the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 6. The Family Book (2002)

A need to think


After I got home and was preparing this book to submit to the publisher, I still couldn’t decide, even up to the last moment, whether or not I should include all of Anastasia’s sayings in the manuscript.

When Anastasia spoke of a splendid future for Russia which could be realised through the establishment of family domains, everything she said made sense. Her idea quickly caught on among my readers. People began to act.

Then in the book Who are we? when in an emotional answer to a question she referred to Christ Jesus as her older brother, and I wrote about it,1 a number of readers, mainly faithful Christians, began to object.

In the book before that, I had written how, in answer to my question as to whether she might name any clerics who could understand her, she replied that Pope John Paul II would help her.2 This prompted fresh doubts on the part of a few Catholic readers.

Such sayings of hers left me with a constant series of doubts of my own: should I write in my books about Anastasia’s unusual actions, words and behaviour? Are they beneficial or harmful? Will they not cause some readers to entertain doubts about the obvious practical ideas of transforming society through the improvement of the living conditions and way of life on the part of individual families?


Besides, I wasn’t completely free of doubt in regard to the content of her sayings — now I ask you, what am I to make of phrases like “Christ Jesus’ sister” or “Pope John Paul II will help”? If you look through the Bible, there is no mention anywhere that Jesus had any brothers or sisters.

And then all at once there occurred an event that could be called super-sensational, and in connection with this Anastasia’s unusual sayings again and again gave me pause for reflecting on the tremendous scope of Man’s true possibilities. This is what happened.

All at once I heard that the Vatican had publicised sources mentioning two of Christ Jesus’ sisters. Only I don’t remember whether they were sisters or cousins... I heard this brief news report while I was alone in my apartment, taking care of some routine tasks.

The radio and the television were both on at the time, and so I can’t say for certain where I heard it. I think it may have been the TV news.

After hearing this, each time I sat down at my desk I couldn’t help picking up my notes with Anastasia’s unusual sayings, which I had previously decided not to include in the new book. Now I was having second thoughts about whether I had made the right choice. Among these sayings there was this one in particular:

The American President, George Bush, in a highly unconventional move, without being aware of it himself, will save his country from a terrible disaster andprotect the world from a war unprecedented in its potential destructive influence over the whole Earth.

Following the disastrous acts of terrorism in America on н September 2001 and the subsequent military operation (war, in fact) in Afghanistan with direct American involvement, this saying of Anastasia’s seemed to completely contradict what actually happened. However, upon analysing the information available in the press and on the TV, I became more and more convinced that the events of 11 September in America could help people uncover a major mystery — could help head off even larger-scale, global acts of terrorism in various countries of the world. And they will be averted only providing this secret is exposed. Again and again I read over all Anastasia’s extraordinary sayings. And here is what I discovered.

On 11 September 2001 in the United States of America there occurred a series of large-scale acts of terrorism. Several jets with passengers aboard took off with unknown pilots from New York airports and immediately altered their scheduled flight path. One after the other the planes tore into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre along with other strategic targets.

Over and over again gruesome images of the crashes lit up TV screens all over the world. Soon afterward Osama bin Laden and his organisation were declared to have masterminded the attack. A little while later the American President and government secured the support of a number of European countries and Russia and began bombing Afghanistan, where, according to available intelligence, the chief culprit and members of his organisation were hiding out.

So then, what is the mystery here? After all, images of the results of these terrorist acts and the ongoing anti-terrorist military operation were shown many times over and are still being used in TV news clips several times a day

The mystery lies in the complete absence — or cover-up — of the causes of the acts of terrorism — in the complete absence of logic, not on the part of those who carried them out but of those who thought them up.

The mystery lies in the fact that the press didn’t even try to make even a half-way significant analysis of the causes of what happened, as though somehow all the mass media had been issued an injunction not to investigate them. What we see and hear in the media on a daily basis touches upon only

the fact of what occurred. The constant repetition tends to make the extraordinary commonplace, something as routine as the daily reports of highway accidents.

According to media briefings this is what happened: Some extremely wealthy terrorist — generally assumed to be bin Laden, planned and carried out through his agents a series of notorious acts of terrorism which resulted in a huge number of casualties and exerted an unprecedented effect on people the world over.

Just what, in sum, did the mastermind behind these terrorist acts achieve? A significant part of the world community, on the head-of-state level, united against him. The most up- to-date technology and well-trained military units were employed to capture and destroy him.

According to the official version, terrorist Number One is hiding out in caves in the Afghan mountains. These mountains have been bombed from the air, along with Taliban forces, considered as collaborators with the mastermind.

The developed countries, led by the USA, have joined forces to put an end to all the camps of terrorist organisations, no matter what country such camps are located in.

Could the mastermind have failed to foresee the subsequent development of events? Sheer nonsense! Of course he knew that it would happen precisely that way. For a man able to evade capture by the special forces for such a long time, to plan and carry out terrorist acts requiring serious analysis and calculation, it should not have been a difficult task to calculate the course of events which followed.

Thus it turns out that this mastermind, from one point of view, is an astute strategist and tactician capable of meticulous analysis, while from another standpoint he is an utter fool. It turns out that through his terrorist activities he has brought doom upon himself, his organisation and all terrorist organisations, even those not connected with him.

The situation is utterly illogical and, consequently, the actions of the world community in the struggle against terrorism may not be effective — and, if the full truth be told, dangerous, since logic dictates that the mastermind behind a terrorist act remain above suspicion.

Be that as it may, one thing is clear: the picture of events that emerges from the facts reported in the mass media is a highly illogical one.

In the beginning, of course, I, like many other people, didn’t pay much attention to this, but... The news from America immediately resurrected in my thought several of Anastasia’s sayings — sayings which I had decided to refrain from publishing because of their strange and extraordinary nature. But now, after what happened in America, these same sayings explain a lot. Though it didn’t become clear right off, by any means. Here’s one example:

Right from the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, the rulers of states both large and small have been the least free people on the Earth. They spend the greater part of their time in an artificial information field, compelled to submit to accepted rituals of behaviour. They constantly receive a tremendous amount of routine and monotonous information, but time constraints do not allow them to analyse even that. If a ruler should make the transition from an artificial information field to a natural one even for just three days, this is something dangerous for all levels of the priesthood. Dangerous, too, for the ruler’s secular rivals. The danger lies in the possibility that the ruler might start analysing a whole range of processes on his own, thereby freeing himself from the yoke of occult influences and freeing his people from them.

A natural information field is Nature at large — its appearance, fragrances and sounds. It is only the Nature of

one’s own domain — a place where flora and fauna treat Man with love — that can protect Man from occult influences on him.

Now, as I sat at my desk (made of the cedar wood which Anastasia had given to me), I recalled these words, though this time they no longer seemed strange to me, as they had before.

Indeed, look at what is happening, even with our own President of Russia. He is constantly meeting either with foreign heads of state or with officials from our own country None of them just stop by to take tea — they come with all sorts of problems, and are impatient for an immediate solution. And the press? No sooner does some sort of unusual event happen in the country than immediately the press wonders what the President’s reaction will be. Or more bluntly: Why didn’t the President himself go to Ground Zero? And he wins approval ratings when he actually visits the place where a flood or something else happened. But is that a good thing?

And when does he have time to calmly think about and analyse the information coming in? Give us the President! the people demand the moment something occurs. That’s the way it happens. That’s the way it’s scripted. But what if it were scripted another way? The President should not be dashing off in all directions like a firefighter. He shouldn’t be briefing officials, wasting time on meetings.

It is essential that he be given the opportunity to sit in his own garden, and from that perspective follow what is going on in the country, then analyse the incoming information, and from time to time take some kind of decisions. Perhaps then the people, too, would start to live better.

“What kind of nonsense is that?” many might react, as I did at first. Nonsense? But is it normal not to give someone the chance to think? Indeed, there is someone who finds it very

profitable for the presidents of various countries to think as little as possible. What would happen in our country if our President were given uninterrupted time to quietly think about things? What if he were afforded the opportunity to step out of the artificial information field, at least for a time?

And all at once... I was struck by a thought which made me feel as though an electric current was running through my whole body. All at once I could feel my desk warming up. An incredible stroke of intuition hit me... For some reason in my excitement I grabbed the telephone receiver and, without dialling any number (since she doesn’t have a telephone) I cried into the mouthpiece: Anastasia!

There was no customary dial tone. And a moment later I heard a familiar voice, easily distinguishable from all other voices in the world — the calm, pure voice of Anastasia, saying: “Hello, Vladimir! YDU should try not to get so excited. You see yourself what unnatural actions excessive excitement can lead to. I shall not talk with you on the telephone. Please, calm down. Get up from your desk and go out into the fresh air, into the grove of trees near your house.”

The dial tone returned. I put the receiver down.

Wow! I thought, I really did get stirred up. I wonder whether that was really Anastasia talking to me or was I just hallucinating from excitement? I really must go outdoors into the fresh air and calm down.

A short time later I got dressed and went out to the grove of trees next to the house. Deep in the grove I caught sight of... her! There was Anastasia, standing under a pine tree, just by the side of the pathway, and smiling. Not paying any attention to her extraordinary arrival, I began talking immediately



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