the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 Both young men were the identical growth and athletic addition. Externally very similar at each other, they differed only in hair color and an eye. One was fair-haired and blue-eyed, another - black-eyed and dark-haired.

 Some time of the young man remained on the place as if giving Anaste the chance to get used to their unexpected emergence. Then slowly approached the girl.

 - Hi, girl! - addressed it Dark-haired. - You, the girl, have to act quicker. Intuitively you felt that you can stop a glacier that in you there are forces capable to change the program of God. It, of course, is impossible. But you will look for these forces. And I learn about the person more, than I know now. I am ready to tell you about a world order, to answer any your question, only act, the girl, quicker.

 Anasta did not manage to answer. The second young man started talking:

 - Hi, Anasta, you beautiful and sensitive, you are beautiful, as well as many strange creations on the great planet Earth. My brother knows a lot of things about a world order, but, I think, most you have to listen to yourself.

 - To you good afternoon and thoughts pleasant light - could greet Anast's young men at last.

 - Stop - interrupted Anasta Temnovolosy. - Here so always, it is opposite even to listen to the learned, stupid, thoughtless words. We are two here, I dark and why wish me light thoughts?

 I am dark, thoughts my dark and aggressive. I am such, and in volume my mission in the Divine program! - burned Dark-haired more and more. - If I am a svetlenky slyuntyaychik, a pomyslovchik light, then not I that will be. Time - will also not be me. Understood, the girl? Before you there will be one svetlenky blunderer. We are two! Understood, the girl? And you should not speak only about svetlenky. Take away the thoughts back if behind your words they were if your words not just learned, popugaysky sounds.

 - If my greeting offended you, then I will change it and I will tell you just "hello" - Anasta answered.

 - So best of all. And that svetlenky to you...

 - Who are you? - Anasta took an interest. - From what sort? I never before you saw.

 - Of course, did not see. Nobody ever saw us. But our manifestations human in every moment are present at affairs - the dark young man quickly spoke. - Yes, in everyone. Of course, it is more my manifestations - they are grandiose. Almost all mankind from accident before accident lives with prevalence of my energiya.

 - Stop, my dark and talented brother - started talking Fair-haired. - We were not presented. - And having turned to the girl, continued: - Anastochka, try to understand told by me.

 We with the brother are two complexes of Universal energiya. All immense space of the Universe is filled with power entities. When God сотворял the person, He took equal amount of energy from each essence, in the unknown way balanced them in Sebha and gave to the person created by It. Created from all person balanced in Sebha.

 When it occurred, all of us understood - in the Universe the person has to be the strongest essence. Therefore it is called not essence, and the person any more. But in what its force, what its opportunities and whether there is them a limit, it is unknown. And when it, this force, will be shown fully, to nobody in all Universe it is still conducted. Even to us in spite of the fact that we, ours of energy separate, are present everywhere. We are always hidden, we fill space with ourselves, at water we are present, at each living animal, worm. And in the person everyone all to uniform is energy of the Universe.

 - Are hidden, you told - Anasta was surprised - but I see you!

 - Yes, you see us because we condensed air, so condensed that to represent bodies, you habitual. Here in the sky of a cloud, for example, they too consolidation of vapors air. Are fancy from these consolidations of a form turn out, on animals are similar, on a human body or the person. And the human body in many respects is constructed of different extents of consolidation of water. The sense, a ratio of consolidations of a human body is known, has to be, only to the Creator to only one. Our bodies externally are only similar to a human body. Dark-haired my brother himself represents all dark entities, I - light.

 - And why you represented before me consolidation in the form of a human body? - Anasta asked.

 - That you were not frightened, hearing our voices, did not spend energy of the thoughts for a solution from where the sound proceeds - answered Fair-haired.

 - But why you wanted to speak with me?

 - You went counter to elements, more precisely, to planetary accident contrary to. One went, with confidence, that you will be able to prevent it. We are sure, it cannot be made. The program of God provided accident if the mankind goes in the disastrous way. So was, and more than once. And we would not pay attention to your efforts. But all entities Universal when the flower blossomed on your bed shuddered. It blossomed though according to the program of the Creator had to die already. And it blossomed.

 - The flower blossomed thanks to a mammoth who from a breeze cold covered it.

 - A mammoth only a link in a chain of events, you built.

 - I did not build anything.

 - The thought was expressed by yours, Anastochk.

 - So means, and in me there are your parts? - thoughtfully Anasta asked. - But I do not feel them in any way.

 - The person does not feel us, especially, when he manages to counterbalance in himself our parts. When they are counterbalanced, the third energy appears. And this, the third, is inherent in the only being of the Universe - the person. It appears when we are completely counterbalanced, and it, this new energy, is omnipotent. It is capable to create the new worlds. No secrets for it exist. Such person becomes the lord of the Universe - the creator, and his creations nobody can even present, be majestic and incomprehensible they can.

 - Probably, in me your parts are not counterbalanced at all, time I cannot stop a glacier - Anasta sighed. - The flower blossomed, and all around in space our patrimonial withers, perishes.

 - You on the way, Anastochka, to unity. You can reach it in a moment following or through thousands of the millennia. Here therefore energy Universal will seek to help you that great to learn a secret and the future about the person.

 - As you interestingly told about force of the unusual, concealed in unity contrasts. But why, knowing about this force unusual, you do not agree about unity?

 Brothers exchanged glances, then took a view of patrimonial space of Anasta. Also began to look in different directions. They hesitated with the answer as if they this minute were at loss for words of an explanation. The girl patiently waited.

 At last answered Fair-haired.



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