the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 - It is impossible. We have with the brother different tasks - said Fair-haired. - At everyone the program. And only in the person, carrying out everyone the program, we, nevertheless, can work also on the general, to become parts of the new energy inherent only to the person.

 - How it is possible to work on the miscellaneous, opposite, and at the same time to do the general good? - mistrustfully Anasta took an interest.

 - It is possible, constantly overtaking on slightly each other. When to go, Anastushka, you begin, one of your legs shoots ahead, having left behind another. Then lagged behind suddenly shoots ahead. With each other legs as if compete. As a result together they move a body forward, submitting to thoughts.

 - Here so the example brought, I even obsmeshitsya - got into conversation, having interrupted the brother, Dark-haired. - If to represent us two legs, so you are absolutely short leg, and I am long-long. I as will step, so the body through mountains is transferred at once, and you dangle hardly, representing the movement. I, carrying out the program, already the fifth time I bring mankind to planetary accident. And let according to the Creator it revives again, I it am again хрясь! - accident planetary that did not make a fool.

 - Yes, you are talented, my brother. Really, more than once you led to general accident planet life only. But accidents new do not bring opening, knowledge to you and to you do not add forces. And new they always give to the person of knowledge. And the mankind revives again.

 - But at first tormently infernal perishes together with all knowledge.

 - It is not conducted to us, the brother, with you the Creator the program. Perhaps, so once will occur that an instant before the accident the mankind will prevent it and the thought its then not seen to us with you will light up with aspiration.

 - You bothered me with the light mechtishka, my svetlenky snotty brother. You, the girl, me, but not to it listen - the dark-haired young man addressed Anasta - I, the girl, I will popularly show all the force to you. Mine of svetlenkiya here correctly told something. Really, the human thought is a huge energy, is a match for mine, and it especially. Really, each person, having correctly disposed of this energy, it is capable to modify the world.

 But there is still an unprecedented power thought - it is a collective thought. It when in uniform merges a set of thoughts of certain people. If in uniform thoughts of all mankind merge and the universal thought will turn out, we with the brother before it will seem small insects.

 But I learned not to allow emergence of a collective thought. It I throw to mankind different philosophical conclusions and representations. As a result one billion people collectively thinks in one image, and another - other, that disavowing the first group. I, the girl, am the embodiment of all powers of darkness of the Universe and if you with me merge, we will become unsurpassed force. I have a plan mysterious, you an essence will understand it, and will help me.

 We together will make all people the toys. We will play with their mind. I will make you the ruler of mankind and once you will tell me...

 - I do not like such plan - Anasta answered and added: - I will never take part in it, and none of people, I think, too will not agree.

 - You will not accept? You, the girl, just do not know yet as far as it is fascinating game - to direct voluntarily a thought human.

 And take your time to say as if people will not follow my program. The wheel primitive is already invented so far, but then people will connect two wooden wheels a pole, and it corresponds to my plan, my brilliant program.

 - But what bad in a wheel? When the wounded mammoth needed to carry a forage to Dan, the cart with wheels helped with it.

 - Everything is good, the girl. Even it is very healthy. This wheel will be improved. Great variety of wheels will be made. And people will see that it is inconvenient to roll a wheel on the natural earth, on hillocks, dimples, a grass high. And then they will cover a huge part of the earth with a stone crust that on it wheels freely slid.

 And they will be, increasing in quantity, to be rolled on the groaning earth, to carry one people on itself, ruthlessly to press others itself.

 You, the girl, answer yourself, try that can be stronger than strength of that which is capable to direct people to death. But you will not find in yourself the answer, recognize my greatness.

 Anasta thought, but did not find in herself the answer, again looked at the fair-haired young man. Answered a mute question of the girl Svetlovolosy:

 - My brother, Anastochka, painted to you a sad picture. Such is its task, and it honestly carries out it. In your look the question is read whether I have a program and? It is, and I want to urge you to take part in my program too.

 - What is wanted by your program?

 - To try to understand the Creator great creation - the person. To understand greatness of fulfillments of its future.

 - But unless on Earth not all is created? - Anasta was surprised.

 - Business is in that, Anastochka... You see the fine flower which blossomed before you. Each plant or an animal absolutely in itself, but all of them are also interconnected among themselves. It seemed, the Creator created the wonderful, harmonious and perfect terrestrial world. But it does not mean that this world cannot be improved.

 Creations of the Creator can be considered only as preparations of material for more perfect creation - creations not seen earlier and the fine and perfect form of life which is not represented yet by anybody.

 - But who can be more perfect than the perfection? - Anasta was surprised.

 - Derivative of it - the son and the daughter of the Great parent. For example you, Anastochka.

 - I? But me even in representations does not see how it is possible to change already created. I, for example, do not want though on slightly to change the flower which blossomed in my flower bed at all. I even think, it cannot be changed at all not to spoil perfection. And why to change the Kitten? And how it is possible to improve, for example, Dan's mammoth? To change its trunk, ears? How to change? What for?

 - But you changed Dan, Anastochk's mammoth.

 - No, I never changed it - she with astonishment objected.

 - Externally and, did not change, but your mammoth Dan carries out much more human instructions, than all other mammoths ever living on Earth, and understanding Dan charged to it other is qualitative. You will understand it at once, having compared it to other, your mammoths similar in appearance.

 - Yes, I understand now. In my opinion, he is the cleverest than others. Just earlier I somehow did not think of it.

 - Here you see, value have not only the external forms, a body structure. Contents and mission are more important. And created contents and mission for Dan and you defined. Also there was a mammoth Dan externally not different from other mammoths created by the great Creator, nevertheless another. Now it - joint, the Creator and yours, creation. And whose more - is unknown. The mammoth Dan is changed not only in ability of performance of bigger number of the teams necessary in life human. It became cleverer, devoted and sensitive. Remember, once you fell asleep on a dry grass under a high-high tree and when woke up, saw Dan's mammoth who is motionless over you. You became angry: from it there was some very unpleasant smell as if it was stained in something indecent and purposely came that unpleasant a smell to interrupt with it your dream. You got up and went to the house on a wet grass, and before that discontentedly told a mammoth Dana: "It is eternal you, It is given, you become separated from the frock, already and began to come self-willedally, even when you are not called. Go on the pasture, to the brothers".

 You left barefoot legs on a wet grass, having never looked back. You remember, Anastochka that the grass was wet?

 - Yes.

 - And you know why from Dan's mammoth so unpleasantly smelled?

 - No.

 - When you fell asleep, the thunder-storm began. Not only people, but also animals know that lightnings most often get to high trees. It is given saw how you fell asleep and when the thunder-storm began, he was disturbed and came from pack to you. It did not begin to awake you, and just rose over you, having closed from a rain. In a tree under which you slept the lightning struck. One bough lit up and began to fall. It would fall to you, but the mammoth Dan managed to reject a trunk it. Then the second bough lit up, Dan rejected also it, but fire managed to burn to a mammoth wool on the head, and it began to smolder, exuding an unpleasant smell. Intolerably the burned place hurt, but Dan was motionless over you sleeping. When you left, having reproached him with importunity, he could not even take offense and forgot about pain. He rejoiced that you did not suffer, and then, healing a burn, thought of you with tenderness.

 Anasta jumped, ran to the mammoth standing at some distance. He began to nod joyfully-headed. Anasta grasped it by a trunk tip, clapped on it the handle, nestled a cheek, then kissed. The mammoth stood. He and remained to be motionless with the narrowed eyes, even when the girl departed from him and returned to the fair-haired young man.

 - I understood - Anasta Svetlovolosomu told. - The mammoth Dan is changed. Perhaps, itself so it turned out, maybe, I something helped it. It differs from the mammoths who are simply created by the Creator.

 Means, to the person such right - to remake is granted?

 - It is given - answered Fair-haired. - Think now according to what program?

 - According to good.

 - So define it. Choose, create.

 - Means, The one Who created everything on Earth did not create any program according to which there has to live a person?

 - I think, He provided to the person a set of options at choice, but Itself dreamed only of one.

 - About what?

 - Only the person can find the answer.

 - And where to look for it?

 - In. Mentally representing, counting, comparing different versions of the device of life on Earth.

 - Means, people live on Earth, but do not know anything about the program of the Creator?

 - People were given great knowledge of biological opportunities of development, but people have different freedoms including freedom to replace biological opportunities technocratic. To them to decide whether to use internal, deep opportunities, for example, of a live tree which grows, feels biological rhythms and, adapting to them, regulates the state, depending on surrounding conditions, or to use external, superficial opportunities of a dead tree. The people who followed a technocratic way of development use superficial opportunities - produce some tools from a tree, apply as fuel or construction material.

 People always choose for some reason a technocratic way. And he inevitably leads them to accident. So more than once it happened. All planetary accidents human sotvoryatsya by thoughts. Thoughts which acts follow.

 - But a glacier which forced my sort to leave the house, none of people not сотворял.

 - Your sort, Anastochka, already followed a technocratic way. And, according to the program of life, the glacier will overtake it and will ruin. But life will revive. There will be a new hope for human mind. If someone stops a glacier, and only the person can make it, your sort will live in the technocratic world. And sooner or later the technocratic way all the same will lead it to accident. However, there is a probability that the person who found a way to stop a glacier, so prevented one accident will be able to prevent also the subsequent. Will be able to light up shortly before the next accident souls of people understanding of an inaccuracy of their choice and will prevent it. Then the mankind can choose a new way, gradually and carefully dismantling killing inventions. But it is heavy to light up souls of people of the technocratic world.

 In the period of technocratic life people stop being reasonable beings. It is necessary not to address their mind - to feelings - and through feelings to tell them an essence of the Divine program, for this purpose - it is necessary to feel, learn it most.

 - And unless it is not learned by you?

 - Finally not, I think its knowledge in general it is impossible to finish as knowledge of programs of my brother comes to the end, its knowledge cannot be finished... End is the stopped movement. Besides I do not see a limit in improvement, for example, of your mammoth.

 - And other animals?

 - And others too. You know, Anastochka, posterity of all animals adopts habits, skills of the parents. Means, each new generation will be slightly more perfect previous and if the person correctly defines mission of all creatures if each subsequent generation continues to improve around itself fauna which will exempt the person from all household cares - the thought human for more important fulfillments thereby will be released.

 - Probably, so it can also turn out if about animals to speak. But here I would never want to improve a flower - it is very much perfect.

 - I too so think, Anastochka. And still your fine flower - only the paint provided by the Creator of the daughter for her future creations.

 - Why paint? Flower live.

 - Yes, of course, it live and self-sufficient, and at the same time it can be only a small part great on beauty of a tableau vivant.

 Look at the flower bed, the most beautiful in it your favourite flower looks. But if you plant on it two more or three same flowers, the type of a flower bed will change. Then you can put others, not similar on these, but too beautiful flowers, and the type of a flower bed will change again.

 Then you can have different flowers in the different sequence, improving a tableau vivant. The limit does not have perfection. The movement to it corresponds to the program of the Creator.

 - Means, the person is created in order that around itself it is more beautiful and more beautiful to do everything? To improve the world presented to it by the Creator? In it the main mission of the person?

 - To create strange tableau vivant, to learn and improve fauna is, of course, important mission of the person. But the main thing to me seems in another.

 - In what?

 - The person improving the Divine world order will become itself by all means more and more perfect, and a limit it is not visible to this phenomenon. Great opportunities will open before it.

 - And why it will be more perfect? At the same time nobody will train the person.

 - You, Anastochka, created a beautiful flower bed, and your experience helped you to understand how it becomes. The next year you will try to make the creation even better. Also you will make, making use of the previous experience and feelings. Means, having created the first time, you gained the experience, knowledge, feelings allowing you to create more perfect. And it means that your creativity trains you.

 Creativity in Divine wildlife improves the creator.

 The end is not visible also tops, there is an infinity in so great creativity.

 - I very much want to live in such wonderful world where everything can infinitely be improved where the creator will improve the creations, and creations will improve the creator. I want that mine lived in this world the father and mother, my brothers and the grandfather Wood and all our sort - Anasta smiled and her eyes began to shine. - It is necessary to stop a glacier. How to make it? How?

 - The human thought - the strongest energy of the Universe, to its opportunities is not present a limit. It is important to learn to use it correctly. But as by means of what to make it, it is not known. Only to the person great in power to make this discovery.

 - Probably, my thought absolutely still small and not strong - sadly sighed Anasta. - I want that the glacier stopped, but it everything comes nearer, and every day becomes colder and colder. Means, small my thought.

 If the mammoth Dan was able to think about a glacier.... The head of it big, so and a thought in it can big and strong to be.

 Anasta ran up to a mammoth and, having splashed a palm on stretched to it towards to a trunk, with emotion said:

 - You are such big, It is given, and you have a big head. Means, the big thought in it can be concluded.

Think the thought, It is given, stop a glacier. And that you only listen to everything and listen. Descend, It is given, at least on a pasture, food less for you becomes.

 The mammoth Dan a tip of a trunk stroked the girl on a cheek, on hair, was slowly developed and began to leave. The cat by nickname the Kitten ran up, jumped to a mammoth on a leg and, clinging to wool, scrambled to it on a back.

 - To you, Anastochka, and to your pets is time to leave this place - the fair-haired young man addressed the girl - behind that mountain there is already ice. It is yet not the main glacier, but also it can shift the mountain closing the valley, to demolish gardens and houses in which there lived your sort. And from it every day temperature goes down. The main glacier will press this ice, and the mountain slowly will begin to move. It will occur in several days.

 - I will not leave this place. I have to see it, this ice, and understand why it approaches our Earth. I have to think up how to stop a glacier. Tomorrow morning I will climb the mountain and I will see it.

 - Successful and exact thoughts you, Anastochka - bowed to the girl, saying goodbye to her, the fair-haired young man also addressed the brother: - Let's go, my brother, from the girl's look, we will not disturb her, perhaps, and it will manage to it to learn as will learn to operate a thought.

 - Let's go, we will go. You are the main hindrance among us. It Rasfilosofstvovatsya here, got to talking.

 - Oh, wait, please, wait - Anasta started suddenly - you told everyone about the program. And my program, so too has to be, but I never thought of it. Perhaps, it is not in me?

 - We, the girl, leave away from your look. You think quicker, be not lazy. Not enough time remained at you, only two sunrises - told Dark-haired, without having answered a question.

 And young men left.



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