the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 Having caught sight of the running-up Anasta, Dan joyfully rolled up the head, began to move ears and stopped. The huge mammoth stretched to the little girl the trunk, slightly touched the girl's plechik its tip. She clasped a trunk tip, nestled on it a cheek, gently stroked, then having cheerfully ordered "For me!", ran skipping back, to the left patrimonial space.

 The mammoth was hasty developed and ran after Anasta. When Anasta was tired, she gesture stopped a mammoth and on a trunk scrambled to it on the head. Having got over to Dan on a back, she saw here also the kitten who long ago grew from an adult cat, but who still reserved the nickname Kitten. It began to rub about a leg of the girl and to purr, showing the joy and devotion.

 The Trinity reached the left patrimonial settlement by late evening. Anasta sent Dan to a pasture, entered the small lodge from clay, passed in the dark to a stove bench with odorous hay, lay down on it and at once fell asleep.

 Anasta woke up from the dawn. It ran out from the lodge, having blinked and having placed hands in the parties, held up the body to tender and warm beams. Having bathed in the sun, the girl ran up to a stream and with running start flopped in a small creek with transparent water.

 Cold spring water burned Anasta's body, but it lapped and laughed loudly from delight. Then, having got out of water, having jumped and having turned round and round ashore as if without knowing where and on what to use the unusual energy which filled it, vzbezhat on a small hill.

 Cold wind blew. The girl tied around a waist a scarf and shouldered its free end. Silently she looked at the earth where quite recently there lived its sort.

 The homeland space which was earlier unremittingly sounding a set of bird's voices, chirring and hum of insects kept some fateful silence now. Here and there the grass turned white from a night cool. Trees in gardens, bushes did not blossom, their leaflets were twisted as if from a hopelessness.

 And the native space shrouded in oppressive silence with withering, but still live variety of the nature, with misunderstanding listened to the little girl. And suddenly everything shuddered around when... The oppressive silence as if with a warm ray was pierced by shout of desperate and sure joy:

 - E-ge-gey! E-ge-geyyyy! - Anasta counter to oppressive silence shouted. - Do not give up, the Homeland. I am Anasta, the Homeland. I - with you.

 She promptly ran from the mountain to the flower bed, on the run touching by hands of trunks of trees, ironing leaves of bushes.

 - E-ge-gey! - again she cried out, running all over around a trunk of a big old apple-tree with faded leaves.

 The thin, high and joyful voice of the little girl won against the silence oppressing native space. And suddenly other, low, basisty and mighty sound joined its voice - on Anasta's shout the mammoth Dan ran from a pasture, Ran and blew on the run with all the might.

 And near the girl it was heard now also loud, continuous "meow-meow-meow" - it the cat by nickname the Kitten supported Anasta.

 Anasta stopped at a flower bed which she looked after as well as all children of the settlement, everyone - behind the.

 The grass at one edge of a flower bed turned gray, flowers hung, and only on a favourite flower of the girl one remained not dismissed bud yet; it tended to the earth as if changed mind to blossom. But the girl at the sight of the hung bud did not grieve, she looked at it and smiled. She did not grieve because imagined not hung, and dismissed in all beauty a favourite flower.

 Having sat down on hunkers before gathered was to wither a plant, she quietly and tenderly called it:

 - Hey, a flower, I here, wake up.

 Then took an index finger in a mouth, lifted it, defining from what party cold wind blows on a flower. Having defined the direction of an ice cold stream, it laid down from that party sideways, trying to block itself a way to cold air. However cold streams nevertheless bent around a small body and stung flower leaves, without allowing them to finish. Suddenly cold streams stopped and vice versa, Anasta a back felt heat. She turned back - the mammoth Is given, having filled up sideways, closed from cold wind the huge body and to Anast, and all its flower bed.

 - You are a good fellow, Dan! Clear head! - Anasta exclaimed.

 Clinging to wool, she scrambled on a back of a mammoth and, having turned by the wind blowing from a glacier, joyfully and victoriously cried out the "E-ge-gey!" Cold wind blew even stronger. Then, having thought, the girl turned to the opposite side and cried invitingly, waved hands as if inviting someone invisible. Having lifted a trunk up, also the mammoth invitingly began to trumpet. The Kitten began to mew zovushche.

 Cold wind abated, and after a while renewed, it only blew now on the other hand, warm streams caressed both a flower, and a mammoth, and standing on his back the girl with a cat.

 Singing of rare birds welcomed vivifying air streamlets.

 Several days Anasta fought against the cold wind blowing from a glacier; again and again she resorted to the flower as soon as it began. And every time habitually kept within at a flower bed a mammoth, barring the way to cold.

 And then there came day when the recovered flower blossomed. Anasta who came running to a bed kneeled before it and kissed yellow-red petals, easily touching them with lips. Then receded on two steps aside, admiring a fine miracle, unusual beauty creation - its flower.

 Not in forces to resist on the place from gushed from where from within the exulting energy, Anasta at first began to jump on the place, then her jumps turned into the unusual improvised and incendiary dance. Even the mammoth Dan tried to podtantsovyvat, shifting from one foot to the other. It was turned, being filled up on a back, swelling up, the Kitten. Also the fresh flower wagged with it on a warm breeze the yellow-red petals.

 And here Anasta stopped. She saw two young men standing on the mountain.



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