the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 3. The Space of Love (1998)



Day after day my stay in the taiga goes by and I can’t find any particular activity for myself. Anastasia keeps running off, still tending to her own affairs. Our son, even though he is still quite little, splendidly copes with everything through the help of his ‘nannies’ of the wilds. It’s a strange turn of events: as though humanity has thought up so many activities simply to give it the feeling that it is doing something. And out here all you do is go for walks in the forest and think. So I take walks, and I think. Now I’ve come once more to the lake and sat myself down in my favourite spot by the shore, underneath a cedar tree. And I’m looking at the bag of readers’ letters and thinking I’d better not forget to have Anastasia answer all these questions. As soon as she approaches, I ask her:

“You see these letters from readers? I’ve sorted them all out according to the type of question. There are questions on child-raising, various suggestions, questions on different religions, on Russia’s purpose, on war, there’s poetry and greetings, letters from mediums. You see?”

“Yes, I see.”

And the first thing I did was to ask Anastasia about mediums.

“There are people who say — in fact, they write in their letters — that they communicate with extraterrestrial civilisations, with certain individuals in the past, that they hear different voices, and some record what they hear — they say that they record various kinds of information communicated to them by the Supreme Mind of the Universe. We have books published in huge print-runs on ‘channelling’ — contact

through mediums. Blavatsky,  for example — there’s a woman writer by that name who has written quite a few weighty tomes along this line. And then there’s the Roerichs,2 known to a lot of people — they’ve written books and produced paintings which have been exhibited in many different countries where their books are read. Other people are afraid, terrified when they hear voices. Look — here’s a letter from a little girl in the town of Klintsy3 — she has a voice telling her he’s a wise teacher and she should listen to him, and the girl is afraid and is asking for help. Are people like this really communicating with someone and how does it happen?”

“Tell me, Vladimir, what do you consider to be an extrater-restrial civilisation?”

“Well, I would say the population of some other planet or star, or something invisible existing quite close by If people can communicate with individuals who lived in the past, it must mean these individuals reside in some kind of invisible world.”

“Every Man, Vladimir, is so constructed that he has access to the whole Universe — both visible and invisible. Every Man may communicate with anything or anyone he wishes. It works pretty much the same as through your radio receiver.

There are so many stations broadcasting all kinds of information, out of which the owner of the receiver must select what he is going to listen to.

“Man is both the receiver and its owner. And which source finds a reception in his thought depends on his conscious awareness, his feelings and purity As a rule, a Man receives directly information he is able to make sense of, understand and use. And all this must take place calmly and quietly, without intrusive attention drawn to greatness.

“When voices draw attention to their own greatness, they try to appeal to one’s sense of self-importance: ‘Look here, I’m so great, yet I have chosen only you out of everyone — you shall be my pupil, and you too shall be greater than everyone else.’ As a rule, this is what you would hear from inferior, soulless creatures. They are not granted a bodily existence, so they attempt to oppress the human soul and occupy another’s body. They act on Man’s mind, his sense of self-importance and his fear of the unknown.”

“‘But how do we save ourselves from such creatures?’ — many readers are asking.”

“It’s really very simple — they themselves are cowards, rather primitive cowards at that. You need to give them an ultimatum: ‘Get out of here, and if you do not, I shall burn you with my thought!’ They know very well that Man’s thought is many times stronger than they are.

‘Another thing you can do is chew a celandine  leaf, but first you should put the leaf in the palm of your hand and say to it mentally: ‘Save me, little leaf, from all impurities’.”

“But what if a whole lot of people want to talk with the same source? What happens then? See, a lot of people say in their letters that they talk with you — is that true? And if so, how do you manage to answer everyone? After all, there are a lot of them, and they all claim that they talk directly with you and you answer them.”

“Every individual produces their own thoughts. And everyone’s thoughts still exist — they do not simply disappear into oblivion. What you and I think also exists in space — my dream is there, too, and my thoughts, and everyone who wishes to can hear them — many can hear them at the same time — it is only a question of the degree of distortion the receiver is capable of permitting.”

“What do you mean by distortion? What determines that?”

“It is determined by the purity of the receiver. Imagine, Vladimir, that you are hearing someone speak over an ordinary receiver. But instead of distinct words you get interference, static, and you do not know what some of the words are, and the concepts behind them are unclear, what do you do then?”

“Well, then I try to guess what words might fit into the gaps where I don’t understand.”

“Exactly But a word you put in might change or detract from the original thought being conveyed by the sounds, or could even turn it in the opposite direction. Only one’s own purity is capable of hearing Truth undistorted, and if they are insufficient — your tuning and your purity, that is — then you should not blame the source.

“In your material life, in your world, there are a multitude of sources of sound on all sides, all of them claiming to be Truth and trying to control your mind and will, to make your 4 life suit their own purposes, but you are free to listen to them or not to listen. You are free to decide, with nobody to blame but yourself.”

“Let’s say that’s true,” I observed, “but what if there is some kind of question for which there is no answer in all the Universe? Let’s say you’re asked a question, and you don’t have any thoughts out in space on that subject to respond to the question, and you yourself haven’t produced any thoughts in response to that question, what then?”

‘A question for which there is no answer in the Universe will immediately speed up the evolution of everything. Like a flashbulb bright and clear as a bell, it will reach into all corners of the Universe and everything will be set in motion as well, there will be a rejoining of opposites, an answer will be born and it will be heard.”

“So, that means, right off you’ll hear the question and glimpse the one who’s asking it?”

“Just like everyone else, I too shall hear it right off. But unfortunately, for centuries people have been asking the same questions over and over again — there are answers to them, but not many people who hear those answers.”

“But how can I tell what’s what? How can I tell when the source is communicating Truth, or rather, when Truth is being perceived without interference? After all, there’s no crackling sound in one’s ears when we hear something externally, and you say that the answer is born, as it were, in the form of our own thoughts — thoughts we produce ourselves. But what helps us tell whether the voice we hear is a good voice or no? After all, everyone that hears voices thinks they are listening only to the Supreme Mind.”

“It is when you hear more than just words. When suddenly there is a flash of feeling or emotion in the soul and tears of joy in your eyes. And when sensations of warmth and fragrances and sounds are born in you. When you feel within yourself the impulse or urge to co-create and a thirst for purification, you may be sure that you are clearly hearing the thoughts of Light.

“When it is simply cold information that comes, an order or command, even one that talks about good — perhaps it seems wise, even very wise, and the originating source claims to be supreme and very powerful — know this: it is not good that is hiding behind good, but an entity not accorded a place in perfection that is trying to persuade you to follow it for its own purposes.”


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