the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 7. The Energy of Life (2003)



And so, in recent years, a wave of acts of terrorism has swept across many lands. Memories of large-scale events, such as those of ii September 2001 in America, still haunt people’s minds. A fearful terrorist act took place even more recently in our country: from the 23rd to the 26th of October 2002 terrorists held more than Soo people hostage at the Moscow Theatre Centre on Dubrovka Street during a performance of the musical Nord-Ost.

In between these two major acts of terrorism quite a few others have occurred, not quite so spectacular, in various parts of the globe, claiming human lives.

On each occasion different governments have angrily de-nounced the terrorists involved. Their ‘special services’ keep mouthing assurances that the guilty parties will be punished, at the same time increasing the level of precautionary security measures.

An international coalition to combat terrorism is already at work. Even today, however, the problem shows no signs of letting up. Quite to the contrary, it is taking on ever greater proportions and becoming increasingly refined in its methods. It is hard to escape the impression that someone has been making masterful ploys to keep leading both governments and their special services down the wrong path.

The true source and chief organiser of many of the world’s terrorist acts came in for a brief mention not too long ago in Russia. During the October 2002 hostage crisis the major TV networks featured a whole host of interviews and commentaries. This included statements from the Emergency Response Headquarters, presented by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, among others. This trim, grey-haired man spoke tersely, almost in military fashion. His speech included no hesitation-sounds like uh-iih... nhtn... His sentences were marked by thoughtful content and sensitivity, indicating that his thinking was relatively quick and precise.

He was one of the first to declare that “we’re dealing here with religious fanatics”. Quite possibly not very many people paid attention to this particular phrase, but for many who did understand, it resounded like a bolt from the blue. For the very first time — from the lips of a Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs yet — one of the fundamental tenets of terrorism was called by its real name.

This was followed by the floating of another concept: Islamic fundamentalism. Rumours began circulating that Islamic funda-mentalists had declared war on Christians and Jews — Israel, Russia and the United States of America in particular.

The question arises as to how to fight against religious fa-naticism. I suggest we all calm down and take a more thoughtful look at the situation.

Let us first decide whether religious fanaticism is found only in Islam or whether it exists in other religions as well.

Of course the latter is true. Let’s not forget history. Think of the numerous Christian crusades. Think of the painting of the Boyarynya Morozova.2 Think of the names of all the martyrs ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of some religious dogma — martyrs who were elevated to sainthood after death.

The fact becomes patently obvious that it is not religion as a whole, but rather specific dogmas infused into various religions which make people indifferent to their own life. The religious suicide-fanatic is quite confident that, far from being indifferent to life, he is crossing over into real life.

How does this happen? Among any community of believers, Muslim or Christian, there can always be found a group of radical adherents to a particular dogma, whose faith can be honed by occult rituals to the point of fanaticism. The result is a kind of bio-robot who believes in something he himself can’t see or understand logically

Subsequently, those who are familiar with the functioning of the mind know perfectly well what buttons to press on this bio-robot, and they press them. Not with their fingers, of course. They simply indicate the target the bio-robot is to destroy for the sake of a bright future. Then the bio-robots ‘'painting of the Boyarynya Morozova — a famous canvas painted in 1887 by the Russian artist Vasily Ivanovich Surikov (1848-19x6), showing the chained Boyarynya (Duchess) Feodosia Morozova on a horse-drawn sleigh surrounded by her ‘Old Believer’ supporters, all crossing themselves with two fingers, in defiant protest against the politically motivated reforms of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Church’s new decree at the time that three fingers were to be used in making the sign of the cross was one of the main points of contention in the raskol, or schism, that split the whole institution apart in the 17th century Tsar Alexey Romanov (father to Peter the Great), who instigated the reforms, had the Boyarynya (pron. baATAH- rin-yd) arrested in 1671 and planned to execute her, but fear of public unrest caused him to commute her sentence to imprisonment in Borovsk, where she was kept in a pit and died in 1675.

begin to work out the termination operation on their own and proceed to carry it out. Their own earthly life no longer has any meaning for them. They are, after all, confident in their own transition to a better, heavenly existence.

And so long as there exists the doctrine of goodness being attainable not on the Earth, but somewhere else, no army or ‘specialservices’ will succeed in eliminating suicide-bombers.

Let us picture the following situation. Let’s say the ‘special services’ belonging to the major powers have got together and through their joint efforts have managed to get rid of every last terrorist on the globe. But what will that change? New terrorists will simply be born— as long as the doctrine which produces them continues to exist.

So what is the solution? Of course one cannot do without traditional precautionary measures. But along with these it is essential to understand how dangerous the doctrine is and to eliminate it before it produces more and more suicide- bombers.

Understanding! That is the most important thing today! Otherwise the struggle against terrorism will simply turn out to be a joke.

Picture the following situation. A religious fanatic, a sui-cide-bomber, seizes an aeroplane and aims it at some significant target in a major populated area. The authorities start negotiating with the terrorist — they tell him they are ready to meet any demands he has. But what these negotiators do not realise is that the religious fanatic’s real goal is not the satisfaction of his demands. His aim is to die and assure himself entry into the non-earthly Paradise he has imagined for himself.

This dogma of a non-earthly Paradise, projected by the collective thought of people of various denominations, influences unbelievers too. For millennia now it has been exerting a most destructive influence on all mankind.


What I’m about to tell you now may seem unrealistic, even fantasaical. Still, the only way to solve this problem without violence may be the following.

It is absolutely essential that Orthodox Church patriarchs, Islamic muftis,3 religious elders and (above all) Christians, Catholics and Muslims come together for a conference, to carefully examine the situation in the world today and change the life-destroying doctrines in their religious teachings. It is essential that religious fanatics be helped to regain their human perspective on life. It is essential to declare: “Our Father is here, on the Earth, and not somewhere else!” And what if the religious leaders don’t get together? What if they don’t make any declaration like that?

Not to worry

It has already been made!

People aren’t turned on any more by the leaders of our religious denominations exhorting everyone to live in ‘peace and friendship’ with each other. Just the mere statement that “we will have nothing to do with terrorism” is no longer believable. A more radical step is required.

I indicated that a meeting and declaration such as this may be dismissed as unrealistic. Let’s examine why. Why are we reluctant to believe that highly-placed, highly religious leaders would not be able to simply come to an agreement amongst themselves? After all, if they can’t come to an agreement, then what can you expect from rank-and-file believers?

If they can’t come to an agreement on their own, then com-mon-sense elements in society and governments need to give them some help.

It is absolutely essential that they talk amongst themselves and agree. Otherwise bombs will start talking for them, in a big way Much better for the mind of Man to do the talking. The mind of the children of God.



At first glance it may seem as though it might take a rather long time for Anastasia’s ideas to effect any positive transformation in Russia, let alone other countries, seeing how gradually human consciousness ordinarily changes. However, experience has shown that in the case of many readers it can change instantaneously.

Let’s look at what might happen in Chechnya  if the Russian government, the State Duma, had adopted a law granting every willing family a hectare of land on which to establish a domain of their own along the lines recommended by Anastasia. The twenty thousand refugees who have been living with their families in tents for three years now would be granted their own domains. Over those three years each of those same tents which are now forming dirty tent cities would already be standing in its own splendid garden. Some of the residents would have already managed to build themselves a house.

Who is stopping this from coming about today? Somebody who favours not peace, but its opposite. Somebody who is trying to prevent any positive changes from taking place in Russia.

Your efforts are wasted, chaps! I doubt any of you has even the foggiest idea of just who Anastasia is, or what powers she embodies within herself.

I’ll say one thing: it’s not simply that she will create what she has thought up, she has already created it. It’s already coming to pass, and your opposition confirms it. Any building site has its share of garbage, but sooner or later they clean

it up and plant flowers.

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