the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 8, part 2. The Rites of Love (2006)

Do our lives correspond to the Divine programme?


A Man was born in the operating room on the second floor of a hospital. The doctors were surprised to see an absolutely healthy baby

Days and months flew by like seconds. The child attended kindergarten, then school, then university. ‘Wise’ educators, teachers and professors instilled in him some kind of programme of life.

The Man decided that the most important thing in life was to have lots of money, which would enable him to feed himself well, have an apartment, a car and clothing. And he began to work hard, sometimes even taking two shifts a day

Still, the seconds dragged out into years, and when he reached retirement he had been able to earn enough for a modest two-room flat and a used car.

Long before retiring, he fell in love, got married, divorced and re-married. His first wife bore him a child, but after the divorce the child stayed with his mother. A child was born from the second marriage, but he went off to the Far North. They talked on the telephone once or twice a year. Seconds counted down the years of the Man’s old age. He took ill and died.

Such is the sad fate of the majority of people living on the Earth today

There is a minority who manage to become famous enter-tainers, politicians, presidents or millionaires. Life for this category of people is considered to be more happy, but that

is an illusion. Their cares are no fewer than anyone else’s, and their end turns out exactly the same: old age, disease and death. Was such a fate included in the Divine programme for residents of the Earth? No!

The Creator could not predestine such a sad and cruel fate for His children. It was human society itself, under the influence of some kind of powers, that ignored the Divine programme and started down a path of self-torture and self-destruction.

Perhaps somebody doubts the existence of the Divine programme of human life? After all, it is not something our scholars or politicians talk about.

Religions propound God’s design, but invariably through intermediaries and mostly in different ways. About the only thing they agree on is that God exists.

Philosophers and many scholars, too, believe in the existence of a higher, rational, intelligent being that has created the visible world and earthly life. It is impossible not to believe this. Everything comprising our world, after all, is too logically interconnected for it to be otherwise. Well, if that is the case, then a supremely rational being could create only in a meaningful way, create only that which is eternal, and predestine a joyful perspective for all living beings — first and foremost, His beloved Man, made in His likeness. Man, in other words, is offered a specific way of life on the Earth which allows him to become aware of himself and all creation — to learn about and continue to carry out the Divine programme, contributing his own marvellous creations thereto. God desires from His son, Man, conjoint creation and joy for all from its contemplation.1 ^ee Book 4, Chapter 2: “The beginning of creation”.

There is no doubt that God’s programme exists, and it is not just a select group that can become acquainted with this programme, but everyone who wishes to do so. The Divine programme is not set forth in letters or hieroglyphs on sheets of papyrus, but in living signs of Nature — Nature as God has created it— and which belong only to Him.

The minds and intellects of the people of the Ancient Russian period still allowed them to read the grand Book of the Divine. Out of the billions of such letter-signs, the majority of people living today are acquainted with but a few, and we must begin anew to study the Divine alphabet.

The book I am writing at the moment is not on a religious theme. It is not an attempt at sheer philosophising. This book is a call to research, to becoming aware of the Divine programme.

I am not about to teach anyone or preach anything. I only want to acquaint my readers with information on the culture of our forebears, through the rites perfected by the ‘wise- men’  through careful calculation and designed to preserve family love, and to call upon everyone to disprove or confirm the arguments presented.

I was prompted to publish this material by the sayings and logical conclusions of the Siberian recluses, especially Anastasia.

Publication is needed in order to let the information seep through to the level of one’s own feelings and, through col-laborative efforts, to start to act according to the logic of life, as well as in the hope that our generation will begin to contemplate, and then accelerate the building of a new civilisation for themselves and their children.

It is possible that Anastasia has conceptually outlined just the first point in the programme of mankind’s development, to wit:

Human society should study the Divine programme, using the materials God has provided, and transforming the whole planet into a marvellous Paradise oasis, thereby creating a harmoniously balanced society for all living beings. Man’s attainment of this level of life will open up possibilities for the creation of life on other planets and in other galaxies.

Against the background of this grand concept, Anastasia first proposed the creation of family domains.

Let us too begin our research by examining commonly known and outwardly simple issues.

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