the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 6. The Family Book (2002)

A dormant civilization


This conversation took place on the second day of my stay Anastasia and I were sitting quietly together in our longtime favourite spot by the lake. Evening was coming on, but the cool evening freshness had not yet set in. A barely perceptible breeze fanned our bodies from constantly changing angles, as though designed to delight us with the many and variegated fragrances of the taiga.

With just a trace of a smile on her face, Anastasia contemplated the mirror surface of the lake before us. She seemed to be waiting for me to ask her the questions I wanted answers to. Only somehow I wasn’t able to reduce my questions to a brief and concrete formulation. It appeared that what I managed to formulate in my mind did not reflect the main thing I really wanted to know. So I approached it circuitously:

“You see, Anastasia, here I am writing books using many of the words you have given me, even though I don’t understand all your words right off, but it’s not so much the words but the reaction to them that has me baffled most of all.

“Before I met you I was a simple entrepreneur. I worked and, like everyone else, wanted to make as much money as I could. I could afford to enjoy a drink and have a rousing good time, but nobody laid into me or my company’s workers with the kind of criticism that the media is now overwhelming me with.

“Strange as it may seem, back then nobody faulted me for earning money, but as soon as the books came out, some per-sonages began right off publishing articles saying I was nothing

but a gold-digger, if not a charlatan and a bigot. It’d be okay if it were just me, but they’ve also gone and insulted my readers too, calling them bigots and fanatics. And goodness knows what they write about you. Either they argue that you don’t exist at all or they say you’re the queen of the heathens.

“It’s funny how everything’s turned out: here in Siberia there are a lot of minority ethnic groups, with different cultures and beliefs, some of them still practise shamanism, and nothing bad is ever said about them — on the contrary, they say these peoples’ cultures need to be preserved. And here you are, all alone — well, apart from your grandfather and great-grandfather, and now your son — you live all alone here. Tou don’t ask for anything, and yet the words you say provoke a storm of emotions. Some people absolutely delight in the words you say and get all excited, and start acting on them, while others attack you with unabashed fury and anger. Why is that so?” ‘And you, Vladimir, can you not answer this question yourself?”


“Yes, yourself.”

“I’ve got very strange thoughts running through my head. I get the impression that out there in human society there are some kind of unknown people or forces who will do everything they can to make people suffer. These forces thrive on wars, the drug trade, prostitution and disease. And on their constant increase. How else to explain it? They don’t attack books about murders or magazines with half-naked women, but there’s something about books on Nature, or books on the soul, that isn’t to their liking. And in your case it’s even more peculiar. Here you are calling upon people to build their Paradise domains for happy families, and many people are strongly behind you in this endeavour.

‘And not just in their words. People are starting to act. I myself have seen people who have taken land and begun

working it, as you said, building their own kin’s domain. These include young and old, rich and poor, and yet somebody’s really uptight about that. And the media’s constantly trying to distort what you say. They resort to outright lies, to put it bluntly I can’t understand how the words of a single woman living in the taiga and apparently not bothering anyone can be so powerful.

‘And why would anybody try to engage in direct conflict with your words? There’s also the claim that behind those words of yours lurks some kind of great power — occultism, maybe.”

‘And what do you think — is there a power behind them or are they just words?”

“I think there must be some kind of occult power in them, yes. That’s what some of the esoterics are saying.”

“Be careful, Vladimir, and try not to take in what others say Try listening instead to your own heart and soul.”

“I’m trying, only I haven’t got enough information.”

“What information, specifically?”

“Well, for instance, what ethnic background are you Anastasia? What religion are you and your relatives? Or maybe you don’t have any ethnic background?”

“I have,” replied Anastasia, rising to her feet. “But if I tell you now, the dark forces will rise up and scream in fright. Then they will try to come down with all their might — not just on me, but to crush you too. You will be able to withstand it once you have got beyond noticing their attempts and give your thought over completely to the marvellous reality. But as long as you consider yourself defenceless in the face of their anger, you should withdraw your question and forget about it until the right time.”

Anastasia was now standing in front of me, her arms hanging loose at her side. I gazed up at her from below and couldn’t help noticing how proudly, splendidly and unassailably she

carried herself. Her tender and enquiring look was awaiting my response. I had no doubt that what she was about to say was indeed capable of provoking some kind of extraordinary reaction. I had no doubt because over the years I have known her I have seen a feverish reaction to her words on the part of many people. And for that reason I didn’t doubt the possibility of danger either, but I responded:

“I’m not afraid. Even though I’m sure it’s all going to come about just as you say Maybe I’ll be able to hold out myself, but then I’m not the only one... We have a son now. I don’t want anything to threaten him.”

At this point Volodya suddenly appeared and went over to Anastasia. He must have been quietly standing somewhere nearby and listening to our conversation, without interfering. But now that the topic had turned to him, he probably felt it was time to make himself known.

Volodya took Anastasia’s hand in his own little hands, pressed his cheek against it, lifted up his head and said: “Mamochka Anastasia, go ahead and answer Papa’s question. I can take care of myself. History need not continue to be hidden from people on my account.”

“Yes, that is true,” observed Anastasia, stroking the child’s little head. “You are strong, and you are getting stronger with each passing day.” Then, raising her head and looking me straight in the eye, she pronounced the letters more distinctly than usual, as though introducing herself for the first time:

“I am a Ved-russ, Vladimir.”

I actually felt a kind of extraordinary sensation within me from the word Anastasia pronounced — it felt like a mild electrical current was running over my whole body like a pleasant heat wave, as though imparting some kind of news to every cell of my being. And something unusual, it seemed to me, had happened in the space around me too. The word itself meant nothing to me, but for some reason I rose to my feet upon hearing it. I stood there, as though trying to remember something.

Once again, this time quite joyfully, Volodya spoke up:

“You, Mamochka Anastasia, are a Vedruss beauty, and I too am a Vedruss...”

Then he looked at me with a happy grin and said:

“You are my Papa. Just like me, you are a Vedruss, only dormant. I’m talking too much again, eh, Mama? I’ll go now. I’ve thought up something marvellous for you and Papa. Before the Sun sets behind the trees I shall create what I have thought up!” And catching an affirmative nod from Anastasia, off he went trippingly into the forest.

I looked at Anastasia standing there in front of me and thought to myself: The Vedruss must be one of the Tiigra minorities still living in the Far North and Siberia.

In 1994 in Khanty-Mansiysk Province there was an interna-tional documentary film festival devoted to the Yugra minorities. At the request of the provincial administration many of the festival participants were quartered aboard my ship on the Ob River. I had the opportunity to talk with them, watch the films in the competition and travel with the film-makers to some of the more remote Siberian settlements where shamans were still practising their craft. I couldn’t remember much about the culture and customs of these minority peoples. But I did recall feeling a tinge of sadness over the fact that these extremely small populations were dying out. And people were treating them as some kind of exotic curiosity which would soon be disappearing completely from the face of the Earth.

I did not recall hearing anything from the participants at this film festival (which could really be considered a major national event) about the Vedruss people, so I asked Anastasia:

“Have your people died out, Anastasia? Or rather, are there just a very few of them left? Where were they settled previously?”

“Our people have not died out, Vladimir, they are dormant. Our people happily thrived on the territories now known as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, England, Germany, France, India, China and many other states both large and small.

“Up until quite recently, only five thousand years ago, in the real world our people were thriving on lands from the Mediterranean and Black Sea to the farthest northern latitudes.

“We are Asians, Europeans and Russians, as well as those who recently called themselves Americans — in fact, god- people, all from a single Vedruss civilisation.2

“There was an age of life on our planet known as the Vedic Age.

“During the Vedic Age mankind reached a level of sensitive knowledge allowing it to create energy images through collective thought. And then it underwent a transition into a new era of existence, known as the Image Age.

“With the help of energy images, created by collective thought, mankind was afforded the opportunity of co-creating in the Universe. It could have had the ability to create Earthlike life on other planets. And it would have, if it had not committed any mistakes in passing through the Image Age.


“In the Image Age, however, which lasted for nine thousand Earth years, mistakes were repeatedly made in the cocreation either of a single image or several images simultaneously.

‘A mistake occurred if there remained in the Earth’s human society people with insufficient purity of thought, with an insufficient culture of feelings and thoughts.

“Such mistakes had the effect of obscuring the opportunity to create in the expanses of the Universe, and led mankind into occultism.

“The Occult Age of human life has lasted for one thousand years now. It began with an intensive degradation of human consciousness. Ultimately, a degradation of consciousness and an insufficient purity of thought, coupled with knowledge and opportunity at the highest level, would always lead mankind to a global disaster.

“This was repeated many times over billions of Earth years.

“Now we are in mankind’s Occult Age. And, as always, a disaster of global proportions was supposed to take place. It was supposed to, but the deadline has passed. We have passed the end of the Occult Millennium. Now it is up to everyone to take stock of their purpose, their essence and where the mistake was made. We should help each other in mentally retracing the course of our history in the opposite direction and pinpoint the mistake. Then an era of joyous life on the Earth will be ushered in — an era such as no one has ever witnessed before in global history The Universe is anticipating it with bated breath and great hope.

“In the meantime the forces of darkness are alive and prevalent, feverishly trying to control people’s minds. But for the first time they failed to notice the Vedruss’ unusual behaviour back five thousand years ago.

“When an image was born by a perverted consciousness upon the Earth — an image which desired to exercise control over everybody, that was when the first war began. It was under the influence of this image that people started killing each other. This has happened many times on the Earth just before a global disaster. But this time... For the first time the Vedruss civilisation did not enter the fray on a non-material plane.

“Instead, the Vedruss fell asleep on their territories both large and small, switching off a part of their consciousness and feelings.

“Man’s life on the Earth seemed to carry on as before: children were born, houses were built, the decrees of the attackers were obeyed. It seemed as though the Vedruss had submitted to the dark forces, but therein lay a great secret: by falling asleep, the Vedruss, unconquered, remained alive on all planes of being. And this happy civilisation is dormant right to this day, and will continue to sleep until those who are awake search out the mistake in the image creation. That same mistake that led the Earth’s civilisation to its present-day situation.

“Once the mistake has been identified with absolute precision, the dormant ones may hear the words of those who are awake and begin to rouse each other out of sleep.

“Just who thought up this particular move, I cannot say. It is probably someone very close to God.

“You, as a Vedruss yourself, should try to wake up, at least a little, and take a look at the course of history

“Our people went to sleep on various continents. Three thou-sand years ago they were thriving only on what is now Russian territory At that time the age of the dark forces had already come upon the whole Earth. And the Vedruss continued their happy existence only on the ‘island’ now known as Russia.

“They needed, very much needed to hold out another thousand years. They had to decide how to convey their knowledge to future generations, figure out what was happening on the Earth and determine how a repetition of the mistake could be avoided in the future. They managed to hold out another fifteen hundred years on this ‘island’. They fended off the attacks, but not on a material plane. The darkness had already taken control of people’s minds over the whole Earth. The priests placed themselves above God and decided to create their own world of the occult. They had already managed to intoxicate a third of the world.

“But all the forces of darkness could do no harm to our people on this ‘island’ that is today called Russia.

“It was only fifteen hundred years ago that this last ‘island’, too, fell asleep. The civilisation of the Earth, the people who knew God, fell asleep in order to awaken to the dawn of a new reality

“The forces of darkness supposed that they had succeeded in destroying this people’s culture and the aspirations of their soul forever. This is why they are trying so hard to conceal the history of the Russian people from those living on the Earth today

“In reality there is much more to the story In covering up the history of the Russian people, which can serve as a stepping-stone into the world of the beautiful, they are actually trying to cover up the joyously living civilisation of the Earth — cover up the culture, knowledge and feeling of knowing God which are inherent in that glad civilisation your forebears were a part of.”

“Wait, Anastasia! Could you tell me a bit more specifically about this extinct — or, as you put it, dormant — civilisation using simpler terms, terms easier to understand? And can you prove the existence of this civilisation?

“I can try, using simpler words. But it will be a hundred times better if each one tries to visualise it for themselves.”

“But is it possible for everyone to see what happened ten thousand years ago?”

“Yes, it is. Only in varying degrees and detail. But everyone can get an overall feeling of it, and even see one’s forebears and one’s self in this joyous world.”

“How can everyone do that? How can I do it, for example?” “It is all very simple. To start with, Vladimir, try to evaluate and compare events you are familiar with just with your own sense of logic. When questions come up, find your own answers to them.”

“What d’you mean, by logic! How can one learn about the history of Russia, let’s say, by logic? Anyway, you said that our Russian history and culture have been destroyed, or hidden from all the people of the Earth... But how can I — or anybody else, for that matter — verify what you say just using logic?” “Let us try reasoning through this together. I can do a little to help you get in touch with history”

“Okay, then. What needs to be done to start with?”

“To start with, you should answer yourself a question.” “Which one?”

“Avery simple one. Remember, Vladimir, the history textbook you brought for our son. It is called A history of the ancient world. There are chapters in it discussing the history of Ancient Rome, Greece and China. They describe what Egypt was like five thousand years ago. But nothing is said about what Russia was like during this time. Never mind five thousand years — Russia’s history and culture even from a thousand years ago are kept in the strictest secret. The textbook is written in the Russian language, aimed at Russian children, but there is not a word in it about the Russia of only two thousand years ago. Why?”

“Why?” I echoed. “Indeed, a most peculiar situation. A Russian textbook on the history of the ancient world and nothing said about Russia itself. Not a word about the history of the Russian people, either during the time of Ancient Rome and Egypt or even later. Strange! Very strange... as though there were no Russian people living during those times.”

In trying to recall what I knew of history, I remembered hearing about the existence of the ancient philosophers of

Rome, Greece and China. I never read their works, just heard about them. I also knew that their works were accepted by society as brilliant and outstanding. But I could not recall a single Russian philosopher or poet of that time. Indeed, why?

Aware that Anastasia wanted me to try to figure out the answer myself, I said:

“Neither I nor anyone else can answer this question, Anastasia. It’s a question that’s probably not possible to answer.”

“It is possible. Only one must not be lazy in one’s logical reasoning. "You see, we have come to our first conclusion: the history of the Russian people is unknown not only to the world at large but to the Russians themselves. Do you agree with this, Vladimir?”

“Well, maybe not entirely unknown. We still have descriptions of what happened a thousand years ago.”

“The description was written under censorship and with significant distortion. Besides, the commentaries are the same for every historical event. Russia’s past millennium — the Christian era — is like a single day of history We have Christianity in Russia still today, but can you tell me what preceded it?”

“They say that before Christianity, Russia was a heathen land. People worshipped various gods. But the description is very superficial. There are no writings or even any legends about that period. There are no descriptions either of the political system or of people’s way of life.”

“So, you have reached Conclusion Number Two: the Russian people had a different culture then. Now, use your logic and tell me under what circumstances do attempts arise to hide or distort history?”

“Well, there’s a clear answer to that question. People try to falsify history when it’s necessary to show the benefits of following a new order, a new authority, a new ideology But to completely conceal any trace of it... Wow! That’s incredible!”

“The incredible happened, Vladimir. It is an incontestable fact. Now, tell me something else — and do not slacken in your thinking, please. Did this fact come about all by itself, or is it the result of a deliberate effort on somebody’s part?” “Judging by the fact that people have always burnt books when they wanted to stamp out knowledge or ideology, I would say that someone deliberately stamped out all knowledge about pre-Christian Russian culture too.”

“Who do you think would have done that — who?”

“Most likely the ones who were imposing a new culture and religion on Russia.”

“One might say that. But possibly there was somebody behind it, somebody controlling the new religion and those who imposed it? Someone with their own agenda?”

“But who? Who can control religion? Tell me!”

“You are still looking for answers from the outside, you are too lazy to search for them within yourself. I can give you an answer, but an outside answer may seem to you incredible — it may provoke a degree of doubt. Everyone can hear the answer within themselves, once they have liberated their soul and logic and awakened even a wee bit from sleep.”

“It’s not that I’m lazy. It’s just that searching for answers within myself will take a lot of time. Better you tell me yourself what you know about history. If I start having doubts, I’ll question you farther. I shan’t just take your story for granted, but I shall verify it by logic, both now and later on, as you suggest.”

“Let it be as you wish. But I shall merely give you a rough outline of the whole, and let everyone try to fill in the details as they perceive them. Today’s reality, along with the past and the future, is something that needs to be determined only within one’s self, with one’s own soul.”


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