the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 7. The Energy of Life (2003)

You create your own fate


Man’s destiny! Many are wont to think that Man’s fate is decided by someone up there. But this ‘someone’ simply makes available to every Man the most powerful energy in the Universe — an energy capable of not only shaping its holder’s destiny, but of creating whole new galaxies. This energy is called human thought.

It is not enough just to know that this is so. One must become consciously aware of this phenomenon ----- one must feel it.

How completely we are able to become aware of it, to feel and understand it, determines the degree to which the secrets of this vast Universe of ours unfold before us, the degree to which we perceive how its wonders — or, more precisely, its natural phenomena — work.

It is only the conscious awareness and acceptance of the energy of thought that will allow us to make our lives and the lives of our loved ones truly happy And yet it is precisely a happy life that is predestined for Man on the Earth.

And so we are obliged to persuade ourselves of the indis-putability of the following conclusions:

First: Man is a thinking being.

Second: the power of the energy of thought has no equal in the Universe: everything we see, including ourselves, is created by the energy of thought.

We can name off millions of objects from a primitive hammer to a space ship, yet the appearance of each one of these is preceded by thought.

Our imagination builds a material object in space unseen to our eyes. Just because we don’t yet glimpse its materialisation doesn’t mean that the object doesn’t exist. It is already constructed in mental space, and this is more significant than its subsequent materialisation.

A space ship is constructed by the thought of one or more people. We still don’t see it, we can’t touch it, yet at the same time it exists! It exists in a dimension invisible to us, but later it materialises, taking on a form we can see with our ordinary sight.

Which is more important in the construction of a space ship — the craftsmanship of the worker executing the details according to the blueprints presented to him, or the thought of the designer and builder? Of course the physical labour on any project is absolutely necessary, but nothing can displace the primacy of thought.

A real space ship can suffer a catastrophic accident, caused not by some kind of defective part, but always by an inadequately developed thought. In ordinary parlance it is known as thoughtlessness.

Thought is capable of foreseeing any kind of accident. In thought there are no unforeseen situations. Yet all sorts of ac-cidents and irregularities do happen. Why? Because of haste in turning the project into material reality, not allowing it to be sufficiently thought through.

Anyone who thinks this through on their own can come to the same indisputable conclusion: all objects that have ever been manufactured on the Earth are materialised thoughts.

Now it is vitally necessary to realise that absolutely all life sit-uations, including life itself, are formed first of all in thought.

The world of living Nature which we see, including Man himself, was originally formed by God’s thought.

Just like God, Man is capable of forming with his thought not only new objects but his own life situations as well.

If your thought is insufficiently developed, or prevented by some cause from freely making use of its inherent energy and speed capabilities, your life situations will be influenced by somebody else’s thoughts — possibly the thoughts of your family, acquaintances, or society in general.

But note that even in this case your life situations are deter-mined aforetime by human thought. And you have only your-selves to blame if you have choked and imprisoned your own thinking, thereby subjecting yourselves to the will of another person’s thoughts, meaning that your successes or failures in life are already dependent on this other person or persons.

You may be persuaded of what I have just said through a variety of examples in life. Think what a Man does before becoming a famous performing artist? First of all he dreams about it, naturally, then thinks up a plan of how to attain his dream, and then steps into action. He takes part in amateur productions, studies at an appropriate school, and then takes a job in the theatre, film studio or symphony orchestra.

Some people may protest and say that while everybody dreams of becoming the most famous performing artist, only a few ac-tually achieve this, while others are obliged to look for work in another field that has nothing to do with a career in the arts. Besides the dream, one needs talent too. Yes, of course, that is true. But talent is also a product of the power of thought.

What about physical and natural gifts? They are significant, of course. But, then again, human thought is not so stupid as to inspire a legless person to enrol in a ballet school.

How can it be, the reader may wonder: if everything, even one’s profession and well-being, depended on one’s own thoughts, then surely everybody would be rich and famous, and there wouldn’t be any people eking out a pitiful existence, rum-maging through garbage dumps in search of something to eat.

Well, now, let’s head off to a garbage dump, in the literal sense of the word.


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