the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 6. The Family Book (2002)



It lasts only a thousand years.

During the Age of Occultism mankind is plunged into a world of unreality

Mankind begins to direct its tremendous store of diverse energies toward made-up images and abstract worlds existing beyond the boundaries of real life. The real world with its diversity receives less and less of the life-creating warmth of Man. It maintains its existence only at the expense of past accumulation and its original charge from the Divine.

Mankind ceases to fulfil its main purpose. It becomes dangerous for the Universe, and planetary-scale disasters take place.

Today all mankind still lives in the world of the occult. But that age ended in the year 2000. Of course, in reality the name 2000 is a misnomer.

You know yourself that only recently the traditional year- count was radically changed. The latest temporal borderline represented the millionth anniversary of civilisation on the Earth.

And as always a global disaster was slated to happen. More specifically, mankind was supposed to launch a new attempt toward populating the Universe through its own perfection. But no disaster occurred during any year of the Occult Age.

It took only three of the Vedic people who were not asleep to partially remove the soporific occult spells from people today Remember how the hearts of those reading your books began to flutter and recall their love for the Earth? They are still asleep, but the power of God’s Vedic culture is coming back to them. And God is gaining new hope. While still not fully awake, they through their love averted a disaster. Now it will not happen on our planet.

Soon all people will come out of the hypnotic occult sleep. They will start coming back to reality.

Are you surprised that mankind today is either asleep under a hypnotic spell or dwelling in an unreal world? You might wonder: How can that be? Here I am, and in the cities both large and small there are millions of people living Cars go up and down the streets.

You should not be all that surprised by my words, Vladimir. Think about it and judge for yourself — at what times, on what day or at what hour do people actually live in a real world? Think, for example, how many different religions there are on the globe. They all have a different interpretation of Man’s being and the order of the Universe, and each has its own set of rituals, distinct from the others.

Let us say that there is indeed one religion which is truer than all the rest. But that would mean that the worlds the rest of them are creating are unreal. But after all, people believe in them too. And if they believe, they live in submission to the laws of the unreal world.

All over the Earth greater and greater numbers of people are wanting to have more money But what is money? It is simply a convention. People think that everything can be bought with money. That is an illusion. No amount of money can buy the true energy of Love, or a mother’s feelings, or one’s Motherland, or the taste of fruit intended only for the one who grew it with mindful attention.

As a convention, money can be used only to buy conventional, conditional love — along with a multitude of soulless things around — but in the process you are dooming your soul to a state of loneliness.

In the Occult Millennium mankind is completely disoriented as to the Space created by God. And people’s souls simply flounder about as though in darkness.

Look closely, Vladimir. Just over the past hundred years in the country where you live, look how society has kept changing its direction.

There was a tsar, the social elite functioned according to prescribed behavioural rites, and people of prominence were decorated with various emblems, medals and orders with coloured ribbons. They wore gold-embroidered uniforms. And monasteries and temples were built throughout the country where you live now. And then all of a sudden that was considered contemptible. Uniforms, medals and the ribbons attached to them came to be considered no more than clown outfits. Temples were part of the dark ages. Those who served in the temples were called swindlers.

And people enthusiastically sacked the temples and angrily slew the occult servers therein. Later it was announced to all that only the Soviet authorities were to blame. Yes, the authorities did officially encourage the people to do this. But then the people did not protest — they simply responded to the call of their ruling idols.

After all, you know from documents existing today how in the Kuban’  forty-two Christian priests were brutally slaughtered. Not just killed, but brutally tortured. Their bodies were tossed in cesspools. This was not just the work of the rulers, the people themselves willingly participated in such acts. The rulers’ only role was to allow them to happen. As a result, priests were slain by the thousands in different parts of the country The ones that could not run ended up renouncing their faith. Very few in those times managed to save both their life and their faith.

The majority of the people in the country became sincere atheists. They changed their clothes; the emblems and ribbons on their uniforms became different, with different colours. Many analysts and historians have written books about the Soviet years, but... In the future Lenin and Stalin will be remembered for just one thing : For the first time mankind has been shown clearly that occultism is obsolete. Even in their sleep people do not accept occult religions. Occultism is supported only by artifice and force. But, you see, it was not their faith in God that was destroyed. It was only the occultism that had infested their faith that was brought down.

Over the past millennium, in Russia alone a startling change of philosophy has managed to occur among the people as a whole. Religion became significantly denigrated and people’s faith in it was transferred to communism, though that too is a faith.

Quite recently, you saw yourself how once again the people in the country where you live sharply changed their direction. The path everybody in the country had been enthusiastically following was declared to be the wrong one. And priorities changed once more.

Did the people choose a new way? No way! The path is not at all clear to the people. In the unreal world of the occult the people do not choose their own path. Someone always points it out. But who? The High Priest, who still today rules the world.

How does he rule the people of the modern world? And why can nobody ever overthrow him? Where is he located? Take a look — I can show him to you.



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