the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 7. The Energy of Life (2003)

And where is your thought right now?


I shall not concern the reader with further examples. Each one can ascertain independently from his own life what segments of his being have been created by his own thought and what segments by somebody else’s.

To answer this question once and for all, let’s start by stating the obvious: thought is precursor to everything.

As I have already indicated, to anyone who succeeds in not only becoming aware of this but in feeling it as well many secrets of the Universe will be revealed. First and foremost, a distinct picture of creation will appear.

God created the world in which we live through the help of a dream — the energy of His thought. He created Man, giving him complete freedom of action and endowing him with powerful energy capable of creating similar worlds, or possibly worlds even more perfected than the Earth.

In order to create new worlds or to perfect the world already created, it is vital that the speed of Maris thinking match that of the Divine.

However, one glance at the world created by human society shows clearly that it is not only imperfect but poses an ever-increasing danger to existence. Consequently, a degradation of consciousness is clearly taking place or, more precisely, Maris speed of thinking is diminishing.

The very first people possessed a speed of thinking equal to the Divine. It could not have been otherwise, since, like

any parent-creator, God could not even think of creating His child less perfect than Himself.

What powers could have proved capable of influencing human consciousness and aiming it down the path of degradation? If anyone had the power to do so, that means he would be able to surpass the energy of thought of both God and Man. But there is no such being, either on the Earth or anywhere else.

The proof of this statement is simplicity itself. If there existed an entity possessing a greater speed of thinking than Man, it would long ago have created its own world and we

would be able to see it.

To either redirect or subjugate the energy of human thought is something only human thought itself can do. In other words, one Man possessing a greater speed of thought than the rest and wanting to subjugate others could, under certain circumstances, do so.

In today’s situation human society has been subjugated to the descendants of the Egyptian priests who preserved the knowledge of the science of imagery and who maintained, with the help of special exercises, the capability of thinking at a much greater speed than the vast majority of people living on the Earth.1

And there are circumstances which confirm this to be the status quo.

There is one Man who has proved capable of standing up to the priests one-on-one.

I am talking, of course, about the Siberian recluse, Anastasia. And note that she achieves palpable results without the help of any kind of army or technical superstructures, but simply by virtue of the power of her thought.


That mankind is beginning, at the dawn of a new millennium, to enter into a Divine world of splendour is to me, personally, an indisputable fact. I should like to share some joyful news with my readers.

I have it on reliable authority that several individual groups of scholars have been working, independently of each other, on a programme of national development according to an image created by Anastasia. Not just people with academic degrees, but students, too, have been involved in these projects.

To develop a programme like this in detail requires approx-imately two to three years of persistent work on the part of a whole army of specialists. But the first glimpses of it you can already catch even now.

For example, the Internet site has published a paper by a fourth-year Ukrainian university student outlining a programme of development for Ukraine, based on Anastasia’s idea of family domains. People all over Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States2 have been sending in draft constitutions for future communities.

It is not for me to judge the merits of this young woman’s paper, but it is already significant simply by virtue of its being the first one published. It is also important to note that these scholars became involved not by dint of somebody’s commission but by the dictates of their own hearts.

It won’t be long before you get a chance to become acquainted with and discuss their highly important works. I following the account of my conversation with Anastasia’s grandfather. I didn’t. I thought it would be premature. As it is, many people dismiss Anastasia’s powers as bordering on fantasy or fairy tales.

My conversation with her grandfather, however, revealed to me even more extraordinary phenomena than any Anastasia had shown me earlier, and helped me see Anastasia herself in a new light. Now that current events in human society have begun to confirm what I heard back in the Siberian taiga, I shall cite part of my conversation with her grandfather.

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