the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 4. Co-creation (1999)

Take back your Motherland, people!


At first I found my dialogue with Anastasia about what constitutes the Motherland rather unintelligible. Her arguments didn’t even seem normal to me, at least initially But later...

Even today I can’t help thinking of them. I distinctly recall her response to my questions about what to do to prevent war — either earthly or interplanetary — from happening to us, to eliminate bandits altogether and bear happy and healthy children. It went this way:

“We need to tell everyone, Vladimir: Take back your Motherland, people/”

‘“Take back your Motherland?’ — are you sure you’re not mistaken, Anastasia? Everyone has a Motherland, or a native

land, only not everybody lives in the country where they were born. Maybe you didn’t mean ‘take back your Motherland’, but ‘you need to come back to your Motherland’ — is that what you were trying to say?”

“I was not mistaken, Vladimir. Most people living on this planet today have no Motherland at all.”

“What d’you mean they haven’t a Motherland? For Russians, Russia is their Motherland, the English have England. After all, everybody was born somewhere, and so people will use the term Motherland or native land to refer to the land where they were born.”

“Do you consider that one’s Motherland must be measured by someone’s arbitrarily determined border?”

“What else? That’s the way things are. All states have borders.”

“But if there were no borders, how could you determine your Motherland then?”

“By the place I was born — the town or village — or maybe the whole Earth would then be a Motherland for everyone?” “The whole Earth coidd be a Motherland for each one of its inhabitants, and Man could be caressed by everything in the Universe, but for that to happen, he would need to join together all planes of being into a single point, call it his Motherland, and create with his own self a Space of Love therein. Then all the best things of the Universe would come into contact with it first hand — come into contact with the space of your Motherland. You in yourself will feel the whole vast Universe through this point, and possess power unsurpassed. They will know about this on other worlds. Everything will serve you, as God, our Creator, wanted it.”

“Yru’ve really got to speak in simpler terms, Anastasia. I didn’t get anything about those ‘planes of being’, or how to join together their strands. Or about the ‘point’ I can call my Motherland.”

“Then we need to begin our discussion with what constitutes birth.”

“Well, okay, with birth then. Only don’t just say words, but use words that make sense for us on the Earth today. Tell me, for example, how you see, how you picture the generation of the family — the birth and raising of children — in today’s prevailing conditions. And how all the children of Man can be born happy. Can you construct a plan or draw me a picture?”

“I can.”

“Then tell me about it. Only not about life in the forest or about the incomprehensible science of imagery. Nobody knows anything about that, only you...”

I couldn’t finish the sentence. My head was buzzing with not just one but a whole lot of questions. Especially: Why was I even interested in knowing what this taiga recluse would tell me about our lives? How does she happen to know not only the outward details of our lives but many people’s inner feelings too? What were the possibilities of this incomprehensible science of imagery?

I couldn’t stay seated. I got up and began to pace to and fro. Trying to calm down and to make sense of — to understand — these incredible phenomena, I began to reason like this:

Here’s this young woman calmly sitting under a cedar tree — ruffling her hand slowly through the grass, or watching some bug crawl up her arm, or immersing herself briefly in thought. Here she sits in the taiga, far removed from the bustling day-to-day life of cities and nations, far removed from wars and all the troubles of the civilised world. But what if she actually knows this science of imagery to perfection? What if she can use it to influence people and society, and in a more powerful way than all our governments, parliaments and religious denominations? Incredible! A fantasy! But...

There are actual concrete facts which confirm this. Incredible facts, indeed! But they really do exist.

In a very short time she taught me to write books. She needed only three days to do this. She was the one pouring forth over and over again an unending stream of information. Incredible, but fact. Without so much as an advertising campaign, her books have easily spread across municipal and national boundaries. Her image is in these books. By some unknown means this image influences people and arouses creative impulses in them. Thousands of lines of poetry and hundreds of bards’ songs are dedicated to her image.

And this is something she has known about all along! Right there in the first book I outlined what she said on this subject. Back then there was nothing as yet. At the time her words seemed like incredible nonsense, like a fantasy. But everything came about exactly as she had said. And now, even as I am writing these lines, incredible things have been happening.

In 1999 the Prof-Press publishing house put out a 500- page anthology of readers’ letters and poems.2 The anthology was published in July, considered a ‘dead season’ for booksellers. But an incredible thing happened: the whole print-run of 15,000 copies sold out within a single month.

Another 15,000 copies have been printed, but these books instantly sold out, too. Such an event may not be so spectacular for a sensationalism-ridden press. In fact, it goes far beyond the conceptual bounds of sensationalism by virtue of the uniqueness of the conclusions stemming from it — conclusions that defy credulity. It is indeed hard to believe that “This readers’ anthology, entitled Vluche Anastasii zvuchit dusha Rossi/' (The soul of Russia sings in Anastasia’s ray), was first released in 1999 by Prof- Press in the city of Rostov-on-Don, and was subsequently re-published by Dilya Publishers of St. Petersburg.

Anastasia’s image is actually changing the consciousness of society

Readers feel the need of taking action. People both in Russia and abroad are independently organising readers’ clubs and centres, calling them after her.

A Novosibirsk medical factory is producing the cedar oil she talked about. And in a small village in the Novosibirsk Region local residents are repairing their old equipment and endeavouring to produce healing oil according to the technology she recommended, and they are getting help from the city.

It was she herself who said that Siberian villages would be regenerated, and that children would start coming back to their parents.

She has been redirecting the flood of pilgrims from foreign temples to our native sacred sites. In the past two years alone the dolmens she spoke about on the outskirts of Gelendzhik  have been visited by over fifty thousand of her readers. Around these previously neglected sacred sites people are now planting flowers and gardens. And in a number of cities they are planting cedars and other growing things according to her method.

By decree of the head of the Tomsk Region administration an enterprise has been set up under the name of Sibirskie dikorosy (Siberian Flora). It has now sent four thousand cedar saplings to Moscow.

Scientists are talking about Anastasia. Her image as a living, self-sufficient substance is already soaring across Russia. But only Russia? Women in Kazakhstan are collecting money to make a film about Anastasia. Wow! Here are Kazakh women wanting to make a film about a Siberian recluse?!

This image of hers is beginning to lead people somewhere. But where? By what power? Who is helping her? It is possible she herself possesses some kind of incredible power hitherto unknown. But why is she staying in her glade as before, still messing about with bugs?

While intellectuals are arguing over whether or not she exists at all, she is simply taking action. The results of her actions can be seen, touched and tasted. What is this science of imagery?

Back in the taiga, I found such thoughts a trifle confusing. I wanted to have them either disproved or confirmed on the spot, but she was the only one around, the only one I could ask.

So I’m going to ask her. She is incapable of lying. Tm going to ask her.

“Tell me, Anastasia... Tell me, do you have a perfect knowledge of the science of imagery? Do you possess the knowledge of those ancient priests?”

I was greatly excited as I awaited her reply, but a calm voice responded without the least hint of excitement:

“I know what my forefather taught those priests. And also what the priests did not give him the opportunity to say And I have endeavoured to find out and feel new things on my own.”

“Now I get it! Just as I thought! You are more of an expert than anyone else on the science of imagery. And you have created your own image and placed it before people. For many you are a goddess, a messiah, a forest sprite. That is how readers write about you in their letters. You have told me I should write down everything — as though pride and self- conceit were a great sin. And I have presented myself before the public as a bumbler, while you have come out exalted over everyone, and what’s more, you knew it was going to turn out this way in advance.”

“Vladimir, I have not concealed anything from you.” Anastasia rose from the ground and stood in front of me, her arms down by her sides. She looked me straight in the eye and went on:

“Only my image is not yet clear to everyone. But that other image which will be out there before the people, will also be mine. My image will resemble that of a cleaning lady who is simply dusting the cobwebs off the most important thing. ”

“What’s this about cobwebs? Speak more clearly, Anastasia. What is it you want to ‘create’ this time?”

“I want to animate, bring alive, the image of God to people. I want to make His grand dream clear to everyone, so that every living person may feel His aspiration of love. Man can become happy here and now, in this life. The children of people on the Earth today will live in His Paradise. I am not alone. Abu are not alone. And Paradise will appear as a conjoint co-creation.”

“Hold on, hold on there. I realise now that your words will cause many teachings to fall apart. Their instigators and their followers will start not only lambasting you but bombarding me too. Who needs problems like that? I refuse to write down everything you say about God.”

“Vladimir, here you are afraid just of the thought of struggling with someone you do not know.”

“No, it’s all quite clear to me. Г11 get descended upon by all the religious leaders. They’ll poison their fanatical followers against me.”

“It is not them — you are afraid of yourself, Vladimir. You are ashamed to present yourself before God. You do not believe in your new way of life. You think you cannot change.” “What’s this got to do with me? I’m telling you about the clerics. So many of them are already reacting to your sayings.”

‘And what are they saying to you?” Anastasia enquired. “Different things. Some react negatively, while others — just the opposite. One Orthodox priest from Ukraine came to me along with his parishioners in support of your sayings. But he’s just a country priest.”

‘And what do you mean when you say a ‘country’ priest came to see you?”

“I mean there are others, higher-ups. Everybody’s subject to them. Everything depends on them.”

“But still, even those ‘higher-ups’, as you call them, also once served in the smaller churches.”

“That makes no difference. All the same I’m not going to write until at least somebody in charge of some major temple... Anyway, what am I saying? You can predict everything that’s going to happen ahead of time. So tell me, who will be against you, and who will help you? Will there be anyone, in fact, who comes to your assistance?”

“What clerical rank could convince you to be bolder, Vladimir?”

“Nothing less than a Father Superior or a bishop. Can you name any?”

She thought just for a split-second, as though gazing into both time and space at once.

And then came this incredible answer:

‘Assistance has already come, Vladimir, from someone who has uttered new statements about God — namely Pope John Paul II,” Anastasia replied. “The images of Christ and Mohammed will unite their energies in space, and other images will merge together with them. There will also be an Orthodox patriarch,4 whose words will be revered for centuries. But, most importantly, there will be impulses of inspiration among all ordinary people. It may be their earthly status that

patriarch — the titular head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

is important to you, but, after all, truth is more important than anything on Earth.”

At this point Anastasia ceased talking and lowered her eyes, as though she had been suddenly offended by something. It appeared as though a lump in her throat had welled up, but she swallowed it and sighed. Then she added:

“Forgive me — I fear I am not making myself clear to your heart. Things are not working out at the moment on my part, but I shall try to be clearer, only let the people hear...”

“About what?”

‘About what others have tried for a thousand years to hide from them. About how it takes hardly a moment for any one of them to enter the Creator’s pristine garden and there bring about splendid conjoint creations with Him.”

I could feel a sense of agitation building inside her. And I myself, for some reason, began feeling agitated, and said: “Don’t be concerned. Tell me, Anastasia, and perhaps I shall be able to understand and write about it.”

And what she went on to say she said in an extremely concrete and simple way It was only later, after analysing and pondering her words, that I began to understand, and could feel some sense — a significant sense at that — in her words “Take back your Motherland, people!” But back there, in the forest, I asked her once more:

“I see how it’s all going to come about. I see that if you can so easily bring out images of life of thousands of years ago, that means you must know all religious teachings and treatises, and that you will reveal them to people?”

“I know the teachings that called forth reverence among people.”

‘All of them?”

“Yes, all of them.”

“And the Vedic scriptures you can translate in their entirety?”

“I can. Only why waste time on that?”

“But look, don’t you want mankind to know about those ancient teachings? Tell me about them, and I shall write about them in my next book.”

‘Mid what then? What do you think will be the net benefit to mankind?”

“What d’you mean? They’ll become wiser.”

“Vladimir, the whole nature of the dark forces’ trap is that with their multitude of teachings they try to conceal the most important thing from Man. By presenting a portion of truth — only for the mind — in their treatises, they deliberately lead people away from the most important thing.” “Then why do people call the ones that present such teachings wise merit”

“Vladimir, if you will allow me, I shall tell you a parable. It is a parable that a thousand years ago was whispered by wise men to each other in some secluded spot. For many centuries now no one has heard this parable.”

“Then go ahead and tell it to me, if you think that the parable may be helpful in explaining something.”

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