the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 4. Co-creation (1999)

Problems confirming the perfection of life


‘Adam had all that?” I asked in amazement.

“Yes, he did! This is why his thought moved so quickly In a relatively short period of time he was able to define everything’s purpose. One hundred and eighteen years swept by like a single day.”

‘A hundred and eighteen years! Adam lived all by himself to such a ripe old age?”

‘All by himself lived Adam, the first Man, caught up in all sorts of interesting projects. A hundred and eighteen years did not bring him age, but a blossoming of life.”

“Well, a person’s pretty old at a hundred and eighteen — he’s known as an ‘old-timer’, at the mercy of all sorts of diseases and ailments.”

“That might be so now, Vladimir, but back then Man was not troubled by diseases. Every one of his cells enjoyed a longer span of life, and if a cell became weary, that meant it was destined to die, but right away a new cell, full of energy, appeared in its place. Man’s body was able to live as many years as his spirit or soul wished.”

‘And how come the Man of today can’t wish himself to live a little longer?”

“By his moment-by-moment actions he is cutting short his lifespan, and death is something thought up by Man.”

“What do you mean, ‘thought up’? Death comes all by itself. Against Man’s will.”

“When you smoke tobacco or drink alcohol, when you drive

into a city which pollutes the air with the stench of burning fumes, when you use lifeless food and let yourself be eaten away by bitterness, tell me, Vladimir, who, if not yourself, is hastening your death?”

“Well, that kind of life is pretty common for everyone today”

“But Man is free to choose. Everyone builds his own life for himself and determines his lifespan moment by moment.”

“So, you’re saying that back then, in paradise, there weren’t any problems?”

“Problems, if they arose at all, were resolved not in a harmful direction, but in such a way as to confirm the perfection of life.”

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