the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



Anasta remained absolutely alone. She slowly went on a faded grass of the valley where quite recently there lived its sort, and in the come absolute silence tried to understand as it is possible to operate own thought.

"If the thought is the strongest energy - the girl reflected - the fact that she can it - the strongest - to operate? If this energy thought is in me, what in me can be stronger than it? And why elders the wisest on collecting taught us to everything, but told nothing about how it is possible to operate a thought. Perhaps, and they know nothing about it?

Energy the strongest uncontrollable remains. That in one party will go for a walk, and that in another. Though in me it, and still without washing, time I do not operate it in any way. Also someone can beckon it to himself, and to play with it, and time in me it, and with me to play some game, but I will not even know about it".

Anasta tried to reflect on power of thought before the twilight. And when went to bed, strenuously tried to think of it.

Having woken up in the morning, Anasta did not see, as usual, near the lodge of Dan's mammoth. Earlier it always was near as soon as she woke up, but now it was not. There was no Dan and when Anasta already bathed in a stream creek. She began to call him, shouting towards a pasture: "It is given, given!", but that still did not appear. And the Kitten was not near it this night, and in the morning too he did not appear.

They left, Anasta understood. The mammoth needs a lot of vegetable food, and it becomes less. Means, Dan left not to die senseless starvation. And with it also the Kitten left. "But I will not leave" - Anasta thought, threw on плечико the cover weaved out of fibers of herbs and resolutely went to the mountain behind which there attacked the world the glacier. Climbing a track to mountain top, Anasta again strenuously tried to understand how this strongest energy - a human thought works. How it is necessary to arrive that it stopped a glacier?

Having climbed up the mountain, it stood on its top, muffling up on wind in a scarf. Rigid, ice cold currents of air frayed her hair, opening the birthmark similar to an asterisk on a forehead, closing it. But the girl did not notice cold streams, she considered the events below, on that side of the mountain which foot did not have any greens any more. From the horizon to the horizon as far as there was enough look afar, the glacier lay.

Blocks of ice approached the mountain. They were huge, and it yet not the main glacier, and only the first ice floes pushed by more powerful. "Means, the mountain will not resist such bulks" - Anasta thought.

One side of the mountain already cooled down, and on it there is no vegetation, also the second will cool down. As if in confirmation of her words the ice crash was distributed, from under it rushed, being stirred with an ice crumb, water flow and on the formed swill of a block of ice moved even closer to the mountain, blowing up before themselves the earth and pushing the tumbled-down trees.

Anasta turned the eye towards the highest block of ice and shuddered from what was seen. Упершись the mammoth Dan stood the head in this huge ice slope. Near an ice bulk it did not seem such big any more.

Anasta instantly remembered how Dan listened carefully to her words about the power of thought capable of a lot of things. Remembered how said to him that in the big head, probably, there have to be big and strong thoughts. And he understood everything in own way. He decided that if to put the big head with a big thought to an ice block, then it is possible to stop its movement.

Anasta darted off, promptly ran on a track to a mountain foot to that place where there was a mammoth Dan.

Wind with caustic snowflakes a rigid rush broke a scarf from the girl, but she did not lift it. Jumped forward on a stone, stumbled, head over heels rolled down down. And again rose, ran.

Having appeared at Dan's legs, she saw... In ice, under the head of a mammoth, the small hollow was formed, ice here slightly melted, and on a mammoth trunk thin streams water flowed down.

The mammoth shivered from cold. And below, at his legs, saw Anast, the Kitten shivered from cold, it - as well as Is given, упёршись by the head in ice, tried to constrain a glacier pro-movement.

- E-ge-gey - Anasta cried. - E-ge-gey!

But neither the mammoth, nor a cat reacted to its shout. The girl picked up the Kitten shivering from cold and, having pressed to herself, began to pound his little body. When it slightly got warm, Anasta forced it to clamber on a back of a mammoth. The kitten tried very much, but fell. He managed to get upward only from the second attempt.

Anasta got up on a stone to be as it is possible closer to an ear of a mammoth, and whispered to it:

- It is given! My faithful Dan. You very clever and devoted. You are kind. You are able to think, maybe, not absolutely correctly, but it will recover. A thought, it not only in the head, it everywhere. It is given, you have to go on other side of the mountain. - The mammoth was motionless, only the spasm sometimes ran on his body. And Anasta whispered again: - I am Anasta! You hear me, Is given? I am Anasta. I will not leave without you from here. Turn to me, It is given.

The mammoth Dan slowly tore off the head from a block and turned it to the girl. Dense wool on his forehead was wet, it hardly raised eyelids and looked at the girl. Then, having made effort, lifted a trunk and touched with its tip Anasta's shoulder. It was absolutely cold, its trunk. Anasta clasped it with hands, began to pound and breathe on it as if she could warm a huge body of a mammoth thereby. However, it also warmed it, not only heat of the breath, and something warmer and more significant. And the mammoth obeyed, after Anasta conducting it as if by a hand, for a trunk, hardly rearranging legs, Dan rose by mountain top. There the weakened girl sat down on a trunk of the tumbled-down tree and, having specified by a hand on even the turning green slope, ordered to a mammoth to go down.

- Go, It is given, down. Go to the pasture, there you will have a rest, you will be supported. There still will be a food for you. - Also added firmly: - Go, It is given, down.

The mammoth obeyed and began to go down slowly on a track to even green valley. Having taken about ten steps, he turned to Anasta, lifted the trunk up and began to trumpet invitingly as when ran on Anast's valley and asked the Homeland not to be given to a glacier when she shouted the "E-ge-gey!", winning against silence.

And as then, having gathered with a force, cried out "E-ge-gey!" Anasta, to Dan waved with a hand, poisoning down. And the mammoth Dan climbed down slowly a mountain, executing the order of the hostess. And it...

Having a little had a rest, Anasta got up on a stone, again took a view of the ice bulks which filled space before her as far as could capture a look and said quietly, but is sure:

- I am a person! My thought is strong. I will direct the thought against you, a glacier. You have to stop and creep back. So I rule to you over the thought.

Below again the crash was distributed, and ice for slightly drew near the mountain. The rush of cold wind struck to the girl in a breast as if tried to bring down her from legs.

- Back, I rule to you, ice. Back! - And again the crash, again a glacier steps on the little girl.

Anasta some time kept silent, looking on approaching a glacier, and suddenly smiled.

- I understood. You eat my thought, a glacier. I understood. Now you will not be.

Anasta turned a back to a glacier, sat down on a tree trunk and began to watch at the still the green valley. But the flowers and herbs which are not withering from cold were seen by Anasta, and represented how in violent color meadows blossom as snow-white and pink flowers appear on trees as birds sing and grasshoppers chirr in a grass. As the great-grandfather Wood comes back to the valley, and behind him all sort comes back. And Anasta barefoot on a grass runs to him towards. Quicker and quicker...

All Anasta's thought accelerated. Was in time! During one moment one billion blades treated kindly. And everyone, from a back to a small stalk, could present. Direct to everyone a ray of the sun could. A dewdrop to give to drink both a droplet of a rain, and a breeze to stroke.

Anasta fell asleep on stones at a trunk of the tumbled-down tree. To it in a back cold wind blew. But also at filling up, worked for the girl, all the thought accelerated.

Prompt lightnings from a thought to everything that is in space, touched. Real regained consciousness. And new in space was born. As though from a dream all rose Rodin Anasta. The thought continued to work and when the little girl Anasta fell asleep for the millennia.

Her thought - great energy human - soared over the valley, caressed small insects, a blade, the Kitten and Dan's mammoth.

Ice blocks shuddered, cracked, but also on millimeter could not move ahead more. They thawed. Streams of thawed snow bent around the valley, merging to the rivers and lakes.

The glacier thawed, not in forces to overcome a human thought, the strongest energy Universal.



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