the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 4. Co-creation (1999)

When Love...


“Adam lay on the grass, among the fragrant flowers. In the shade of a tree he dreamt, as his thoughts churned listlessly along. And all at once a reminiscence swept over him in an unexpected wave of warmth, somehow empowering a strong acceleration of his thoughts. Just recently this new creation stood before me — he reflected — something very much like me, only different, but what is the difference? Where does it lie? And where is this new creation now? Oh, how I wish I could see the new creation once more as I did before! I want to see it again, but why?

“Quickly Adam rose from the ground and looked around. A thought flickered by: What has happened all of a sudden? It is the same sky, the same birds, grass, trees and bushes. Everything is the same, and yet it is different. I am not looking at it the same way as before. The creatures of the Earth, the scents, the air and even the light — everything’s become brighter and more resplendent.

‘And words were born in Adam’s mouth, and he cried out to all: And I love in return!’

‘And all at once a new wave of warmth came upon him from the direction of the stream, sweeping over his whole body. He turned in the direction the warmth was coming from and, lo and behold, there was the new creation, shining before him. All logic departed from his thought, his whole heart delighted in the vision, when Adam first caught sight of it: there quietly sitting beside a clear pool of water in the stream was the maiden, but after tossing back the braids of

her golden hair she was looking not at the clear water but at him. She caressed him with a smile, as though she had been waiting for him a long eternal while.

“He went over to her. As they were looking at each other, Adam thought there could be no one with eyes more resplendent than hers. Aloud he said:

‘“'You are sitting by the water. The water is good. Would you like to bathe together?’

“£I would.’

“And then would you like me to show you around... creation?’

“‘I would.’

“‘I have given everything its designation. I shall command them to serve you too. And would you like me to make a new creation?’

“£I would.’

“They bathed in the stream and ran through the meadow. Oh, how entrancing seemed the maiden’s trills of laughter, when after mounting an elephant, Adam conceived a little dance for her and called the maiden’s name Eve.

“The day was already drawing to a close as this woman and man stood with all the glory of the Earth around, delighting in its colours, scents and sounds. Quiet and meek, Eve watched the evening descend. The floral petals folded into their buds. The splendid creations of the day faded from sight into the night.

£££Do not feel despondent,’ said Adam, by this time already confident in himself. £It is just that now the darkness of night is coming on. We need it to take our rest, but no matter how much night presses in or how black, the day always comes back.’

“Will it be the same day, or a new day?’ asked Eve.

“‘The day will return in whatever form you conceive.’

“And who is it subject to — each day?’


“And who are you subject to?’

‘“To no one.’

“And you, where are you from?’

“‘I come from a dream.’

“And whence comes everything around that is so pleasing to see?’

“‘It also appeared from the dream, as a creation for me.’ “And where is he whose dream is so bright and resplendent?’

“‘He is often around, only He cannot be seen with ordinary sight. But all the same it is good to be with Him. GodYLt calls Himself, my Father and my Friend. He never offends me, and He gives me everything. I also wish to give to Him, though what — I do not yet know.’

“‘That means I too am His creation. Like you, I also wish to show Him my appreciation. To call Him Father, God and Friend. Perhaps we can decide together what actions on our part the Father intends?’

“‘I have heard Him say what may bring joy to everyone’s heart.’

“‘To everyone’s? Including His?’

“‘Yes, that would mean His too.’

“‘Tell me what He desires.’

“‘Conjoint creation and joy from its contemplation.’

“And what may bring joy to everyone on the Earth?’ “‘Birth.’

“‘Birth? But everything is so beautifully born already’

“‘I often think, before I go to sleep, about an extraordinary and marvellous creation. But with the dawn of the day the dream goes away, and I see that nothing new has come to thought — everything is so fraught with wonder and visible by the light of day.’

“‘Let us then think together.’

‘“I too wanted, before going to sleep, to be close to you, to hear your breathing, to feel your warmth, to think together about creation.’

“Before going to sleep, impelled by tender feelings for each other, the two embraced in dreams about a marvellous creation, their aspirations connected and merged into one. Their two material bodies reflected the thoughts that had jointly


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