the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 4. Co-creation (1999)

The unsatisfying apple


“But Anastasia,” I queried, “if everything was so good in the beginning, then what happened afterward? Why are there wars on the Earth today and why are people starving? We have thievery, bandits, suicides, prisons. Too many unhappy families, too many orphans. Where have all our loving Eves disappeared to? Where is God, who promised that we would all live eternally in love? And I just remembered what it says about this in the Bible. God expelled Man from Paradise for picking and tasting the fruit of the forbidden tree. And He even stationed a guard at the gates so as to stop the violators from getting back into Paradise.”

“Vladimir, God never expelled Man from Paradise.”

“Tes He did, I read about it. He even cursed the Man over this. He told Eve she was a sinner and would bring forth children in sorrow, and Adam would have to earn his living by the sweat of his brow. And that’s all come to pass with us today” “Vladimir, reason it out for yourself, perhaps that kind of logic, or absence of logic, has been devised for somebody’s interests, to suit a particular purpose.”

“What’s logic and somebody’s interests got to do with it?” “Please believe me. Each one must learn to make sense of things, to determine what is true, with his own soul. Only after thinking it through for yourself can you realise that God did not expel Man from Paradise. God remains a loving Father right up to this very moment. He is a God of Love — you must have read about that, too.”

“I did indeed.”

“So where is the logic then? You will agree that a loving parent would never expel his child from his home. Loving parents, even if it means suffering deprivation themselves, will forgive their children any transgressions they have committed. And God is not indifferent to all the sufferings of people — the sufferings of His children.”

“Whether He is or not, I don’t know But one thing everybody knows: He doesn’t do anything about them.”

“Oh what are you saying, Vladimir?! Of course He will tolerate this distress, too, from His son, Man. But how long can Man go on without a full appreciation of his Father? How long can he go on not seeing or feeling his Love?”

“What you are so concerned about all of a sudden? Be more specific. Where are these manifestations today of the Divine Love for us? Where do we look for them?”

“The next time you are in the city, take a close look around you. The living carpet of marvellous grass has been paved over with lifeless asphalt, all around are harmful masses of concrete called housing, cars scurry around in between them, emitting deadly fames. But even amidst the stone masses, finding even the tiniest of islands, grass and flowers still sprout forth — God’s creations. And through the rustle of leaves and the song of the birds He is still calling out to His daughters and sons to reconsider everything that is happening and to return to Paradise.

“The glow of love emanating from the Earth keeps on getting smaller, and for a long time now the Sun’s reflection should have been decreasing, too. But He with His energy is constantly intensifying the life-giving power of even the Sun’s rays. Just as before, He loves His daughters and sons. He waits, trusting and dreaming that one day Man will wake at dawn and suddenly regain his conscious awareness, and that this conscious awareness will restore to the Earth its original, pristine blossoming.”

“But how did everything on the Earth come to go against God’s dreams and for some reason last all these thousands, maybe millions of years? How could He keep waiting and trusting for so long a time?”

“Time does not exist for God. As with any loving parent, He never loses faith. And it is thanks to that faith that all of us are living right now. And we ourselves arrange our lives as we see fit, using the freedom granted us by the Father. But people did not all of a sudden decide to follow the option of a path leading nowhere.”

“If not all of a sudden, then how, when? What does it mean, that phrase Adam’s apple’?”

“Back then, just as now, the Universe was filled with a multitude of living energies. Everywhere there are living elements invisible, the vast majority of them resembling Man’s second self. They are almost like people, capable of comprehending all planes of being, but they are not afforded a material embodiment. That is Man’s great advantage over them. Furthermore, in the complexes of energies of the Universe’s elements one form of energy inevitably holds sway over the rest. And they themselves do not have the capability of changing the proportional relationship among their forms of energy

‘Also, among the elements of the Universe there are complexes of energies similar to God. Similar, yes, but they are not gods. They have momentarily equalised the multitude of energies within themselves, yet, in contrast to God, they are not capable of producing living creations in harmony.

“In the whole Universe nobody has managed to solve the puzzle — the sacred mystery of how or by what power the material plane of being was created, or where the threads tying it and the whole life of the Universe together may be found. Or how or on what basis this plane is capable of reproducing itself.

“When the Earth and everything upon it was created by God, the unparalleled speed of the generative process made it impossible for the elements to understand by what power God was bringing about this grand creation. After everything was already created and was visible, when they noticed that Man was the strongest of all, many were plunged by this resplendent vision first into astonishment, and then into excitement, and finally came the desire to repeat it. To create something similar, all on its own.

“This desire kept on growing. Even today it is still present in a multitude of the diverse energies. They tried to imitate earthly creations in other galaxies, on other worlds, even using the planets which God had created. Many managed to come up with a facsimile of earthly existence, but only a facsimile. The harmony of the Earth and the interrelationship among all things — that is something none have been able to achieve. Thus throughout the Universe, even today, there are planets with life, but this life is but a poor imitation of life on the Earth.

“When all these attempts — not only to produce a better creation but even to repeat the existing one — failed (and God did not reveal His secret), then many of these elements began turning to Man for help. It was clear to them that if Man was God’s creation, if Man was God’s beloved, then a loving parent could not possibly withhold anything from him. On the contrary God must have offered great opportunities to Man, His son. And the elements of the Universe started to turn to Man; in fact, they strive to do so even today

“You know, there are people today who claim that someone invisible is communicating with them from the Universe, calling itself mind and the power of good. Back then, too, right at the beginning, they appealed to Man with requests and exhortations, demanding to know (though hiding their true motives under various guises), by what power the Earth

was formed, along with everything existing upon it, and how Мял was created to be so great, they wanted to know from what he was fashioned.

“But Man gave an answer to none of them. He did not know the answer to the question himself, nor does he know it today; But he became more and more interested in the question, and began demanding answers from God. Not only did God decline to answer — He tried to inculcate a better understanding in Man, asking him to erase the question from his thinking:

“‘I ask you, My son, to create. You have been given the power to create in the space on Earth as well as on other worlds. What you think up in your dream will be turned into reality, you need not doubt. Only one thing do I ask of you: do not try to figure out how, by what power, it all comes about.’”

“What I don’t understand, Anastasia, is why God would not want to divulge the specifics of His creation even to Man, His son.”

“I can only guess, no more,” Anastasia replied. “In not re-sponding to this question even to His son, God might have been trying to protect him from disaster, even deflecting a universal war.”

“I don’t see any connection between a refusal to respond and universal war.”

“If ever the secret of creation were to be revealed, then on other planets in the Universe other forms of life might arise, equal in power to those on the Earth. Two powers might have the desire to test each other. It is possible that such a contest could take place peacefully It is also possible it could turn out like the wars on the Earth. And that could touch off a war throughout the Universe.”

“Indeed,” I agreed, “it would be better for the specifics of God’s creation to remain a secret. Only one of the elements might happen to figure it out on its own, without hints.”

“I do not think any of them would ever figure it out.”

‘And why are you so confident of that?”

“The nature of the secret is such that it is clear on its own, and at the same time it is not even there, and yet at the same time it is not alone. The term co-creation gives me confidence, when I add a second word to it.”

“What word?”

“The second word is inspiration.”

“Well, what of it? What can these two words together signify?”

“They -”

“No, stop! Don’t say it! I remember your telling me that thoughts — and that means words too — don’t simply disappear into nowhere, they circle around us in space and anyone can catch them. Is that right?”

“Right it is.”

‘And can the elements catch them too?”


“Then don’t say it. Why give them a hint?”

“Not to worry, Vladimir. Suppose I give them a slight hint as to the secret, I can thereby show them the fruitlessness and senselessness of their constant attempts. That way they can understand and stop bothering Man.”

“Well, if that’s the case, then tell me, what do co-creation and inspiration mean?”

aCo-creation signifies that in His creating, God used particles of all the diverse energies of the Universe, and His own energy too, and even if all the elements got together to produce a duplicate of the Earth, they would still be missing one particular form of energy — the one that is inherent in God as an idea of His own, the one born in the Divine dream alone. Inspiration signifies that the creations were produced through an impulse of inspiration. Who among the great earthly artists and sculptors, after creating their works in an impulse of inspiration, will dare attempt to explain how they held their brush, what they were thinking or where they were standing — these were not the kinds of things they paid attention to, absorbed as they were so completely in their work. Again, there is the energy of Love, which God sent to the Earth. It is free, subject to no one and, preserving its loyalty to God, is in the service of Man alone.”

“How fascinating that all is, Anastasia! Do you think the elements will hear it and understand?”

“They shall certainly hear, and possibly understand as well.”

‘And will they hear what I say, too?”


“Then I shall sum it up for them. Hey there, elements, is it clear to you now, eh? Don’t you go bothering people any more. You’ll never guess the Creator’s design!... Well, Anastasia, what do you think, did I do a good job of telling it to them?”

“Tour final words were quite accurate: ‘You will never guess the Creator’s design!”’

“Have they been trying to guess it for a long time?”

“Right from the moment they first beheld the Earth and its people, right up to the present day”

‘And what harm did their attempts cause Adam, or us for that matter?”

“In Adam and Eve they aroused feelings of pride and self- conceit. And they managed to persuade Adam through a false teaching, saying that to produce something more perfect, it was necessary to break the existing creation down and see what it consisted of, how it worked. They often instructed him to find out how everything was constructed, and then he would be supreme over all. They hoped that when Adam began analysing God’s creations to make sense of their construction and purpose, he would comprehend with his mind the interrelationship among the creations of all different kinds. They would then be able to see the thoughts Adam produced and from that they could deduce how they could create like God.

‘At first Adam paid no attention to their requests and sug-gestions. But then one day Eve decided on her own to give Adam some advice:

“‘I have heard voices stating things will be even easier and more splendid for us once you ascertain how everything works within. Why should we stubbornly refuse to follow this recommendation? Would it not be better for us to give it a try, at least once?’

“First, Adam broke off a branch of the tree with its marvellous fruit, and then... Then... now you can see for yourself, how Man’s creative thought came to a stop, a standstill. Even today he keeps examining things in detail and breaking them apart, trying to analyse the structure of everything and produce his own primitive creations with his thought instantaneously at a standstill.”

“Hold on, Anastasia. That’s not at all clear to me. Why do you say that human thought has come to a standstill? When people examine something in detail, on the contrary, we say they’re learning something new.”

“Vladimir, Man is made in such a way that there is nothing he needs to examine in detail. He includes... Oh, how can I make this clearer to you? The structure of everything is included in Man himself, in what you might call an encoded format. The code is deciphered when he tunes into his dream of inspired creativity.”

“But I still don’t see what harm can there be in taking something apart,  and how this can possibly bring thought to a standstill. Maybe it’d be better if you showed me an example.”

“Yes, you are right. I shall try an example. Imagine you are at the wheel of your car, driving to some destination. All at once you find yourself wondering how the motor works, and what makes the wheels turn. You stop the car and set about taking apart the motor, for instance.”

“So, I’ll take it apart, see how it works, and then I’ll be able to repair it myself. What’s wrong with that?”

“However, while you are taking it apart, your journey is being interrupted. "You will not reach your destination on time.”

“But I’ll still learn more about my car. What’s wrong with my acquiring new knowledge?”

“What do you need it for? Your purpose is not to repair, but to enjoy the drive and to create.”

“Y)u don’t sound very convincing, Anastasia. Not a single driver will agree with you. Except maybe for a few with foreign cars, like Japanese models or Mercedes, which hardly ever break down.”

“God’s creations not only do not break down, but are capable of re-creating themselves. Hence why should one need to tear them apart to see how they work?”

“What d’you mean, why? Just out of curiosity, if for nothing else.”

“Forgive me, Vladimir, if my example was unconvincing. If you will allow me, I shall attempt another.”

“Go ahead.”

“Suppose a beautiful woman is standing in front of you. You feel a burning attraction for her, she appeals to you. And she finds you interesting, too, and seeks to join together with you in creation. But a moment before the mutual impulse for coming together to create, all of a sudden you wonder what this woman is made of. How do her internal organs work?

Her stomach, liver and kidneys? What does she eat and drink? How will all this function in a moment of intimacy?”

“Enough. Don’t go on. You’ve come up with a jolly good example there. There will be no closeness, no creation. It won’t work out if this cursed thought comes along. It happened once that way with me. There was one woman I fancied for a long time, but she never gave in to me. And the one time she agreed, I suddenly thought of how I could perform better, and for some reason I doubted my ability to perform. The upshot was that nothing happened. I felt such shame, and was even afraid I might have lost it for good.

“I later asked a friend about it, and he said the same thing had happened to him. The two of us even went to see a doctor. The doctor said there was some kind of psychological factor at work here. There was no use doubting our abilities or trying to figure out what to do and how. I think this psychological factor causes trouble for a lot of men. Now I get it: it’s all because of those elements, because of Adam, because of Eve’s advice. Yes, they acted pretty bad back then.”

“Why are you only blaming Adam and Eve? Look around you today, Vladimir, is not all mankind continuing to stubbornly repeat the same mistake, violating God’s guidelines? Adam and Eve were not fully aware of the consequences, but why does mankind stubbornly continue to tear everything apart? And to destroy living creations? Today?! When the consequences are so obvious and sad?”

“I don’t know. Maybe everybody needs a good shake-up. Come on, are we so hung up on tearing apart one thing after another?2 I just had a thought — maybe it was no use, God not handing Adam and Eve a decent punishment after all. He should have given Adam a right good hiding and knocked all 'tearing apart — again, the Russian term could refer to settling scores by violence.

that nonsense out of his head — that same nonsense that’s causing mankind so much suffering today; And He could have taken a good whip to Eve’s soft spot so she wouldn’t have gone round getting people into trouble with that tongue of hers.” “Vladimir, God gave Man complete freedom, with no thought of punishment on His part. Besides, punishment will not alter acts committed in one’s heart. Wrong actions will continue as long as the original thought is not changed. Tell me, for example, who invented lethal missiles and the nuclear warheads they carry?”

“In Russia it was Academician Korolev3 who first built rockets like that. But before him Tsiolkovsky4 theorised about them. American scientists also tried. In any case, a lot of human minds have been involved in rocket design. A lot of inventors in different countries have been working on it.” “Vladimir, there is in fact only one inventor of all rockets and all the lethal weapons attached to them.”

“How can there be just one, when whole research centres have been working on rocket design in various countries, and keep their achievements secret from one another? That’s what the whole arms race is about: who can produce a weapon best and fastest?”

“This lone inventor takes pleasure in giving out hints to all people that call themselves scientists or inventors, no matter what country they live in.” ^Sergei Pavlovich Korolev (also spelt: Sergey Korolyov) (1907-1966) — the Soviet scientist responsible for the design of the first artificial earth satellite — known as Sputnik (lit. ‘Fellow-traveller’) — along with a number of rockets, including the spaceships Vostok and Voskhod, which carried the first cosmonauts into space.

AKonstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky (1857-1935) — physicist and mathematician, held to be the father of Soviet space science. He is known, among other things, for his experiments in photosynthesis. He also envisioned human beings colonising other planets in various solar systems.

“And where, in what country, does he himself live and what’s his name?”

“Destructive thinking. At first it got through to a single individual and took over his material body, producing spears and stone spearheads. Then it proceeded to come up with arrows and iron arrowheads.”

“But if it knows everything, this destructive thought, why didn’t it go for a missile straight off?”

“The material plane of earthly being does not embody eve-rything thought of all at once. Slowness in matter was given by the Creator to allow people time to think things through. In terms of destructive thinking, the spear, our modern weapons, as well as those of the future, even more deadly, were produced a long time ago. To manifest something more than a spear on the material plane required the construction of a multitude of factories and laboratories that are today termed scientific. Under the guise of plausible excuses more and more people were gradually drawn into the business of turning such deadly thinking into reality”

‘And what was the need of constantly trying to do that?” “To establish itself. To destroy the whole material plane of the Earth. To show to everything in the Universe the superiority of the energies of its all-destructive element over everything else — and, in fact, over God. And it is through people that it acts.”

“Sneaky little vermin! And how do we exterminate it from the Earth?”



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