the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



Water flows from the thawing glacier formed the big river, its rapid current picked up stones and the tumbled-down trees on the way, washed away and carried away a fertile layer of the earth together with vegetation and everything living in it. But the patrimonial valley forcedly left by people remained untouched a terrible stream.

On trees in the valley foliage turned yellow and fell down, it was not heard singing of birds. But a part of plants continued to fight for life, adapting to a cold snap, unusual to these places. And even in once very beautiful flower bed of Anasta still there was her favourite flower.

The valley was protected by a mountain ridge, at one of tops of which the little girl Anasta fell asleep for the millennia.

The foot of the mountain had two youth athletes, fair-haired and dark-haired. They looked at the huge, hung above the ground granite block on which both parties water droplets made the way.

With joyful gloating the dark-haired young man said:

- So it is also necessary to them, these people losing reason. Water in the next two days will gradually wash away support around a stone, and it will fail, having opened a killing stream a way to the valley. Water will rush powerful falls, breaking and carrying away for itself mountain stones, and will gradually wash away, will demolish all mountain. The stream which is taking away now to the right from the mountain, having dumped this huge stone, will rush in the formed crevice, increasing it, and will change the direction.

- Yes, if this block fails in the next two days when the stream does not reach flat lands behind the valley yet and will not spread on them, restraining a water pressure, then all the power it will rush to the patrimonial valley of Anastochki - the fair-haired young man agreed. Also added: - Now I regret that I accepted an image of a human body. The animal with a mighty body is necessary now that this block to prop up.

- Ha-ha, he regrets that not an animal mighty! You shape could accept it, of course, but then and is obliged to correspond to it. Could not say how the person, and to think that the block will be soon demolished by a stream.

- Yes that you took - "the patrimonial valley"... Anastochka... To it now all the same. Her Soul soars in the Universe immense.

- Soars. Yes... - it is thoughtful and with tenderness told Fair-haired. - The thought is carefully kept in it and a dream. Sensibleness, great knowledge. Nevertheless it could stop a glacier. The Daughter Boga learned feelings power of thought of human. Slightly Boga changed the program.

- That's it - slightly! And how many tenderness dribbling in your words? Slightly only, it is necessary to add.

Slightly. And you? "Learned feelings"... "Daughter Boga"... - imitated Dark-haired. And with passion continued: - The rough stream to the valley nevertheless will rush. It will direct after crowd of madmen who do not suspect even that of them the cause of accident, of their thoughts and affairs, from a nature in the artificial party of carrying. Their aspirations for the present at the beginning, but malignancy of similar aspirations for them, both for Earth, and for the Universe only is known to us. And that they did not suffer, Earth space did not torment, will be destroyed by Boga's program at the beginning of the most harmful aspiration. The rough stream will overtake them. The huge roaring avalanche of water, stones, trunks of the tumbled-down trees and corpses of the former living creatures will inevitably approach them.

At first they, having heard a roar behind the back, will feel the wrong, movement will accelerate. But the roar will accrue, and here in the distance they will see a shaft huge, lethal and approaching them. It will mean a Flood for them. All of them will be captured by horror. Their mammoths elephants, kittens, children and old men. And in the Universe their Souls will fly up, only keeping horrors in themselves.

With some venomous passion Dark-haired began to represent-faced and gestures of the people captured by horror. Mothers pressing to a breast of the babies, the people who kneeled with the hands stretched to the sky, feverishly asking about mercy. Others, running with the last bit of strength, shouting. Dark-haired ran around, crying out, representing horror on a face. Then stopped, looking in the direction of the left people, and said:

- You understood, the brother my white man what inevitability will overtake these people? So the little girl, on the mountain who fell asleep significantly did not change the program of God.

- To me not on temper, the brother with what you the future simulated human. We, entities Universal, likely, can undertake something. Did not put indifferent to remain. When we are indifferent - we do not exist.

- What business to the future to yours "on temper", "not on temper" if it is inevitable? - grinned Dark-haired.

Without hearing the answer of the brother, he sharply turned and saw... His fair-haired brother, having risen under a granite block, himself, the shoulders and hands, propped up it. Water flow at the edges of a block became much less.

- Silly, senselessly, irrationally - said after a small pause Dark-haired. Then still kept silent as if deliberating over something, and with a new force began to shame the brother, proving senselessness of his actions: - There is nobody and therefore there is nobody to laugh at your full nonsense. Having risen under a granite block, you did not even find time to count its weight before. Water nevertheless filters also the support supporting granite are washed away, so, on you the increasing weight will press. You understand it, the pale fool?

- I will be condensed with the will to granite density, and I will resist. Only two days I need to hold on. I will hold on! - the athlete fair-haired told.

- It is necessary! "I will hold on", "I will be condensed"... Well, be condensed to granite density. And the area of a support at you, what? Area of a support of two your feet in size. And to the middle of day of the second all weight will lay down on you you as if a stake granite, you will plunge into the earth, more small in the parties shifting cobble-stones. As soon as knee-deep you plunge, water flow granite will push off a block.

- I will straighten hands then I will hold on in the afternoon.

- You will hold on, of course. Only not in the afternoon. You will hold on, perhaps, hour still, the pighead confused, will occur then a collapse. The program of God from an o'clock of creation for infinity of years never glitched. And I agree with it. If the mankind follows a way of development absurd, it is better to lull them at the beginning of the way. Perhaps, the new civilization of Earth will understand the mission, and we then will understand. The Universe will see actions new, not present primitivism. More than once happened on Earth washing-away dirt which is saved up by the person, accidents.

You want to save whom? Mankind what in the future hands own hell will create to itself and all living on Earth? To remind you, the way technocratic where in the future will drag them? To remind? What are you silent? Aha, perfectly! You are condensed and petrify, you already and it is difficult to speak? Do not speak. Perfectly! Stone stand the idol and look. Watch pictures of life in the future people whom you try to save. Always I admired them! In them the gloomiest nonsense, absurdity and vanity. And you on them, these pictures, do not like to look. Now look, my white man petrifying, immovable, look! But is not present, at first listen to about what you do not like to listen.

If left the valley not to destroy, they will go in the way the technocratic. They will breed, and from generation to generation to break, destroy, melt great harmony terrestrial. Also will kill animals. Animals, to them in a service of intended. From material of perfect live will adjust a set of various and heartless mechanisms. They the actions will begin to call words sonorous "industrialization", "scientific and technical progress", and will put sense of reasonable development in these words.

Well, what? They have a reason? They reasonably develop? They will be as madmen to destroy unsurpassed creations and to call the barbarous actions "progress". They are sick! The virus lodged in their mind! And epidemic all mankind will strike. More terrible than destruction full of all terrestrial this virus. It poses threat for the Universe of all. Its name... You already understood what word I will pronounce now? More than once asked me him not to repeat, and turned away from me, and aside sought to depart, now you will not turn away and you will not depart. Will strike all this human civilization... anti-reason.

The mankind struck with anti-reason will be included into its measurement, will begin to create unsurpassed by nonsense and a nasty thing of act, before each other investing them with the words "progress", "absolutely", "is moral", "beautifully", "rationally", "spiritually". What, and?

No not to do me without presentation here! Now look.

The dark-haired young man a hand in space outlined a square in which right there was a hologram.

It represented the twelve-floor house under construction. Two cranes lifted construction materials on already built floors. Through window openings it was possible to see people in the orange helmets and blue overalls occupied with finishing of rooms.

The dark-haired young man commented:

- They will call this incomprehensibility with a set of cells the house. The anti-reason turns people into anti-people. They distorted the concept and sense standing behind words: my house.

The house - the live space created by a thought of the person, reflecting his power of thinking they replaced with an artificial stone cell. Also called it as if in mockery at Reason, the house. Their limited thought of the Universe is not necessary. It becomes nutrient medium of anti-reason, develops and strengthens its power. And this nutrient medium everything increases.

From the horizon to the horizon the hologram was stretched: set of boxes under construction with artificial stone cells. Some of them collapsed, but on their place people in orange helmets built new, higher stone constructions with a set of cells.

Dark-haired continued:

- For the right to live in these cells they will have to make the acts not peculiar to a reasonable being - to the Person! God's children! Goddesses! Look, my pale brother, look at these acts.

The dark-haired young man waved a hand again, and again there was a square with the hologram. This time it showed a huge food supermarket. Many people were done by various purchases, put them in metal baskets and approached one of the cash desks standing in a row to pay for the chosen goods.

- It beings from stone cells. They are engaged every day in different acts, worthless for reason, and call the acts work. They receive pieces of paper which are called money for the work. Here you see how they exchange the received money for food.

God initially created everything so that was to give to the reasonable person only a hand enough and to take the pleasant Divine creation, with pleasure to use it, in itself having increased energy and having satisfied flesh. But these beings changed a way of life so that with them a number of food of God is not present. That which they get in exchange for pieces of paper has no Divine energy. The beings who created such way of life cannot be called reasonable. Their way of life is an anti-reason product.

The image in a square was replaced, now in it the female cashier seemed a close up. One by one people approached its cash desk and spread before the woman on a little table some packages, boxes, banks and bottles. The woman with a smile spoke to everyone: "Hello", took packings, carried out by them on some fragment of glass from what on the cash register the figures displaying the goods price were highlighted. The female cashier took money from the person and spoke to him: "Thanks for purchase. You come still", and again smiled.

And here in a square the close up showed a woman's face at the moment when she turned away from the people standing in a queue and bent to a floor, lifting the fallen package. For only several seconds she turned away from the people facing it, and on her face some sad and fateful expression appeared. Eyelids began to be covered, giving incredible fatigue. One hand the woman lifted a package, pressed another to a side and frowned from pain. All this lasted absolutely not for long. When it turned to people, on her face there was a smile again and again she spoke to everyone: "Hello, thanks for purchase, you come to us still".

The dark-haired young man commented:

- You see, my brother, before you a being who you call the goddess. She sits at the device consisting of a set of small screws and provodok, and she is less perfect, than these small screws. The device has no soul, there is no reason, he just acts according to the set program. The being sits at it twelve hours a day, knocks on keys and tells everyone thanks. What it thanks each approached for? For anything, it is simple the automatic machine. It has to have reason, but it sits and knocks on keys of some device for twelve hours. So it will do a half of the life, eventually, to get to a stone cell.

The reason would not allow it and therefore, so in it the anti-reason virus works, and this woman not the person, but the anti-person also is in measurement of anti-reason. Her internals are affected, she does not receive some normal food, in her veins blood because gets denser and stands that she should sit for twelve hours. It looks is more senior than the years. Look! Here is how it has to look at the same age, be it in measurement of Reason, being a person. Now I will show it in natural measurement in the same time. Look!

In a square the new hologram showed the slender blond beauty running along a stream towards to the little naked boy, her son. The beauty ran up to it, picked up it on hands and began to whirl, having laughed happy laughter.

Two women living in different measurements a little what were similar at each other.

In a square there was a cashier of a supermarket sitting at the device again.

- It is only separately taken small situation - said Dark-haired - absolutely uncharacteristic for all mankind, you would tell? Look.

Further it stretched hands, the image in a square extended from the horizon to the horizon, and there was a picture: dense ranks hundreds of thousands of people sat at different devices and knocked on keys. They were different, these people. Absolutely very young girls and elderly women, met also men. Further in space there was a picture in which hundreds of thousands of hands continuously knocked on keys of devices. In a corner of the boundless screen the sun appeared, it was replaced by the moon, and again the sun which was replaced by a half moon. Day and night shone as if hours, measured days and months, years. And the people who filled all space from the horizon to the horizon all knocked on keys of the devices and repeated as if robots: "Hello, thanks for purchase, you come still".

- Look, my brother, look, now it will be even more interesting. Look at the future of mankind.

In space there was a hologram showing a close up of the person running with a sword in hands and with the face distorted from rage. It was replaced by the image of the person lying on the earth in dirt and scribbling from a machine gun. Then there were three persons shooting from the gun. And suddenly the space everything, from the horizon and to the horizon, was filled with many people. They were shown absolutely small that was located in space more. With swords, a pitchfork, braids, machine guns and guns people cut each other, shot each other. Smothered hands and beat with legs. From above on the earth teeming with the mass of people aircraft dumped objects which, having reached the earth, blew up, lifting lumps of dirt and remains of human bodies up.

- Reasonable beings, my brother arranged this medley? They are antirazumna also because manage to justify it. They will call this medley wars. Caused a stir in this slaughter will give different awards, and the received awards will rejoice them on a breast. They will learn to issue the laws acquitting this, ongoing for centuries a slaughter.

Dark-haired waved hands again, and again in space there was a hologram divided into a set of squares. Each square showed interiors of different halls where people sat and listened to speakers from a tribune. The voice Dark-haired commented:

- It at them is called differently: the congresses, parliament, a thought, chamber - an essence one.

You see sitting, my brother? You still can see, look. Sitting before you write laws for the different people and in general for all mankind. They write them in the millennia, but perfect laws

at them is not present and cannot be, you understand it, my brother? Of course, you understand!

Dark-haired laughed loudly. His mischievous laughter filled the valley, an echo was reflected from a mountain ridge. He stopped laughing and, addressing images of the people sitting in them as if they could hear and understand it, cried:

- You will never be able to write perfect laws because you do not know the main thing. You do not know mission of the certain person and mankind in general. Only three put this mission into words. Universal mission. It is a basis of all laws. It, only it as the core, can string on itself laws of Earth or reflects them. But you do not know it, you forgot it.

You understand, my brother, they forgot the main thing, and now they in measurement of anti-reason. They forgot that their mission is stated in three words. What it words? You want that I said them, my brother? You want! Of course you want, very much you want, you always say them in hope that you will be heard, understood. You say, and they do not hear. Do not hear because are in measurement of anti-reason and if I say them if we say them with you together, they will hear. Will begin to work and will become people, but I will not say them.

Let them sit before the next world accident, unknown on scales and force. It will inevitably come nearer, and the laws they not in forces to stop its approach. These beings know about the coming accident, know even because of what it happens, and cannot, cannot change the way of life in any way. In appearance they are still similar to people, but only externally. They are, you only ponder, my brother, they for centuries invent different mechanical substitutes of human abilities. Watch what they turn into.

In space there was a hologram showing in the right part of a square a beautiful, harmonious body of the young man covered only with a loincloth in left - the girl in a short short skirt from herbs. Between them - the circle filled with a set of multi-colored circles.

- In a circle I show abilities which initially allocated each person. They could a lot of things...

On the hologram day was replaced at night. The young man looked at the sky and said: "In the sky the seen nine billion and eighty two stars" - "My dear are necessary me today - the girl answered the young man - now in the sky over you visible nine billion and eighty three stars. You did not notice one, absolutely soft it. On it I will wait for you. On it love we will create space, and our hardly noticeable star will begin to shine light bright blue, so far".

- Yes, they could a lot of things - commented Dark-haired - their initial abilities allowed to create everything that could be presented. And even what and in representations is not present. But when they will begin to invent mechanical, unreasonable ability substitutes, will begin to lose the talents presented to them by God. - On the screen calculating devices one by one appeared and disappeared, and in process of emergence of each of devices decreased at a rate of several color circles, some in general turned into black points. - They could, only for a moment having looked at the sky, to count all stars, but will reach and before in the inventions that "two" on calculators will consider two plus.

They will invent phone and will begin to lose ability to communicate at distance, to represent location of the darlings.

They will begin to implant, eventually, artificial mechanisms in the bodies - continued Dark-haired - more and more turning into the heartless primitive mechanism. It will be impossible to call them people. Their Mind somewhere is clamped in depth. Over them the anti-reason dominates. It around them and in them at the same time. Look, my brother, you will see my last picture now.

Dark-haired waved a hand, and on the screen, in air soaring there was a developed map of the globe. That part it where with a big density there lived in the cities people. And in each city between big congestions of people, coiling and shuddering, corpulent feelers of some being, terrible by the sizes, lay. They were a set. They surrounded with themselves the cities around, were inside. From a set of a time on each feeler some fetid gas of dark color was emitted. But people did not jump aside from these terrifying allocations, they them breathed. People built closer to feelers the houses. Sometimes, as if from big tension, in one, in other place of the shchupalets smoking a stench there were gaps, and people started closing up, smoothing down these gaps, restoring activity of a terrible octopus.

- You see, my brother, feelers of a terrible octopus? Perhaps, you want that I showed a body the monster which covered with the feelers the world? You, of course, do not even want to think and speak about it. But I will tell where this body killing. I will tell you from where feelers proceed. They proceed from a brain of these beings who were considered as earlier reasonable people. A body of the monster at them in brains, from there everything proceeds. And they are proud of the killing child, cherish him. They call terrible feelers roads, highways. - Dark-haired laughed loudly. - Here it, future of mankind! And you want to save going to measurement of anti-reason and to doom them to such fate? - asked Dark-haired and turned to the brother holding a granite block from falling.

Around a granite block already not just water exuded with droplets, it flowed round it thin streams. The body of the fair-haired young man holding a granite block turned into stone more and stronger. Even muscles on his face hardened, and he could not speak or blink, only his blue eyes, still live, looked at pictures of future mankind.

The dark-haired young man held up a palm under a stream of the flowing-down water and is poisonous uttered:

- Remained to time very little to a flood, perhaps, I will be in time to you, my brother to tell five more phrases or four, but I will not speak, me, probably, you do not hear any more.

The dark-haired young man stretched hands in the parties, bent them in elbows, playing athletic muscles, stirred up the head, throwing back black locks of hair back. Still he silently observed some time how it is noticeable

water streams around a granite block which was propped up himself by his fair-haired brother amplify, and then told:

- It would be time to leave. Time. Now to what it is predetermined will come true will come true. But... will not come true.

The dark-haired athlete stepped to a granite block and, having got up near the fair-haired brother, propped up a granite block the shoulders and hands.

Muscles of an athletic body strained and blown up veins, but the dark-haired athlete slowly straightened the legs which are slightly bent in knees, raising granite. Water at the edges of a block ceased to exude, some droplets still rolled down.

In uniform Universal contrasts connected for a while, having changed the program of God. Program of God... Perhaps, they the connection opened new opportunities of the program?

The rough shattering stream reached the lowland after a while, and the danger of flooding of the patrimonial valley of Anasta passed, and with it also the danger of death of the people who left the valley passed.

The petrifaction of the fair-haired young man gradually began to pass, and on his face there was a smile, ability to speak returned.

- Thanks, the brother - still hardly said Fair-haired.

- Here only your "thanks" is not necessary to me. This accident, for people intending, passed. Now they will come in absurd outlook further away, with persistence will build an antiworld. Them will be more, and on scale accident new will be bigger.

- It will not be, the brother. Let only during the instant, but to it will wake up in human hearts of Soul of a part, feeling, knowledge which are dissolved in space by the girl Anasta. And women a set, men the thoughts will stop accident unknown. And people, in measurement of anti-reason living, will begin to see clearly suddenly. Will begin the world new to build on Earth, not seen nobody hitherto.

They having experience of anti-reason and Reason at the same time opposite in harmony will unite. Also will embody the Divine rush in matter and spirit of a dream. Also will embody not simply. The dream will be added by perfection.

Anastasia became silent. And I was silent. To comprehend told and seen trying. Only in an hour or two I asked it a question.



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