the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 4. Co-creation (1999)



“The day returned, and night once more came on. One morning, as day was dawning, just as Adam was watching the tiger cubs and reflecting on life, Eve quietly approached him, sat down beside him, took his hand and placed it on her tummy

“‘Feel here, inside me lives my creation — a new creation at the same time. Can you feel it, Adam? Is it pushing, this restless creation of mine?’

“‘Yes, I can feel it. It seems to be reaching out to me.’

“‘To you? Of course! It is mine, but it is yours too! I very much want to see our co-creation.’

‘And Eve gave birth, not in painful labour but in great wonder.

“Forgetting everything around him, not conscious of himself, Adam watched and trembled in anticipation. And Eve bore a new and conjugal creation.

“A tiny wee lump, all wet, lay helplessly on the ground. Its legs were drawn up tight, its eyelids remained closed. Adam watched, his eyes fixed on the little one, as it moved its tiny hand, opened its tiny lips and took its first breath. Adam was afraid to blink lest he miss the tiniest movement. Unfamiliar feelings had begun filling the space within and around him. Unable to restrain himself to the spot, he suddenly leapt up and began to run.

“With no particular destination in mind, Adam rushed headlong along the bank of the stream in great exultation. He stopped. A wondrous, unfamiliar something kept growing and expanding in his chest. And everything around!... The

sound of the wind not only rang through the trees and rustled leaves — it sang, sifting through the rifts of bushes and setting astir the clusters of floral petals. The clouds not only swarmed through the sky — all the clouds performed a dance to entrance the observer as they passed by. The water sparkled with a smile as it rushed into the miles of stream before it. Oh, wow! The stream! Reflecting the clouds the stream made yet another bend as it gleamed before the eyes. And all along the birds kept twittering their joyful song in the skies! And among the herbs the cheerful chirping of crickets could be heard. And everything fused and blended together into a single resounding intonation of the tenderest sounds of music known through all God’s grand creation!

“After taking a little more air into his lungs, Adam suddenly cried out as loud as he could. It was not an ordinary cry — not that of an animal, but one that overflowed with the most tender sounds. Along sublime hush slowly settled all around. And for the very first time the Universe heard a Man on the Earth joyfully burst into song. A Man was singing! And all the noises that had before sounded throughout the galaxies were now grounded. A Man was singing! And hearing this happy song, the whole world of the Universe concluded: not in any of the galaxies could there be found a single string capable of producing a better sound than that of the singing of the human soul.

“But the song of rejoicing could not hush Adam’s newfound abundance of feelings. Catching sight of the lion, he rushed toward it and wrestled it to the ground as though it were but a pussycat. He laughingly began to run his fingers adeptly through its mane, then leapt up and, gesturing the creature to follow suit, ran off across the terrain. The lion barely managed to keep up with him, while the lioness and her cubs lagged way behind. Fastest of all ran Adam, his arms waving, summoning all the creatures to follow in his route.

His creation, he recalled, would be able to bring joy and elation to all.

‘And once again he sees the tiny lump in front of him. His own creation! Such a wee little lump — alive! — lapped by the she-wolf and caressed by the warm breeze.

“The baby’s eyes had not yet shown a peep — he was asleep. At the sight of him all creatures that had accompanied Adam on his run fell to the Earth in delight.

‘“Why yes, it is true!’ Adam intoned with exultation. ‘Light like my own is emanating from my creation. Maybe it is even stronger than my light, if such an extraordinary thing is happening with me. All creatures have fallen down before it in delight. I desired! I carried through! I created! I created a creation resplendent and alive! All of you! All of you come look at him!’

‘Adam cast his glance at all around, and suddenly stopped, his gaze fixed. His eyes were fixed on Eve.

“She was sitting on the grass all alone, caressing with her own lightly fixed gaze the suddenly still and silent Adam.

“And with new might love began shining within and around Adam in invisible delight. And then all at once... Oh, how love universal quivered and shivered to see Adam run up to the resplendent maiden-mother, fall on his knees before Eve, press his hands to her golden braids, her tender lips and her milk-filled breasts. And restraining his exclamation to a gentle purr, he tried to express his exultation in words:

“‘Eve! My Eve! My wife! You are able to make dreams come true in life!’

“‘Yes, I am woman, your wife. Let us turn into life everything you are able to think of’

“‘Yes! Together! The two of us together! Now it is clear! Two together are we! We are as He! We are able to make dreams come true! Look at us! Our Father, do You hear us?’

“But for the first time Adam could hear no reply Surprised, he leapt up and cried:

‘“Where are You, my Father? Look upon my creation. Perfect and fantastic are all Your earthly creatures. Resplendent are all the clouds, the grass, the bushes and the trees. But my new creation is even finer than the features of the flowers — look at it! I have seen how my own creation has brought me a joy far greater than anything You created through Your dream...

“‘You have nothing to say? You do not wish to look at it? But it is by far and away the best part of all! My creation, more than any other, is dear to my heart. But what about You? Do you not wish even to look at it?5

‘Adam looked at his child. In the spot directly above the tiny sleeping body the air seemed bluer than usual, there was no breeze to ruffle even a hair, only someone was invisibly bending the slender stem of a flower over the baby’s lips. And three soft puffs of pollen tenderly touched his lips. The baby smacked his lips, sighed a deep and blissful sigh, moved one of his legs just a tiny bit and then went back to sleep. Adam guessed that while he had been celebrating, God had been cultivating, cherishing the little one, and so had not seen fit to speak.

‘And Adam exclaimed:

“‘That means You Yourself were helping! That means You were with me all along, and You acknowledged the creation!’

‘And he heard in reply the Father’s quiet voice:

“‘Not so loud, Adam, you’ll wake the child with your cel-ebrations and rejoicings.’

“‘That means You, my Father, loved both me and my creation? Or did you love it more than me? If so, why? Explain to me! It is not Yours, after all.’

“‘Love, My son, has its continuation, and in your new creation will be found your continuation.’

“‘That means I am standing here and I am in my creation at the same time? And does that mean Eve is in it, too?’

“‘Yes, My son, your co-creation is in all respects like you, only not in the flesh. Within it your spirit and soul merge to give birth to a new creation. And your aspirations will continue and will intensify the joyous sensations multifold.’

‘“So, You are saying there will be many of us?’

“‘You shall fill the whole Earth. You shall know everything through your feelings, and then in other galaxies your dream will re-create the world anew to be even more resplendent.’ “‘Where is the edge of the Universe? What will I do when I come to it? When I myself fill everything, and have created everything I have conceived?’

“‘My son. The Universe itself is a thought, a thought from which was born a dream, which is partially visible as matter. When you approach the edge of all creation, your thought will reveal a new beginning and continuation. From obscurity will arise a new and resplendent birth of you, and it will reflect in itself your soul, your dreams, your whole aspirations. My son, you are infinite, you are eternal, within you are your dreams of creation.’

“‘Father, it is always so good when You speak. When You are with me, I want to embrace You. But You are invisible. Why?’

“‘My son, when My dreams about you were drinking in the diverse energies of the Universe, I did not have time to be thinking about Myself. My dreams and thoughts created only you, they did not make a visible image for Me. But there are visible creations of Mine —- feel them, but do not try to analyse them. Nobody in the whole Universe will find that they can analyse them simply with their mind.’

“‘Father, it feels good to me when You speak. You are with me — everything is with me. If I should find myself at the other end of the Universe, if doubts or crude obscurities should intrude upon my soul, tell me, how might I search You out? Where will You be at such a time?’

“‘I shall be in you and with you. Everything is in you, My son. You are the master of all the diverse energies of the Universe. I have counterbalanced all the opposite extremities of the Universe in you, thereby making you a new creature. Do not allow any of these extremities to hold sway within you. Then shall I be in you alway ’

“‘In me?’

“‘In you and with you. You and Eve are in your creation. In you there is a particle of Me, and so I am in your creation, too.’

“‘I am Your son. What then will be the new creation in relation to You?’

“Again, it will be you. ’

“‘Whom will You love more — me as I am now, or the me which will be born again and again as before?’

“‘Love is one and the same, but there is greater hope in each new embodiment and dream.’

“‘Father, how wise You are, I so very much want to embrace You!’

“‘Look around you. The visible creations you see are My materialised thoughts and dreams. On the material plane of being you will always be able to communicate with them.’

“‘I have loved them, just as I love You, Father. And I have loved Eve, and my new creation too. Love is all around, and I want to be in it eternally’

“‘My son, you shall dwell eternally only in the Space of Love.’

“Years passed, as it were, but time, after all, is a relative concept. Years passed, but why make a list? — for a long time death in himself was something Man could not have even missed. Which means that death, back then, could not even exist.”


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