the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 6. The Family Book (2002)

The secret war with Vedic Rus'


The war with Vedic Rus’ began long before Jesus’ appearance on the Earth, long before the fall of Rome. This thousand- year war was not waged with iron swords. Occultism executed its military raids on a non-material plane.

Preachers of the occult religion came to Russia — dozens of their names are mentioned in various ecclesiastical books. But they actually numbered in the tens of thousands. They were not to blame for their ignorance. They were fanatics, which means their mind was unable to fathom even the millionth part of creation. As foot-soldiers to the priest, reverently carrying out his orders without so much as a murmur, they attempted to explain to people how to live. They tended to say exactly the same things they had said when preaching to once-majestic imperial Rome.

They tried introducing ritual. And proposed the construction of temples, instead of paying attention to Nature or earthly existence. Then the kingdom of heaven would come for everyone. I shall not burden you by reciting their sermons. If you wish, you can still read their words today I shall tell you why for thousands of years they did not succeed in doing anything with Vedic Rus’.

Every other person living in Rus’ at that time was a poet and a wit. And there were bards in Rus’ — they were called bayans1 back then. And this is how it all took place in those times. For decades the priest’s foot-soldiers waged a propaganda campaign to the effect that God had to be bowed down to. And here and there people began to listen and reflect on the message. Upon seeing this, the bayan would simply laugh and make up a parable, which he would then sing. And the parable would quickly spread throughout Rus’. And over the next ten years or so Rus’ would have a good laugh at the priests’ sermons.

The priest was furious and launched new attacks. But once again in Rus’ a parable would be born, and Rus’ would laugh once more. Of all the many parables of those times I shall tell you just three.

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