the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 4. Co-creation (1999)

Our genetic code


Anastasia spoke with absorbed interest. Sometimes joyfully, sometimes dejectedly, she spoke about what happened on the Earth at one time. Some things were believable, others not so much. And when I got home I wanted to find out about people’s ability to hold in their memory information about events going back not just to their own birth but to the birth of their ancestors, and even further back, to the creation of the first Man. Scientists and specialists on this subject got together on a number of occasions, and here I should like to offer a few pertinent excerpts from the round tables we had.


“...To many people it will seem strange to claim that everyday objects can contain information about a Man. But if you show an audiocassette to someone who’s never seen a tape recorder or even heard about its possibilities, and tell him that your voice, your speech, is recorded on the tape and he can listen to it whenever he likes — a year or even ten years later, that person will not believe you. He’ll think you’re some kind of trickster. Yet for us the fact of recording and reproduction of sound is a common occurrence. And by the same token something that seems quite extraordinary to us might be extremely simple and natural to someone else.”

“If we start from the fact that Man has still not invented anything more substantial or perfect than what has been invented by Nature, then Anastasia’s ray, which helps her

see things at a distance, can be confirmed by the existence of the radiotelephone and television. Further, I would say that those phenomena of Nature which she uses sound like a more perfect application than what we have invented artificially, like our modern television and radiotelephone.”

“One person’s memory may have a hard time keeping track of things that occurred even half a year ago. Another person may remember events that happened in his childhood and be able to talk about them. But I don’t see that as coming anywhere close to the limits of the human memory’s possibilities.”


“I don’t think many scientists will deny that Man’s genetic code has been storing primordial information for millions of years. It is also possible to collect supplementary, so-called ‘incidental’ information over one’s lifetime and pass it on to succeeding generations. Expressions we are all familiar with — like “it’s inherited” or “transmitted by inheritance” — bear witness to this. Anastasia’s abilities to reproduce scenes that happened to mankind millions or billions of years ago are theoretically possible and explainable. Not only that, but they can be at their most accurate the further they are removed from our reality I believe Anastasia’s memory is not that different from many other people’s. Or to put it more accurately, the information recorded in her genetic code is no greater than for any other individual. The only difference is that she has the ability to ‘retrieve’ and reproduce it fully, while we can do so only in part.”


These and other things the specialists said have convinced me that Anastasia is able to tell the truth about the past. I was especially struck by the example of the tape recorder.

But there was one phenomenon which the scientists invited to the round table couldn’t explain — namely, how it is that Anastasia can get information not only about earthly civilisations but also about those on other worlds and in other galaxies. Besides, she can not only talk about them, but it seems she can also influence them. I shall try to set forth everything in order. Perhaps someone will be able to explain these abilities of hers, at least theoretically, and to figure out whether or not they are inherent in other people as well. Anastasia herself tried to explain how she happens to know about them, only her explanations were difficult to understand.

In any case, I shall try to describe the following situation in its proper order.

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