the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 7. The Energy of Life (2003)

To the readers of the Ringing Cedars Series


My dear readers!

I thank you heartily for your understanding and moral support. I thank all who have openly expressed their thoughts in Internet communications and the almanac? who have tried to organise discussions of the ideas outlined in the Ringing Cedars Series through letters to the press.

My thanks to you, scholars ofRussia — first and foremost, to Boris Minin,    who openly appeared on the stage of the Podmo- skov’e Concert Hall with his evaluation of Anastasia’s ideas.

A special note of gratitude is due the fine actor, Distinguished Artist of Russia Alexander Mikhailov,  who took part in the conference.

My thanks also to the economist Dr Viktor Medikov,  who has written a number of papers on his research of the ideas expressed in the books.

And to Anatoly Eriomenko, Active Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, for his marvellous poetry:




Age and health and sloth all notwithstanding,

Here I am before you on knee bending,

Simply ’cause I’ve seen in you from far Life’s renown. A Deity you are.

Instantly you scattered all illusions Rising from dark forces’ sly intrusions.

Your depiction of a future bright Helped me banish sorrow’s fearsome night.

In you I see Man’s true being ascending,

Possibly, another age’s ending,

Where my granddaughters, just like a Muse Will embody you and your bright views.

Though at heart I quietly resist Every time you need say “I exist!”,

‘Tis no sin to talk of your appearing In a place where others might be hearing.

Therefore send I from my heart agleam Rays of warmth to you, my living dream. And, in night-time vision or tomorrow, In the taiga I shall see your shadow




Oh, you wise-hearted elders of Russia,

Have you nothing to lone hearts to say?

For the blue eyes that grow ever lusher

Will still shine o’er the world with their ray

They will waken dull tribes and refresh them With humanity’s flourishing wave.

If there’s no other means of expression,

A tall cedar to chips she will shave.

And in secret will give them like manna To all people eternity-bound,

And will call us with this unknown manna To the place where our future is found.

With our knees now already unbended,

And our backs straightened tall and so proud, All our worries and idle contentment We forsake not tomorrow, but now.

Let us still hear the voice of the ages,

That has whispered to us as a friend:

“You are singular children of Nature,

Death and treason do not spell your end.

“Nor do mud-slingings, fury unleashing,

Nor do stone walls or home-destroying hail,

But for those who accept the true Teaching Their connection with Nature won’t fail.

“We are given a power immortal

From the Earth-gods and God high above,

By a heavenly hand incorporeal,

That our hearts may awaken to love.

“Let us all, then, as singular brothers,

With our heart-strings stretched taut in a bow,

Now extend our embrace to all others,

Send our ray out wherever we go.

“Then in spring over all the Earth’s nations All the cherry-tree gardens will bloom.

For humanity’s new generations There will be no more danger or doom.”

Oh, you wise elders, sons of Rossiya,

Do not slacken, but say the word true.

May the joy of dear Anastasia’

Now shine forth in its heavenly blue.


I thank Viktor Pavlovich Garkavets, the Superintendent of Education for the City of Kharkov, as well as the instructors, workers and administration of the tractor factory in this Ukrainian city, for organising a fantastic meeting with my readers.

My thanks, too, to all the organisers of readers’ conferences in other cities.

Thank you, Russian emigrants in Germany and Canada.

Thanks to the bards who have written more than five hundred songs now, and the artists who sent in their pictures. They are already posted on the site, and the best of them have been published in the almanac Zveniashchie kedry Rossii (Ringing Cedars of Russia). One of their works may be seen on the cover of {the Russian original of} the present volume.

My thanks go out to the tens of thousands of people who

have expressed their appreciation for my books in their sincere and inspired letters.

I thank you all for your open support. Without it, it would be a lot harder for me to write!

However, I would like to share with you — especially with those public figures who are only just contemplating coming out with their support of Anastasia’s ideas — the following points.

You should understand that there is considerable opposition to these ideas — a planned and organised opposition. It is still not completely clear specifically who is spreading the false rumours and what levers of power they are using.

You should be aware of this so that you can determine for yourself whether it is worth it to you to openly support the ideas outlined in these books.

I know first-hand how unpleasant all the slander and prov-ocations have been, but it is many times harder for me when they are directed against you, my readers. All the more so when they are personalised and intensive — as, for example, the attacks against the children and teachers of Academician Shchetinin’s school.

I wouldn’t want any others to be subjected to similar attacks.

I am not merely convinced — I now know for absolute certain that the ideas outlined by Anastasia are irreproachable. Their materialisation can, of course, be temporarily held back, but they will still be revived in human beings with ever-increasing force.

From where I stand, the most vital and important steps re-quired today are the following:

First. Organisation of schools, courses and seminars at the local level. It is vital to adapt general designs of family domains and communities to specific locales.

You need to study the healing properties of herbs and plants growing in your area in particular. You need to know exactly which vegetables and fruits will grow under natural conditions in your climate.

You need to prepare working designs — specified down to the minutest detail — for your family domains and communities.

Second. You need to bring in specialists who have a good understanding of what is happening and plug them in to work on creating a programme of development for the Russian Federation. This should be a universal programme, capable of solving all the problems of orphans, refugees and low-income families through the idea of establishing kin’s domains. The security and well-being of each family will ensure the security and well-being of the nation as a whole.

It is vital to flesh out the details of your dream, then it will most certainly come true.

Let every person do as much as they can along this line, starting from their own resources. 6

We should see the birth of dozens, hundreds of designs for kin’s domains and communities — designs for the economic, ecological and spiritual development of individual regions and the whole nation.

You know, when I first saw Anastasia, she was standing on the shore of the Siberian River Ob.  She was wearing an old long skirt and a quilted jacket, with a kerchief on her head and rubber galoshes over her bare feet. This taiga recluse looked like an unassuming and lonely woman.

But today I have the impression that it was our Rossiya that was standing there in the Siberian wilds with rubber galoshes over her bare feet. It was our dream of the future that was standing there so lonely on the deserted Siberian riverbank. But now, it is within us\

And the time will most certainly come when our dream will stride openly and free in a beautiful ball-gown across all of Russia — and not just across Russia.

The greatest energy in this dream is the energy of life!


To be continued...


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