailing in your thought — in the thoughts of the majority of believers? A straw poll points to a crucifix — the image of Jesus Christ crucified on the cross.

You will find crucifixes in every Catholic and Orthodox church. Who thought up an occult device like this, and for what purpose? Did Christ Jesus himself want this particular image to be front and centre, predominating over all the others? Of course not!

But we — yes, we — continue to project the image of the crucifixion — note, not the resurrection, but the crucifixion — through the power of our own thoughts. And the image we kiss is not of the resurrection, but of the crucifixion.1 And that is how we still keep Him on the cross.

This simple occult device uses the energy of collective human thought in shaping an image.

And Jesus Christ will remain hanging on the cross until we realise this and take him down from it with our thoughts — until we stop giving in to occult machinations.

Right from the start, in shaping the various religions the priests tried to imbue them with their occult rituals and teachings.

Any religion — even the very brightest, one which summons people to kindness and noble deeds — if interwoven with the priests’ nuances, can be a powerful device in their hands. This device has enabled them to subjugate whole entire nations and set them at odds with each other, to the point of utter self-annihilation. That’s the way it has been and still is today. Many contemporary religions still today involve occult rituals and teachings whose meaning and degree of influence on mankind is known only to the priests.

The projection ofjesus Christ’s crucifixion by a great many people’s thoughts is due to a particular occult ritual. But the people themselves involved in this projection — or, rather, their souls — will be crucified over and over again as long as they project this image.

The collective thought of the crucifixion is so strong that it can penetrate right through to the flesh of people today Jesus’ bleeding wounds periodically appear on the bodies of certain believers — this is known as the stigmata mystery. Many scholars believe that the stigmata, or bleeding wounds — are a symptom of mental illness. I would add that this is not a disease affecting a single individual, but rather a whole segment of society, and that its root cause is an occult ritual observance induced by the priests.

However, instead of making a thorough investigation of this phenomenon, some enterprising people have exploited it for commercial purposes. Take, for example, the city of San- Nicolas in Argentina, home to the stigmatic Gladys Motta:3 all around her house are signs of a brisk trade in everything directly or indirectly connected to her.

Anastasia’s grandfather put it this way:

“People murdering each other, along with what you call terrorism, is rooted in the teachings of the priests which they have infused into many religious denominations, both large and small.

“They are the ones who came up with the doctrine that Man’s true Divine life is not on the Earth but somewhere in another dimension. They are the ones who invented the image of a Paradise apart from the Earth God Himself created. It is because of this doctrine that so many religious fanatics manifest an attitude of neglect toward life on the Earth. It takes but a small amount of pressure exerted on their mind to induce them to kill either themselves or others.


Anastasia has tried to bring this information to our attention through many different words and phrases. But not everybody will grasp what she says. Not everyone will understand my words. You, Vladimir, along with your readers, should give careful thought to what we have said, and cite your own examples and proofs. A number of different voices blending into a single whole will be able to bring liberation.

“Look carefully at the root cause of war and terrorism today and you will clearly see the influence of this monstrous teaching.”



The Siberian elder went on at some length on this subject. He appeared to be just a little excited, sometimes pausing to stroke the cedar pendant hanging around his neck before returning to the topic of how we ourselves need to be more aware of the manifestation of occult rituals and teachings.

“No spiritual teachers will be able to save people from these doctrines if the people don’t start thinking for themselves and learning to recognise them,” Grandfather said.

Believing that I had grasped the significance of his statement, I set about investigating the phenomenon of terrorism in our lives. In the future this is something we shall have to do all together. I shall merely start the ball rolling.

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