the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 8, part 2. The Rites of Love (2006)

Even in chaos there is a purpose


“Life continued on the Earth,” Anastasia went on. “But it was not the same life as before. The great Vedruss civilisation, its traditions, rites and culture, which had existed for tens of thousands of years, were replaced by a chaotic, barbarian order of human society In our state the period of slavery began with Kievan Rus’1 and continues to the present day”

“But wasn’t the Vedruss civilisation destroyed even earlier in other territories of the Earth? I remember you saying, Anastasia, that the Vedruss way of life was prevalent among the inhabitants of what is now Germany, England, Poland and the Baltic countries.”

“Yes, I did say that. It was all one people, one language, one culture. If you look closely, Vladimir, you will see that they all resemble each other even in outward appearance. This despite the fact that for more than two millennia there was a good deal of blood-mixing between them and Asian peoples.”

“But why did things come about like that, Anastasia? You said it was a great civilisation and a great culture, yet in the blink of an eye this civilisation was destroyed by the sword, fire and arrows.”

“Not destroyed, Vladimir. That word is not really appropriate. As long as there are at least nine people on the planet who are striving for a conscious awareness of the Divine earthly being, the Vedruss civilisation is alive. But now, after all, there are not just nine people, but hundreds of thousands who are discovering more and more the truth within themselves and are changing their way of life at the core. They will soon number in the millions, but for now these hundreds of thousands should be seeking for the answer to the puzzle within themselves, for an understanding of how the disaster came about.”

“But what if they don’t understand? On our Internet site there’s a whole lot of people who’ve been trying for several years now to determine what specific mistake mankind permitted to slip through in the Age of the Image.  There’s a discussion forum there, known as “The mistake of the Age of the Image”. But so far nobody’s managed to make out what that mistake might be. There’s a lot of variants, but no overall answer here. It may not come for another thousand years! Maybe nobody will ever be able to determine the mistake.” “They will. Perhaps in a day, or perhaps in five to nine years. They will find the answer.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Think about it, Vladimir. It was only a short time ago that people did not even talk about the subject at all, and there were not even any attempts to think along these lines. Now you tell me yourself that a whole lot of people are endeavouring to solve the mystery Thought is switched on. Just like a little shoot from a seed, it will find its way to the light.”

“It will find it someday, perhaps. People today are mainly involved in the routine of their everyday life. Your grandfathers and you have had the opportunity to do a lot more reflecting. Besides, you have access to a huge amount of information about the past, and then, naturally, you have your own view of things. Why not share it? At least give people a hint?”

“In other words, Vladimir, you are asking me to switch people’s thinking off?”

“Now why would I be the one who wants to switch it off? Why would a simple hint have that kind of result?”

“If everybody who is trying to work out the solution today in their thought takes the hint as ‘gospel truth’, their thinking will immediately cease operations. Then they’ll be expecting even more hints. And you may be sure that the hints will come — in fact they’ll quickly pour down in showers upon them. That is precisely what is happening right now People are getting hints right and left about what is healthy to eat and drink, how to dress, where the best resorts are, how to live, where to search for God. And what is the result? Life progressively gets worse. God created the order of the Universe with His thought, and He gave thought as a gift to Man. But somebody is constantly trying to bring it to a halt.”

“Does that mean you know the answer, but you don’t want to talk about it?”

“I do not know the answer, but I can presuppose.”

“Well, what presuppositions have you come up with, for example, pray tell?”

“Perhaps a period of chaos was needed, a period of mistakes, so that mankind might have a complete account of it and not repeat it in the future. Similar phenomena have emerged in history when mankind is on the verge of a great discovery — a discovery of universal proportions.”

“Now that, Anastasia, is what I call a good and encouraging presupposition. Your story about the Vedruss family, Liubomila and Radomir, had a very sad ending — quite unlike your usual optimism.”

“Vladimir, why have you decided that the story has come to an end? Life continues, and so not a single story about life can ever be considered to have come to an end.”

“I remember how the great-grandson, Nikodim, went off with Praskovia and continued the family line, but I still feel sorry for specific individuals like Radomir, Liubomila and others. The story about them cannot be continued. One can talk only about continuing the family line. If there’s something more you can tell me, then please do tell me, Anastasia.” “Fine, I shall tell about events that took place in the very near future.”

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