the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)

People hardly will be able to believe in similar. And let someone does not believe that from that? Disbelief in the power not believing that it will leave? Birth? Yes! But for what? Kohl is farther life senseless, death. And further again question: was born for what?

 Doctrines the set for millions of years existed. In total about one that the mankind from whom-go expected something. It also expected, a thought having locked the and reason. Did not think why and for what the Universe over the person lights stars.



 There was 2010 on a Gregorian calendar. On the planet Earth after a ten-thousand-year dream the first people woke up. They should see what happened to Earth during their dream, to understand the reasons, to record the events in the memory as an antivirus that from now on similar did not repeat.

 They fixed numerous road accidents and wars. Fixed stinking air of the cities and scales of pollution of water. Fixed the numerous diseases comprehending physical bodies while there was a mankind in a condition of a dream. They fixed...

 But could not formulate the reasons yet. They will be able. Of course will be able! Will return to Earth its pristineness.

 Goes, smiling, on a clearing in the depth of a live Siberian taiga the small child, nothing frightens him, nobody attacks, on the contrary, animals are ready according to the first requirement to come tearing along to the aid. There is a little person, as if the successor of an imperial sort on the possession. It is interesting to it to watch life of small insects, little squirrels and birds. To consider florets and to taste blades and berries. It will grow up and will improve this wonderful world.

 And where there is your child at this time? What air inhales? What water drinks? What will be engaged in when grows up?

 But about everything one after another.






 I decided to begin this book with a reminder to readers about the events which took place in Siberia about fifteen years ago that it easier was perceived by the people who were not reading the previous books of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series. I will try to provide some additional information on the first meeting with the unusual Siberian anchoress Anastasia.


 Anastasia lives in depth of the Siberian taiga, in that place where once there lived her parents, primogenitors. Distance from the place of its dwelling to the next deaf Siberian small village about twenty five - twenty seven kilometers. There are no roads and even footpaths. To cover such distance without conductor it is very problematic. The clearing where she lives, a little in what differs from other taiga glades. Unless some ukhozhennost and amount of colors. On Anastasia's clearing there are no constructions, campfires. But this place of Anastasius considers patrimonial space.

 At my first meeting with Anastasia, in 1994, she was twenty six years old.

 Siberian Anastasia very beautiful woman, even extraordinary beautiful. The words "extraordinary beautiful" - not exaggeration. Imagine the young woman, a little more than hundred seventy centimeters in height, harmonious, not thin as modern models, namely harmonious and plastic as if the gymnast. It has regular features, gray-blue eyes, golden as wheaten ears, the hair falling to a waist.

 Perhaps, the woman, externally similar to it, can also be seen somewhere. But here other, deep features doing taiga Anastasia to extraordinary beautiful I think, it will not be possible to meet. All its appearance tells about ideal health - it appears also in smoothness and ease of gestures, and in elastic, as if flying, gait. An impression is made that in her body some irrepressible energy which excess invisible beams warms space around is concluded.

 Under Anastasia's look the body is slightly warmed, and she can, having blinked the eyes some special look, at distance to warm a body to such an extent that there is a sweating on all body, especially in the area a foot. The organism comes out toxins then you feel much better.

 In general I assume that knowledge of properties of all taiga plants, some internal energy allow Anastasia to cure the person absolutely of any disease. At least it healed my ulcer the look in several minutes. However categorically refused the next treatment.

 "The disease is a serious conversation of God with the person - Anastasia says. Pain your and at the same time He reports to you about an unacceptable way of life. Change it - there will pass pain, the disease will recede.

 Anastasia has one unusual ability: when she tells about something, in consciousness listening or in space there are pictures of events about which she narrates. And the images shown by it are much more perfect than the modern television picture. They are volume, with smells and sounds of that time about which there is a speech.

 It is not excluded that once many people had such abilities. If to consider that the person of our, technocratic time did not invent anything of that kind that would not exist in the nature, then, perhaps, in an early human civilization there was also more perfect analog modern television and phone.

 Anastasia showed pictures from life of people of the different periods beginning from the creation of the world. Generally all events which it shows are connected with her primogenitors.

 If to try to characterize Anastasia's abilities one phrase, it is possible to tell the following: taiga Anastasia at the gene level stores in the memory and is able to take randomly knowledge, experiences and emotions of members some kind of, beginning from creation of the first person.

 Also it can model pictures from life of people in the future.

 Anastasia's life in the Siberian taiga considerably differs from life of people in the modern cities. That it was clear in what conditions there passes her life, it is necessary to tell several words about what is represented by the Siberian taiga. It is the biggest on the area, an ancient and snow landscape zone of Russia. Extent it in the European part reaches 800 kilometers, and in Western and Eastern Siberia - 2150 kilometers. As we see, the areas impress. Today the taiga by right is considered planet lungs Earth, it makes the bulk of free oxygen.

 It is necessary to consider that taiga zones began to be formed before glaciers, therefore, studying life in today's taiga zone, we can learn about life on the planet Earth during the preglacial period.

 In permafrost well remained baby mammoth remains which are stored in the Zoological museum in St. Petersburg were found.

 Before Ice Age it is difficult for us to judge fauna of taiga zones. Today in a taiga the lynx, a glutton, a chipmunk, a sable, a squirrel, a bear, a fox, a wolf are numerous and widespread. From hoofed animals northern and noble deer, an elk, a roe meet; rodents - common shrews, mice are numerous.

 From birds the wood-grouse, a hazel grouse, a spotted nutcracker, crossbills are ordinary.

 During the winter period overwhelming number of animals plunge into anabiosis and hibernation. This poorly studied scientists the condition of live organisms attracts the increasing interest of researchers of space today.

 As for flora, in a taiga different types of bushes - a juniper, a honeysuckle, currant, a willow, etc. grow. Bilberry, cowberry, cranberry, cloudberries, fine on the vitamin structure. From the herbs suitable in food, kisliyets, the wintergreen, ferns prevail.

 The majestic, reaching forty-meter height trees - fir-trees, firs, larches, pines and a tree, unique on the properties - a cedar which scientists sometimes call a cedar pine. At once I will tell, in my opinion, very much even in vain it is so called. But well, let the science focuses the attention on a pine with the reservation cedar, I will talk about the Siberian cedar, with anything other not comparable. Why not comparable? Because the cedar yields unique fruits and is worthy the separate name. Quality of fruits of the Siberian cedar, pine nuts, considerably surpasses quality of fruits of the cedar growing in other climatic zones of the planet. The academician Pallas in the letter wrote the empress of Russia Catherine II about it in 1792.

 Even in the cut look wood of a cedar possesses a special fitontsidnost, so, in the wardrobe made of a cedar, the moth is never got.

 Still the antiquated tsar Solomon, knowing, most likely, about mysterious properties of a cedar, built of it the temple, having given several cities of the kingdom for specially selected cedar trees.

 But priests could not hold in the temple service because of the cloud formed in it (the 3rd Book of Kingdoms, 8:11).

 Having studied a set of the sources telling about the Siberian cedar I am inclined, and it is not unreasonable, to assume that the cedar is the representative of flora of the preglacial period and, perhaps, the envoy to us other, more developed in biological sense civilization.

 In what way he transferred planetary accident and revived in our world?

 Seeds of a cedar transfer frosts and are capable to remain a long time that at more favorable climatic conditions to ascend and adapt to the new habitat; this adaptation continues also till today.

 In what uniqueness of fruits of a cedar? Why today they can be considered with confidence the most environmentally friendly and curative product of our time?

 The kernel of pine nut contains all necessary complex of vitamins. Investigating properties of cedar oil, scientists of the Tomsk university entered it into a diet of liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, victims of an excess share of radiation; as a result of an experiment it was noted that at examinees immunity began to increase.

 Concerning cedar oil there are no contraindications, pregnant women and nursing mothers can even use it.

 There is one more mysterious fact connected with a kernel of pine nut. During not fructification of a cedar of a female of some fur animals do not admit to themselves males and do not conceive posterity. Still it is unclear, how the cedar reports to animals that this year it will not fructify? Pairing happens in the spring, and fruits of a cedar ripen late fall, and to determine by appearance of a cedar that it will not yield fruits, very difficult.

 In a taiga there is a set of other plants which all taiga fauna can eat. In a midland of Russia similar taiga animals in general do without pine nuts. Why the females who tasted pine nuts do not find it possible to conceive and give birth without this product?

 It is noticed that fur of taiga animals, especially from cedar zones, considerably surpasses fur of all others in the quality. Similar quality of fur cannot achieve on fur farms how many scientists-livestock specialists improved a diet of the wards. Fur of the Siberian sable from cedar zones always on quality was on the first place in the world.

 It is known that the condition of fur of fur animals characterizes a condition of all their organism. And if at them it improves from the use of cedar kernels, the same has to happen also to the person, especially to pregnant women. Perhaps, our women do not receive enough qualitative products to bear a healthy fruit, and similar situation has to be humiliating for society.

 Fruits of the Siberian cedar in general disprove opinion of scientists that agriculture is achievement and the evidence of development of a human individual. I think that agriculture resulted from loss by a human civilization of knowledge of the nature and changes of a way of life of people because of what the person also began to get daily bread, sweating from work on fields. You judge.

 Let's present that on a ground on which there lives the family of three people two fructifying cedar trees grow. It is possible to tell with confidence that the family owning a ground on which only two cedars, never, even in the most adverse year for a harvest grow will not hunger. And not just will not test, living "from hand to mouth", and will eat the most first-class and refined food.

 Only one cedar is capable to bring in a year to ton of pine nuts which can be eaten, having shelled them. But it still not everyone. From a kernel of pine nut it is possible to receive cedar milk, it is not simply suitable in food of the person, and they can raise chest babies with success. From a kernel of pine nut receive the first-class cedar oil, add it to salads and other dishes, and also use in the medical purposes.

 From kernels of pine nuts after an extraction of oil there is a cake from which it is possible to make excellent pastries - bread, cookies, cakes or pancakes.

 Still the cedar gives the crude turpentine recognized as treatment-and-prophylactic means as official and traditional medicine.

 The Siberian cedar does not demand absolutely any leaving, neither fertilizers, nor plowing and even landing from the person. To the earth its seeds are planted by a birdie under the name a spotted nutcracker.

 It becomes clear why our ancient ancestors did not know agriculture. Just they knew considerably bigger.

 Someone can tell that the cedar fructifies every two years and if the period of not fructification drops out for lean year, then how it is possible to correct a situation with the help of a cedar? I will tell. The cedar really fructifies every two years, happens and is even more rare, but its unique nuts if not to take them from the cone, remain from nine to eleven years.

 Of course, not everything so simply is in our real life today. The cedar hard gets accustomed near the cities. He does not transfer ecologically polluted zones. However there are also encouraging results. In many sources it is said that the cedar reacts to human feelings, can accept energy from the person and, having increased, to give it. I could be convinced of it personally.

 From Siberia sent me twenty five saplings of taiga cedars seven years ago. Together with inhabitants of the five-floor house where my apartment is located, we planted these saplings in a lesochka, adjoining the house. I put three of them on the edge of the site of the country house. The cedars put in a lesochka soon were dug out by someone. It not strongly upset me, time they were dug out, so people know about their properties and having probably put them in other place, will preserve. But one sapling nevertheless remained. He was put about a brick wall of the garages which are in front of the house. The soil there very is also very far from fertile, generally it was the construction debris powdered with a small layer of the fertile earth. However the cedar got accustomed and grows still. It considerably differs in the growth and purity of a trunk from the cedars landed on the site of my country house. And on height it time in two above. I thought in what I business, and began to notice that in the city the people coming to a balcony often look at a cedar, and sometimes and speak: "What it at us beautiful". And I, passing or passable by it, with pleasure I admire it. Thus, the cedar growing at a garage daily receives human attention and its tries to be worthy.

 Now many enterprises, especially after an exit of a series of books "Ringing Cedars of Russia", turn out cedar products, including cedar oil.

 I asked the daughter and her husband to market cedar oil too. Told about the ancient technology told by Anastasia.

 Sergey, Polina's husband, sought to observe both ancient technology, and the modern requirements imposed to production of food to the maximum. Production was organized at the plant of medical-medicines under control of skilled experts. Pressing was carried out by way of a cold extraction at which the maximum quantity of useful substances in oil had to remain, wooden pillows were used. It was necessary because the kernel of pine nut and oil contains all table of Mendeleyev, and at contact with metal separate elements can be oxidized. Also only the glass container when pouring was used. Oil turned out, maybe, better on quality, than at other ways of its production, for example at a hot extraction, however it differed from that which I tried in a taiga. An impression was made that in it is mute less vital force, than in taiga.

 I will not tell about all long searches of the reasons of difference, I will tell at once that high-quality changes happened as soon as all production, beginning from storage of nut, an extraction of oil and finishing it with packaging, was transferred to the taiga village in hundred twenty kilometers from the city.

 It turned out that production of qualitative oil in city conditions, even at the plant of medical medicines, is impossible. At all stages of production the kernel and oil adjoin to air, and air in megalopolises differs from taiga, filled with phytoncides markedly.

 As a result of production transfer production of small, can be to modern measures of not really technically equipped enterprise, surpassed production of all others in quality and, I think, not only in our country, but also in the world. I am glad that though it is a little involved in emergence of this unique product - cedar oil. I think that this taiga enterprise in general the only thing producing cedar oil others produce oil of "a cedar pine".

 In the world a lot of things are issued under the sign "environmentally friendly product". But I ask myself a question at once: and from where this product where it is grown up? Whether it is possible to call in general some product environmentally friendly if raw materials for it grow in the zone surrounded with highways, the big and small cities? I think, no product which is made in such zones can be environmentally friendly even if at its cultivation various toxic chemicals, herbicides and fertilizers are not applied.

 The cedar grows in depth of the Siberian taiga, in hundreds and thousands of kilometers from big cities. There are no highways, and it is possible to take out unique production only down the river. Of course, and dirt of our civilization can be brought there, but everything in the world is relative and in comparison with megalopolises in a taiga is valid

incommensurably purer air and water, and nobody pours any poisons to the earth.

 Thus, I think, in the world there is no purer, useful and curative product, than a kernel of pine nut and products, derivative of it.

 Telling about the Siberian taiga, I paid special attention to a cedar. But in a zone of a taiga there are also many other food products considerably surpassing in quality to us known. For example, cranberry, raspberry, cloudberries, currant, mushrooms. And answering a question, than Anastasia eats, being in a taiga, I can answer so: it eats the first-class organic food which cannot be bought for any millions of dollars.


 In the first book I described Anastasia's life in the conditions of a taiga and that, how strongly it surprised me. Now, after so many years after the first acquaintance, reflecting on it, I came to the conclusion that Anastasia, unnatural and absurd against the background of life, life of people in modern megalopolises in nature looks.

 Looks at first sight unusual as animals on a prearranged signal bring to Anastasia food. But also the modern hunting dog brings to the owner production. And the bird a falcon who is let out on a falconry gives production to the owner. On a rural farmstead the goat, a cow with pleasure feed the owners, giving them milk.

 The animals living around a glade where there lives Anastasia mark the territory, in this territory they consider the person someone like the leader of pack. I think, from generation to generation they studied Anastasia's ancestors, and then trained the posterity.

 In general Anastasia eats very little, never does a cult of food.

 Lately many people asked how Anastasia transfers severe Siberian winter when frosts reach thirty five - forty degrees if at the same time it has no warm clothes and the heated dwelling? At once I will tell, first of all, the following: if on open space air temperature falls to thirty degrees, then in the depth of a taiga is always much warmer and the difference can reach ten degrees.

 Anastasia has dugouts located in different places of a taiga. The main of them in which and me it happened to spend the night repeatedly represents deepening in the earth, about two and a half meters long, two wide and height about two meters too. Entrance to a dugout narrow, sixty centimeters wide and one and a half meter high. The entrance is closed by cedar branches. Walls and a ceiling of a taiga bedroom are braided by a rod in which bunches of a dry grass and taiga flowers are thrust. A floor is covered with dry hay.

 In the summer in such bedroom to sleep very comfortably. No sounds, not to mention various radio - and electroradiations to which the person living in the multi-storey building is exposed get into it.

 Late fall Anastasia fills with dry hay all space of the bedroom and sinks into the long sleep similar to that which scientists call anabiosis.

 Anabiosis in interpretation of modern science is a state at which vital processes in an organism, including a metabolism, are slowed so down that there are no all visible signs of life.

 Scientists focus the attention when developing plans of long space travel on this unique biological phenomenon. First of all, they are attracted by that circumstance that in a condition of anabiosis, or hibernation, live organisms spend much less oxygen and do not need food. It is proved that they increase resistance to adverse factors of the environment. So, for example, it is established that infectious diseases at such animals do not develop even at artificial infection, and many poisons deadly to their organism in usual conditions, in a condition of anabiosis, or hibernation, are absolutely harmless to them. It is proved even that if to subject such animals to a lethal dose of ionizing radiation, all of them equally survive as at them during this period the metabolism is slowed strongly down, and after awakening their vital signs proceed quite normally.

 But here that interestingly. If the person having reason fills up with an unusual dream in the winter, what during this period happens to his Soul? I did not find among statements of scientists even of hypotheses on this matter. And question very interesting.

 The unusual condition of anabiosis happened to be tested partially once and me. It happened when I was in a taiga late fall. Light day during this period of year in that place where there lives Anastasia, very short. When began to get dark, Anastasia suggested me to lay down to have a rest. I at once agreed. The collected fatigue from city life and hard transition on a taiga and so drove at a dream.

 This time the dugout was filled with hay more than usual. Understanding that in hay to sleep not cold even in a frost, I undressed to underwear and laid down, having put a jacket under the head.

 - It is already time for you to wake up Vladimir - Anastasia woke me.

 I felt how it masses to me the right hand, and looked at an entrance to a dugout. Its aperture was hardly seen, so the sun did not rise yet.

 - Why to wake up? Dawn only begins.

 - The third dawn begins with that moment as you fell asleep, Vladimir. If you do not wake up, your dream can last several months and even years. Your Soul, without worrying for safety of a body, will want to have a rest, walking on other worlds of the Universe. Nobody will be able to return it until she wants to return.

 - So means, it was not with me until I slept?

 - There was she with you, Vladimir, nearby, waited when your dream becomes even more exactly, more deeply, and then she could leave. But I decided to wake you.

 - And your Soul why does not leave when you fill up with a deep sleep?

 - Also my Soul leaves, but always in time comes back. I do not torment her.

 - And I what, I torment the Soul?

 - Each person, Vladimir subject to addictions, thoughts eating indecent food causes torture, first of all, to the Soul.

 - What food matters as a hobby? It what, eats food too eaten by the person?

 - Soul does not feed on material food, Vladimir, but it can see, hear and realize itself only through your body. If the body is unhealthy, for example, the person is drunk and his body is helpless, the Soul which as if is held down, cannot prove and realize in any way. She can only feel and cry over the helpless, tormented by harmful drink body. To try to warm the injured body organ - to spend at the same time a huge number of energy. When its energy comes to an end, Soul becomes powerless and the body human leaves. The body dies.

 - Yes, Anastasia, interestingly you told about Soul and is, seemingly, reliable. Because in the people there is a saying such when the person dies, about it speak: "Died" In your treatment it turns out "Soul became exhausted". Interestingly, and my Soul has forces more?

 - Time it returned, so your Soul has forces more, Vladimir. But you try not to torment her, please.

 - I will try. And what when the person sleeps, his Soul has not a rest?

 - Soul is an energy. Live power complex. Rest is not necessary to energy.

 - And where Soul during sleep how you consider, Anastasia leaves?

 - She can go to other measurements. To soar among planets Universal. And at the request of the person to collect to him necessary information. The person will want, for example, about the past or the future to learn something, at falling asleep will ask the Soul to visit that time and the place which interests him, Soul will comply with a request. But if the person sleeps usual, insufficiently quiet dream and in the imperfect environment, Soul cannot leave anywhere. It is forced to protect his body.

 - From whom?

 - From various harmful influences. You sleep in the apartment, Vladimir, its walls are entangled by wires on which there passes electricity, and wires emit radiation, adverse for the person. Through glass sounds of the unnatural world make the way. Air in the apartment is not absolutely favorable for breath. Soul cannot leave you. In case of a critical situation it has to wake you.

 - I understood, Anastasia, this dugout in which I slept, actually considerably surpasses the most refined bedrooms of modern hotels and apartments in comfort. It as if pressure chamber. There is an ideal air, there are no harmful radiations and noise, the stable temperature therefore also the dream in it is much better, than in the apartment. I understood it and was influenced. But me it is unclear when you for a long time fall asleep why your Soul the fact that your body is based in a dugout where even the entrance is not locked does not disturb? And in case of danger, we will tell from certain malefactors, he could not be woken.

 - Vladimir when someone, it is not important with what intentions, will just try to approach a clearing where we are, in a radius of three kilometers all space will prick up the ears. Animals, birds, plants will begin to express concern. Approaching will capture fear if they are able to overcome it and not to go astray, the space through animals will wake a body and will return Soul.

 - And in the winter when everything fills up?

 - In the winter not everything fills up. Besides in the winter awake easier to watch the events.

 Not everything is clear from told by Anastasia about Soul during her winter dream, but that animals and birds bring to Anastasia disturbing or joyful news, I had to observe most.

 Having got acquainted with Anastasia's relation to a dream, it is possible to draw the following conclusion.

 The modern person and mankind in general have no opportunity to sleep normally. It is necessary to add one more important factor that modern bedrooms concede to natural: the modern person is constantly shipped in a whirlpool of daily vain cares, and is frequent, filling up, he continues to think of them. And if it so, arises a question what the person spends energy of the Soul for? The souls capable during sleep to learn the worlds others and to bring to the woken-up person information on them. Perhaps, it is necessary to do a bedroom taking into account that foreign sounds did not get into it, there were in it no wires and phones? It can be carried out, it is more difficult to achieve due quality of air.


 The anchoress of the Siberian taiga, Anastasia, also became the heroine of books of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series subsequently. She gave birth to me to the son and the daughter. Now lives in a taiga, in my heart and in an image of the heroine of my books.

 I think, I did not manage to describe beauty of this surprising woman, her intelligence in all completeness

and and, probably, it to make unusual abilities usual language and it is impossible.

 Even now Anastasia only sometimes sees each other to me the loved and native one, but is more often the incomprehensible and mysterious, possessing inexplicable strength of mind by means of which it is possible to create the future.

 Its characteristics of our today's reality, the story, to be exact, the image of bright future of Russia, all earth created by it, also generated the fine phenomenon in society. Tens of thousands of people, without waiting for instructions from above, public financing, independently started the embodiment of the created image in reality. The main idea of construction of future country can be understood, having read books in the sequence. But if to try to tell shortly, and not in all completeness, it is possible to characterize the idea by means of which there will be positive transformations, the following words.

 Anastasia considers that each family has to have the ground not less than one hectare. The family has to turn this site which the taiga anchoress calls the family estate into the paradise live oasis meeting all material needs of the person. A spiritual component of the person appearance of its live creation and a way of life in it characterizes the creator. She considers inadmissible to bury family members at cemeteries. They need to be buried only in family estates. Then Souls of deceased relatives will not suffer from the fact that their bodies as if are thrown out in otkhozhy holes far away from the family, at the cemetery. Buried in the family estate by the spirit will help and protect in it living.

 Similar our, modern, cemeteries existed and in the ancient time, but they intended for animal and criminals of the humble origin, soldiers, fallen from a disease, who died in the foreign land.

 Anastasia told how to equip the family estate that with its help became possible to get rid of physical illnesses.

 She rather in detail spoke about the most ancient and very beautiful ceremony of a wedding by means of which newlyweds by force of the thought created the project of the future family estate, and at the moment of a wedding, with the assistance of parents, relatives and friends, conceived in several minutes materialized. I think, this ceremony is the greatest opening of our millennium. Using it, newlyweds and during the wedding can already receive today the house, a garden, the family estate.

 Anastasia also claims that at the newlyweds who created thus the family estate never there passes the love, and moreover, over the years it amplifies, and explains why it occurs: "When the spouse looks at the wife, he subconsciously identifies her and with the magnificent estate, and with the child to whom it is also necessary to give birth in the estate". And it is possible to trust in it. For each person its small homeland remains the best place on light always. His child will always be the most beautiful and the best of children of the whole world.

 Also Anastasia claims that if all people or most of them begin consciously will create the family estates, turning them into paradise oases, then all earth will change. On the earth will not happen

natural cataclysms and wars. The inner spiritual world of the person will change, to it new knowledge and abilities will open. The person will be able sotvo-ryat the wonderful worlds similar terrestrial, on other planets.

 She considers this, technocratic way of space exploration and other planets deadlock, harmful for the planet Earth and the people living on it. A rational way of development of planets - psi-hoteleporticheskiya. But that people could have such potential, they at first have to show the abilities in arrangement of Earth, put the spirituality not into words, and a way of life.

 Differently official critics can treat plots of books and statements of the taiga anchoress, but their opinions are not so important now. The approval in tens of thousands of letters and hundreds of thousands of electronic messages was stated by the most important critic - the people. Stated not only words, but also specific actions, hundreds of big and small settlements which arose and continuing to arise across all Russia to that confirmation.

 Here there is also still unsoluble and mysterious riddle: if grass-roots movement is caused only by one statements of the taiga anchoress provided in books, what for force is behind its phrases? Perhaps, they are constructed so that letters develop in a certain code. Perhaps, a certain rhythm of its phrases matters.

 Usually Anastasia tries to adapt to a manner of the speech of the interlocutor, uses his lexicon, a way of creation of phrases, but at certain moments

she suddenly begins to speak other language, categorical, smooth and rhythmical. Very accurately pronounces each letter of the said phrases, and behind each sound unusual energy is obviously felt. And then told is remembered literally as if in a brain some tape recorder works. And besides, before listening there are tableau vivant, and the meaning of what was said is acquired by subconsciousness. I will give as an example as Anastasia's retelling a fragment of a conversation of God with the first person from the book "Creation": "Where edge of the Universe? What will be done by me when I come to it? When I fill everything with myself, pomyslenny I will create?" - the person of primary sources asks God and receives the answer: "My son, the Universe is a thought, from a thought the dream was born, it is partially seen by matter. When you approach edge everything, the beginning new and continuation yours will open a thought. From nothing there will be a new fine birth you, aspirations, Soul and your dream itself are reflected. My son, you are infinite, eternal you, in you your creating dreams".

 There are several versions concerning Anastasia's abilities, will state also the.

 Anastasia's abilities which are at first sight seeming unusual actually were inherent in all or most of people of primary sources. Influence of statements of the taiga anchoress on actions of many people is caused not by a mystic force, but abilities of people to perceive them heart and Soul. An impression is made that in genes of modern people or in their subconsciousness is held in remembrance a way of life of a separate family and human community in general since primary sources when the person still understood how it is possible to communicate directly good luck.

 This image of primary sources is much more perfect than present. Perhaps, it from those times in which people still knew what is paradise. But I do not think that actions of these people are related to any religion.

 Estates which are equipped by readers of books turn out different. The houses built in estates differ not only appearance. At one they two-storeyed wooden, at others one-storey pise-walled. Also the garden, a green hedge, a pond is differently equipped.

 It is well-known that the religious ritual demands strict observance by all its participants of standard receptions in actions and words. Here personal creativity of everyone in the embodiment of the fine idea is available.

 If people for as are grateful to Anastasia, then, most likely for the fact that she woke in their Souls of aspiration of the person creator.



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