the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)

Anti-reason mortgage


The mortgage is offered, for example. Or, more specifically, it is offered to take in bank the credit for a period of twenty, thirty years, to get modest housing on bank money and within twenty years monthly to return to bank money with percent. If the family is not able to return money, the apartment will be selected. Twenty years the young family has to live in fear to lose the dwelling, to work, as a rule, at unloved work if only paid more. To kowtow to the employer in fear to lose work. But, maybe, to such depressing situation no alternative exists? Exists! And besides, the alternative just also says that obstacles in receiving housing by young people are artificially introduced in the young heads. These obstacles are virtual and inherent only in virtual reality. I will give very characteristic example from real life.

The young man by the name of Andrey living in the city of Vladimir externally a little in what differed from the peers. Went to cafe and to discos, smoked and took alcoholic drinks. When read about family estates, began to dream of own earth and the house.

Means for purchase of the site and construction of the house from it were not, parents were not able to give financial support. In 2005 in thirty kilometers from the city of Vladimir, at the village of Konyaevo, the earth hectare on the waste ground overgrown with a tall weeds, cost thirty thousand rubles. Nearly fifty families from among readers on this waste ground got the hectares and began to build constructions. The people, generally mature age having some monetary savings. Andrey liked this place on the bank of the forest lake too, and the free earth there still remained. Conducted by a dream of own estate, he ceased to visit youth parties and, strenuously working, all for half a year could save thirty thousand rubles and get on the waste ground of hectares of the earth. But where to take money for construction of the house? The square meter of housing cost at that time in the city of Vladimir twenty thousand rubles, therefore, on construction of the house by the square of everything in fifty square meters it is necessary to have one million more rubles. Andrey did not begin to take the credit in bank that then for twenty years to return it with percent. The young man at the age of twenty three years went to shop, bought the good axe, and in one year itself cut down the wooden house on the site. It if to tell shortly. Slightly in more detail. At first Andrey got a job in firm where there were masters capable to put fellings, gained from them skills of work with a tree, and at the same time and earned money for purchase of logs for future house. Now on the site of the young man the garden grows, the well, a pond is dug out, there is a wooden house, and the people who are again coming to the settlement register to it in waiting list for construction of wooden fellings. Now Andrey recognized and dear master.

It is possible to tell, the actions Andrey in one year saved one million rubles. Or earned them? I think, it and is not important. It got immeasurably more than one million - confidence in own forces and the house built by own hands.

I think, there will be a worthy girl who will enter this house and will give birth to Andrey to the son and the daughter, and grandsons will be told by children who the hands built the house, put a garden who equipped their small homeland.

History with Andrey not only. In the same settlement there are still families, the hands the constructed houses.

I remember, as well as my father with the grandfather built own wooden house too, and by a row the same was done by neighbors, parents of my peers. Passed more than half a century, but in these houses still there live people.

Here there are also questions. As could occur that half a century society developed new technologies of construction, new materials, mechanisms and devices, allegedly more perfect, and as a result...

The average family has to work strenuously twenty-thirty years to receive housing with which could provide itself within one or two years earlier. For many families the housing problem became unsoluble, and the government is forced to be engaged in it.

This situation - it is casual or is artificial someone is built? However, it is not important, the main thing that it is absolutely an antirazumna, but is not capable to reflect and analyze society in vain daily occurrence. It got used to it, and does not imagine other. Society got used to anti-reason. Also stops being reasonable.



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