the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 4. Co-creation (1999)

The invasion centre


Of course I was eager to see their interplanetary super-technology that was capable of conquering a whole planet. But what my eyes actually saw... I think our Russian, American and other military strategists have absolutely no idea of the kind of weapons that could so easily be used to take over the territories they are supposedly protecting.

And you, dear readers, before you read on, try to imagine how an alien centre preparing for an invasion of the Earth might be equipped. And then look and see what it looks like in reality. I shall now attempt to describe its outward appearance.

A huge square room. Along each of the four walls there is a life-size replica of the interiors of our own native parliaments on the Earth. Along one wall is the State Duma,1 along with the office of our President in the Kremlin. On the opposite wall I could see the interiors of the American Congress and the office of the American president in the White House. Along the other two walls were the offices of various State political institutions — in some of the Asian countries, judging by their appearance.

In the parliamentary seats were sitting our earthling deputies,    congressmen and presidents. First of all I began examining our own Russian deputies. They were an exact copy of the familiar faces I had seen on TV Only here they were sitting motionless, like mummies. It is difficult to say what they were made of. Maybe they were dolls, holograms or robots, or maybe even something else.

In the middle of the huge hall was a raised platform, on which were sitting approximately fifty aliens. They were dressed not in their usual bodysuits, but in our earthly clothing, and were listening to a speaker standing in front of them. Probably their chief instructor or some other official.

Anastasia explained that we were observing one of the landing parties, currently engaged in a routine class session on preparing for interaction with earthly governments. They have been studying the most common Earth languages and the way people behave in various situations. They are paying special attention to the preparation for contact with governments and legislative bodies, through which they hope to influence the whole population of the Earth.

They have mastered conversational speech without too much difficulty, but in the absence of certain feelings capable of provoking outward emotions, they are finding it rather hard to mimic Earth people’s gestures. And with their rationalistic way of thinking they cannot see any logic in earthly governmental systems. Despite their drawing upon the best minds and the most modern technology of their civilisation, they have still been unable to guess, for example, the secret of why, in spite of the computer technology already available on the Earth and the multitude of special scientific institutions, our national legislative bodies are still not provided with information about the consequences of the decisions they take. They are convinced that were there a specific analysis centre — a ‘think tank’, in other words — for which everything requisite is already available on the Earth, it would be possible to visualise almost perfectly the social consequences of all parliamentary decisions. Instead, every legislator, every

member of an earthly government, is obliged to make decisions independently Not having sufficient information at their fingertips, each member of a government is obliged to fulfil the function of a powerful analysis centre and calculate the consequences not only of his own actions but also those of his colleagues, enemies and friends.

Another very mysterious question which the aliens have not been able to guess the answer to is why earthlings do not define any goal to be attained. They aspire to something, but to what — that remains a deep secret. Nevertheless, on the basis of the current requirements of earthly societies the aliens have prepared a plan to invade Earth’s continents. They will begin by making proposals to earthlings through the governments of various countries. And their proposals will be accepted with great enthusiasm.

When I asked Anastasia why she was so confident in gov-ernmental acceptance of the proposals, she replied as follows: “This is what their analysis centre has determined. The conclusions of the centre are correct. Given the level of conscious awareness of most earthlings today, they will take the aliens’ proposal as a supreme manifestation of the humanity of the Mind of the Universe.”

‘And what kind of proposals are they?”

“They are monstrous, Vladimir. It is difficult for me even to talk about them.”

“Tell me at least the main points. It would be interesting, after all, to know just what these monstrous proposals are that would be enthusiastically welcomed on the Earth — the Earth I live on, and you too.”

“The aliens first plan to land a small party, three of their flying machines, on Russian territory They will tell the military personnel which surround them of their desire to meet with government circles to talk about mutual co-operation. They will present themselves to the soldiers as representatives of the Supreme Mind of the Universe and give them a demonstration of their superior technology.

‘After military, scientific and government circles have held internal consultations, approximately fourteen days later the aliens will be invited to concretise their proposals, but first they will have to undergo a medical examination to make sure it is safe to communicate with them.

“The aliens will agree to the medical examination and then put their proposals in writing, as well as on video. The text will be laid out in a form very similar to our modern official documents, and will be characterised by extreme simplicity. “The text will read something like this:

We the representatives of an extraterrestrial civilisation, having achieved the ultimate level of technological development by comparison with other intelligent inhabitants of the Universe, do hereby consider Earth people our brothers in reason.

We are prepared to share our knowledge with societies on the Earth in various branches of science and social structure and offer them, our technology.

We ask you to consider our proposals and select the ones most suitable for improving the life of every member of your society.

“Then will follow a whole series of concrete proposals, the substance of which amounts to this:

“The visitors offer to share their technology in providing each citizen of the country with nutrient mixture and rapid construction of housing for everyone who has reached the age of maturity This is the same kind of housing you have already seen, Vladimir, only with not quite so many functions. As an example, they will introduce their mini-factories into the country They will integrate their alien factories with existing Earth factories, but in five years all Earth technologies will be discarded and replaced by technologically more advanced counterparts. A job will be guaranteed for all who wish to have one. Not only that, but every single inhabitant of the Earth will be required to contribute a certain minimum amount of work toward maintaining the technological devices.

“A nation that signs a treaty with the visitors will be completely protected from military invasion by any other nation. In a society which embraces the new social order and its technologically supported lifestyle there will be no crime. In the apartments provided you, everything you need will react only to your voice commands, identified by tones inherent only in your voice. Every day before you take in food, the computers in your apartments will scan your eyes, breath and other parameters to determine your physical health and prescribe the corresponding food mixture composition.

“Each computer installed in an individual apartment will be linked with the main computer, which will thereby be able to pinpoint the exact geographic location of every individual, along with his state of physical and mental health. Any criminal offence will be easily uncovered with the help of a special programme in the main computer. Besides, the social conditions which now foster crime will be absent.

“In return, the visitors plan to ask the government’s permis-sion to settle representatives of their civilisation in sparsely inhabited areas — mainly in forests — as well as the right of people to exchange their individual garden plots for technologically equipped apartments and provision of lifetime care if they choose to do so.

“The governments will agree, under the impression that they will still be in fall control. A number of religious denominations will start preaching that the alien visitors are God’s emissaries, since the aliens will not deny any of the religions existing on the Earth. Religious leaders who do not believe in the aliens’ Divine perfection will find it impossible to stand up against the visitors since they will be accepted by the majority

of the citizens in each country that signs the treaty All other countries will start seeking similar treaties of co-operation with the visitors.

“Nine years after the first landing on the Earth a new way of life will have been speedily inculcated into all countries on all the continents of the Earth. All information media will broadcast the ever advancing achievements in technology and social order. The majority of the population will glorify the ‘emissaries of the Mind of the Universe’ as intellectually superior brethren, as deities in themselves.”

‘And not without justification,” I remarked to Anastasia. “There’s nothing wrong in having no wars and crime on the Earth. Everyone will be provided with an apartment, food and employment.”

“Vladimir, do you not realise that once mankind accepts the terms of the aliens, they at the same time renounce their non-material, Divine self? In fact, it will self-destruct. All that is left will be material bodies. And every Man, Vladimir, will come to more and more resemble a biological robot. And all the children of the Earth will henceforth be born biological robots.”

“But why?”

‘All people on the Earth will be compelled to render daily service to those devices which outwardly serve them. All mankind will fall into a trap, surrendering their own freedom and that of their children for the sake of an artificial technological perfection. Before long many Earth people will intuitively recognise their mistake and start ending their lives by suicide.” “Strange. What would they be lacking?”

“Freedom, creativity and the feelings that only co-creation with the Divine creation can bring.”

‘And if the parliaments and governments of various countries are unwilling to sign treaties with the aliens, what then? Will they start destroying mankind?”

“Then the alien minds will look for other ways to lead everybody into a trap. There is no sense in their annihilating mankind. After all, their goal is to understand the inter-relationship among all earthly creations, and by what power reproduction is brought about. Nothing like that can exist without Man. It is Man who is the chief link in the chain of harmony of earthly creation. And the Sun’s rays are part of the energy and feelings that many people reproduce. With their present level of consciousness today’s Earth people pose no resistance to the visitors. And many earthlings today are even trying to render them assistance.”

“How so? Who among us is trying to help them? Does that mean there are traitors in our midst? Working for them?” “They are working for them, but these people are not traitors. Their acquiescence in this comes about involuntarily — it is without malice or premeditation. The main reason is their own lack of faith in themselves and in the perfection of God’s creations.”

“What’s the connection here?”

“It is simple. When Man admits the thought that he is not a perfect creation, when he all at once begins to imagine that there are beings on other planets of superior intellect, he himself feeds them by his own thought. Man himself thereby belittles his own God-given power and attributes power to creations other than the Divine. They have already learnt to gather the energy human thoughts and feelings can produce into a unified complex and are proud of that achievement.

“Look, and you will see in front of that group of aliens there is a container of glowing liquid, which is being transformed back and forth between gaseous, liquid and solid states. They have no weapon stronger than what is concentrated in that small container. Later they will distribute its whole content into a whole lot of small, shallow containers. One of the sides of the container will act as a special reflector. Each one of

them will wear a similar device around his neck in the form of a medallion. All the aliens you see sitting in front of you are wearing such devices right now When a ray from this medallion is directed at a Man, it may provoke in him feelings of fear, reverence or excitement. And it can paralyse not only a person’s will, but also his consciousness and his body This ray contains thoughts of a multitude of people. People’s thoughts that there is someone in the Universe stronger than Man. Stronger than Man, God’s creation. And these thoughts, when concentrated, can be turned against people themselves.”

“So, it turns out we ourselves give them power when we consider them mentally superior to ourselves?”

“Yes, that is right. Mentally superior to ourselves means mentally superior to God.”

“What’s God got to do with it?”

“We are His creations. When we believe that there are other more perfect worlds in the Universe, that means we are accepting ourselves as imperfect — imperfect creations of God.” “Wow! And have they already accumulated a lot of such energy on the alien world?”

“In the container standing in front of you there is enough energy to overcome approximately three quarters of all the minds on the Earth and to take over people’s feelings. That they consider way more than enough. Then the whole earthly civilisation will begin to pay them obeisance. And their power will increase.”

“So, is it impossible at this stage to do anything about it?” “It is possible, if we take a risk and do something they are not expecting. After all, a fall complex of human feelings, even just one, is always stronger. And it is possible to accelerate thought to a speed unknown to those who have no feelings. And all the energy amassed in that container can be neutralised by the energy of another thought which is brighter, more confident and more perfect.”

‘And you, Anastasia, would you yourself be able to neutralise all the energy in that container?”

“I could try, but I would have to bring my whole body here for that.”


“My complex of feelings will not be complete without my body Matter is one of the planes of Alan’s being. With it Man is stronger than the elements of the Universe.”

“So, go ahead — we need to break the container.”

And all at once in front of me I saw Anastasia in the flesh. She was dressed just as she had been in the forest, in a cardigan and skirt. She stood there barefoot on the floor, and then all at once started walking unhurriedly over to the aliens sitting in front of the container with the glowing liquid. They caught sight of her. No emotions showed themselves on the faces of these unfeeling beings — only for a brief moment they remained motionless in their seats. A second later everyone was astir. Suddenly, as if on command, they all rose and grasped hold of the medallions around their necks. All the medallions flashed with rays of light, all directed at the approaching figure of Anastasia.

She stopped, lost her balance momentarily, took a small step backward, then stopped again. Giving a little stamp with her bare foot, she slowly and confidently moved forward again.

The rays coming from the aliens’ medallions got brighter and brighter as they joined together, concentrating on Anastasia. It looked as though it would take but a moment for them to reduce all the clothing on her to ashes. But Anastasia continued moving forward. All at once she stretched her hands out in front of her. Some of the rays reflected off the palms of her hands and were extinguished. Then the others started to go out.

The aliens stood there stock still, as before. Anastasia went over to the container, put her hands around it, stroked it with her palms and whispered something to it. All at once the liquid in the container became turbulent, then its glow began to gradually fade, and before long there remained a practically colourless liquid with only a slight bluish tinge, much like ordinary water on the Earth.

Anastasia went over to a machine standing by the wall that looked something like a refrigerator. She pressed her hand against it, whispered something to it, and out came a shower of some kind of small coloured square tablets, which she caught in the upturned hem of her cardigan.

Anastasia went over to the aliens, who were still standing dumbstruck as before, and held out one of the tablets to the one at the end. He stirred, as though about to hold out his hand, but stopped at once and began staring in the direction of the man who was standing in front of them all — probably their leader. And so there was Anastasia standing before him for about half a minute, her hand outstretched.

Then she went over and stood directly in front of the leader and held out a tablet for him. After a brief pause the leader took the tablet and put it in his mouth. Anastasia then went around to each one in turn, and this time everyone calmly took a tablet from her and ate or swallowed it.

Then she turned from them and came over toward me. She had got half way to me when all at once she stopped and, turning toward the group of seated aliens, waved her hand at them. And several of the aliens got up from their seats and waved their hand back at her in response. When she reached my position, she said with a tired voice:

“We need to go back. They have now taken the thought- accelerating tablets. Let them try to make sense of what has happened here.”

And then it was all over. I found myself lying on the grass as before, as though awakening from sleep. It seemed just a short time had passed, but my body felt rested, as after a deep, healthy sleep. But my head... Inside me everything felt as though it were boiling over. As though my thoughts were running in all directions at once. All the images I had seen on that other planet completely stayed with me.

What was it? A dream? Hypnosis? Or everything at once — it still wasn’t clear. To see what is actually happening on a planet other than the Earth — this was something I found impossible to believe, and I asked Anastasia who was sitting beside me:

“What was it? A dream? Hypnosis? I seem to have remembered everything and now my head feels absolutely chaotic.”

And she replied:

“Vladimir, as for the power by which this vision of another planet appeared to you, take it any way you like. If you find the question disturbing, you can simply tell yourself you had a dream. Besides, all that is not what is really important. What is important is the essence, the conclusions and the sensations of this vision you saw. Think about that while I leave you for a while.”

“Yes, go on. I’ll be thinking about it here on my own.”

Left alone, I began to ponder what I had seen. Naturally I concluded that I had had some kind of hypnotic dream.

After taking just a few steps, however, Anastasia suddenly turned and headed back in my direction. She took something out of the pocket of her cardigan, and held out her open hand to me. And there I saw it, lying on her hand... a strange-look- ing tablet, the same kind I had seen on the other planet.

“Take it, Vladimir. You need not be afraid to swallow it. On the planet you and I visited they make these out of herbs from here on the Earth. For about fifteen minutes it will help accelerate your thought, and you will be able to make sense of everything all the more quickly.”

I took the little tablet from her outstretched hand, and when Anastasia left, I ate it.

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