the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 8, part 2. The Rites of Love (2006)

A mistake not to be repeated


“What, precisely, was the elders’ mistake?” I asked. “Was it in forming the garrisons with foreign mercenaries? But the way things have turned out now, a state can no longer survive without a militia or an army”

“The garrisons here, Vladimir, are not the underlying cause. It goes a lot deeper, into the psychological.

“I don’t know how to put it more clearly. It has to do with forgetting the precepts of our ancestors — God’s precepts. Think about it: God gave each and everyone equal authority Consequently, the only social structure that can claim perfection is one where there is no centralised authority — where every individual is endowed with equal power.

“When you give somebody your vote, you are not bestowing authority on anyone. By voting for someone, you are simply placing them in subjection to the existing system, and voluntarily relinquishing the authority God has given you. And over the centuries most people’s minds have been perverted: it is the job of the ruler and the government to deal with all important questions for us, they think. These people’s thoughts don’t even touch the question of the order of life.”

“So, that means that there’s no longer any point in voting at all? Well never establish a party that way By law, we have to vote.”

“Well, if you have to, then vote to make sure no one individual is able to control people’s lives.”

“If you’re talking about the vieche  gatherings they had in Vedic Rus’,” I said, “that’s totally impossible today People can’t keep constantly coming together from different parts of the country Besides, there’s no way a party like that can ever get registered.”

“Why do they need to come together? Just turn all the modern inventions at your disposal to a good purpose. Use any kind of communications link — the computer, for example. As for registration, isn’t that a bit ridiculous for a party of the majority of the people? Той ought to be registrars yourselves.

‘Anyway securing some kind of registration isn’t the main point at issue. The main thing is not to allow the setting up of any centralised authority Anybody working in the central apparatus, if it is absolutely necessary according to your law, should be strictly hired staff — with no access to financial control. Besides, money should never be concentrated in one place.”

“But the law requires all parties to elect a central committee,” I observed.

“So, elect all party members to it, or at least every tenth person in the party”

“There’s something else to think about here. I got really angry at first when you said the party’s main goal was the restoration of love to families. I thought you were making fan of me, that you were trying to make me into a laughingstock.”

“I remember.”

“But now, I’ve given quite a bit of thought to this question and have come to the conclusion that it really is not just one of the main goals, but the main goal. And that the question of finding one’s soulmate requires specific conditions to be set up, special events to be organised. The rites of Ancient Rus’ should be made public, and we need to get not only science but also culture and ideological propaganda involved in working out these questions. They need to be resolved on the state level. The degree of civilisation of any given state needs to be judged on the basis of the number of happy, loving families living therein.”

“ Congratulations! ”

“On what?”

“On understanding that.”

“Congratulations are still premature. I can’t for the life of me think of a way to formulate this goal without people laughing at its constitution, or at me, or at our future party”

“So, let them laugh.”

“What d’you mean, let them? If people start laughing, then I’ll be the only member of a party with a constitution like that. It will end up being an unregistered party with a laughable constitution, supported by a single individual, and an ordinary member of the party at that.”

“Why just a single individual? There’ll be at least two. I shall be supporting it as well. And the two of us will raise some money and hire ourselves an executive secretary”

“You serious? What, you’re going to join the party, too?” “No. I shan’t be joining it. Anyway, as you point out, I can’t be registered under your law. But I’ll be supporting the Motherland Party with my whole heart from right there in the taiga.

‘And if you’re concerned about there just being the two of us, remember that all great causes have always begun not with a mass of people, but with just a single individual. Years down the road, humanity will indeed laugh, but not at you. They’ll be laughing at themselves, and they’ll be happy.”

“Okay, I’ll try. I’ll give some more thought to drafting the constitution. And I’ll ask my readers to think about it, too.” “If I were you, Vladimir, I’d ask Anastasia to tell more about the wedding rite. In the Vedruss culture, after all, it began right at birth.”

“How on earth could a wedding rite begin at a Man’s birth?” “Vedruss people considered the primary birth to be not the appearance of the body, but the illumination of love. Nobody in today’s world can illustrate this the way Anastasia can. Ask her to re-create a picture of life in a Vedruss family.”

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