the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 8, part 1. The New Civilization (2005)

A mysterious procedure


But included in this set of procedures was a rather mysterious one, which would be quite a challenge to replicate under our conditions, although maybe someone will have an idea and let me know. I shall describe it in detail. Three times a day — morning, just before lunch and just after three o’clock in the afternoon (more or less) — my son gave me some tea to drink which he had prepared.

Each time when the hour came for me to take the tea, Volodya would run off to his hiding-place and bring back a small jar of this tea, which he invited me to drink, but no more than one swallow at a time. The first time he did this, he said:

“Take a drink of this tea, Papa, and remember how big a swallow you took. As soon as you have drunk it, lie down on the grass, and I shall listen to what is happening with your heart.”

I drank the tea and lay down on the grass. Volodya put his little hand on my chest and kept very still. Within a few mo-ments I felt either a warming or a tingling sensation in different parts of my body My heart began to beat furiously It wasn’t as though it had started beating any faster — I had the sensation of my heart muscles expanding normally, but contracting much more sharply than usual, forcing out the blood.

As I was later informed by specialists, in cases of a vigorous and sharp blood flow through places where the capillary vessels are partially blocked, warming and tingling sensations can be expected.

Volodya listened to my heart-beat for several minutes, and then said:

“Everything is fine, Papa. Your heart can actually withstand an even larger swallow. But it is best not to take any chances. The next time take a slightly smaller swallow”

When I asked my son why he was giving me this tea and what its composition was, he replied as follows:

“This tea, Papa, will give you a great deal of strength, and help you recover from any diseases you may have. But, most importantly, it will enable you to discover the strength and energy you will need for the birth of my sister.”

“What, d’you think I don’t have enough already?” “Perhaps. But now you will have strength and energy in abundance, and in the exact balance you need.”

“Are they permanent, or will I use them up with the birth of the child?”

“For bearing subsequent children you will need to drink this tea once more. After all, they do it this way each time.” ‘And just who might ‘they’ be?”

“Sables and other animals. I only studied the sable’s ac-tions. It was Grandfather who advised me as to when, at what time and for how many days I needed to watch them in par-ticular.”

‘And how does Grandfather know about all that?” “Grandfather, you see, Papa, has all the knowledge of the great wise priests of yore. Even knowledge that has been forgotten by the priests of today. And even knowledge that was secret many thousands of years ago. This tea was taken by the priests before the birth of their children, also before death, so that they could remain immortal.”

“What d’you mean, ‘before death, so that they could remain immortal’?”

“Well, I mean, so that everyone would think they were dead — whereas, in fact, they only changed bodies and were reincarnated on the spot, and all their information stayed with them. There are other methods of quick reincarnation, but very few that will allow the retention of the information possessed at the time of death. That is why people can be reborn but still have to study life all over again, learn everything right from scratch, and they are unable to compare the present world with the past. And they get confused in their life because they include no knowledge of life and no feelings capable of sensing God.”

“But with Grandfather, all the information about the past, you’re saying, has been retained?”

“Yes, Papa. Our Grandfather is a great priest and wise- man. There is only one person living on the Earth today who significantly surpasses him in power.”

“Where is he living right now, this strongest and wisest one — do you know? You must be talking about the high priest?”

“I am talking about our Mama Anastasia, Papa.” ‘Anastasia? But how could she have more information and greater knowledge than your great-grandfather?”

“Grandfather says he is hindered by too much information. And he can forget things. But Mama experiences no such hin-drance, because there is no information contained in her.” “What d’you mean? Which is it — does she really know more, or has she no knowledge at all?”

“I did not express myself quite accurately, Papa. With Mama Anastasia all the information... how shall I put it?... she has a great deal more, only it is compressed in the form of feelings. And whenever she needs to, she is able to feel in a single moment something that Grandfather might require a day or two, or even more, to think about.”

“I can’t say I understand everything you’ve said, but it is interesting. Tell me more. What about you? Does this mean that you don’t possess information about the past, seeing how you’ve had to consult with Grandfather?”

“That is correct.”

“Why? You mean to say you’re mentally inferior to them — Grandfather and Great-grandfather? And what do they tell you about this? Grandfather probably tells you that I’m to blame?”

“Grandfather never told me anything like that.”

“But what about Mama? What did she say?”

“I asked Mama why I do not know as much as my forebears. And not as much as she, or even you, Papa. And this was her answer:

“’All the truths of the Universe, son, and all the information accumulated right from its pristine origins, has always been available to every Man, nothing hidden. Not everybody is capable of understanding it and making it their own, because their life-goals and the aspirations of their souls do not correspond to those of the Universe. Man has free will in eve-rything, and is free to choose a path other than that of the Universe. But God is free too, as to when, how and to whom He gives a hint. You must not worry about information that is lacking in you. Seek out your dream and know that the whole will be offered to you in full, if the dream that is born within you is worthy of co-creation.’”

“Hmmm... So tell me, Volodya, what do you make of all that?”

“Once my dream and life-goal are created in all their detail, all the knowledge I need to turn the dream into reality will be born in me all on its own, without fail.”

“But in the meantime, then, you will go on consulting with Grandfather?”

“Yes, with Grandfather, and Mama, and you, and I shall try to ponder life all on my own.”

“Does that mean I have to consult with Grandfather about the recipe for the extraordinary tea you’ve been giving me these past three days?”

“When it comes to the recipe, I can tell you about that my-self.”

“Then tell me.”

“This recipe was prepared using taiga herbs. So that I would be able to know which herbs to choose, and in what correlation, for three days and nights I observed a sable — one that likewise had an aspiration to be a father. Grandfather told me that the female sable will not allow her mate to approach her if he fails to prepare himself properly. And I observed what herbs he ate during those days, and at what time he chose to pick them. That, too, turned out to be important. All the herbs he ate I gathered as well, only I had to gather a larger store of them, since you, Papa, I can tell, weigh quite a bit more than a sable.

“Once I had gathered samples of a particular kind of herb, I would put them into a vessel and grind them down with a pestle until a juice emerged. All this time I thought only good and pleasant thoughts — about you, Papa, about Mama, and about my future sister. Then I would take the paste which re-sulted and empty it into a clay jar. I poured water over the jar’s contents and added cedar oil so that it formed a film on top. When you drank that swallow of tea, Father, and your heart started beating a bit faster, I could tell the tea had turned out well.”

As I listened to my son, I thought: Not many people have the opportunity to observe a sable in its natural surroundings. But perhaps they could keep watch on what herbs a cat or a dog eats, for example. For that it would be necessary to carry or transport these pets into a forest and follow their behaviour, and, if possible, identify which herbs they ate.

I was most interested in the tea recipe which my son fol-lowed, since just three days’ using it produced a palpable ef-fect, while Volodya had indicated a complete therapy course ought to last either nineteen or thirty-three days. That means that after a full-term course, in combination with the other exercises, Man can really free himself from many ills, halt his body’s ageing process and rejuvenate himself in some sense of the word. I want to stress that even this three-day application in practice confirms that such an effect is possible. Then there is folk wisdom, too, to take into account, as well as the scientific basis of these procedures.

Of course people have gone to chemists’ or drug stores and seen the herbal mixtures our pharmaceutical industry has to offer for the treatment of a variety of ailments.  Many know that in Nature there are a whole lot of medicinal plants. But not everyone knows that these can only be really effective, either prophylactically or therapeutically, if they are picked on the right day and at the right time of day.

As to preparing herbal mixtures, along with everything else must be considered the way medicinal herbs correlate with each other. As we can see, there are too many factors that need to be known in order to prepare a mixture like Volodya’s. And it is highly doubtful whether any of our herbal healers today knows about all the factors involved.

I very much wanted to take this opportunity of presenting, as a gift to my readers, a recipe for body restoration never be-fore published anywhere in the world, and in a simpler form than Volodya’s, so that it will be easily accessible to the major-ity of people.

Directly my son’s three-day therapy course came to an end, he informed me he would like to go to bed earlier than was his custom (it turned out that he barely managed to get two or three hours’ sleep a night the past three nights), and he dozed off immediately, while I started heading back toward Anastasia’s glade.

I was fascinated by two questions. First, why did our son not possess a knowledge of the past, as did Grandfather? And secondly, was there any way of simplifying the recipe for the tea which he had prepared for me?

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