the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



- Anastasia, everything that you showed and told about dark-haired and fair-haired young men, about the girl Anasta, all this existed in reality or only in your imagination?

- You choose the answer to this question, Vladimir.

- Well, how? Only you can tell, precisely in reality it occurred or in your imagination?

- Tell, Vladimir, in my story some new information for you appeared?

- Still, of course appeared. Both information, and images moreover what!

- Means, information exists?

- Yes exists, it needs to be analysed, comprehended. And I have questions.

- If information appeared, therefore, there is also its source.

- Of course. The source has to be.

- Information is an image. The image is information. If someone wants to erase in you information, he will try to prove to you that the image in reality does not exist. And once you agree with unreality of an image, you will erase in yourself information accepted from an image.

- And if some image is created by the person from whom in this case information proceeds?

- From an image.

- Why from an image if it was created by any specific person?

- If at you, Vladimir, the child who told to all people and you, including, new information, who a source of new information was born?

- Child, of course. But the image is not the child having a material body. The image can be and non-material.

- Means, difference only that in the first case you see a material body, and in the second is not present?

- Perhaps and not absolutely so, just with a body somehow more habitual, more reliable looks.

- The body seen by you in itself does not bear a complete proof. And besides, can mislead.

- It precisely. Can! In the criminal code even article is, "fraud" is called, it when with some mercenary purpose the criminal having a body deceives someone. It seems to me, I understood everything, Anastasius. If there was information moreover proceeding from an image, then all this already undoubtedly exists, and it is necessary to analyze the obtained information. And when we hit in reasonings - "exists - does not exist" - that thereby in vain we spend time, we lose the obtained information.

- Everything is right you understood, Vladimir.

- One is unclear. If each person can think up an image, and it will begin to exist, then how many information need to be shoveled that true to find.

- It is not enough. Each person can really think up an image, but soul and heart people will accept not every image.

- Well. Of course, not everyone. In general, thanks to you, Anastasia, interestingly you about an image speak. Tell about an image what it, your way, represents?

- The person is no other than the materialized image, and, being the materialized image, the person can create the thought and materialize images. The surpassed force Universal consists in it it nobody and nothing.


If any person does not realize in himself the abilities presented to him by the Creator, then such person himself blocks the majestic force and gets under influence of other images, materializing their plans, up to extermination of himself, the family, some kind of, state and all planet.


The artificial technocratic world is also created by the person by means of energy of the image cast to the person by his antipodes. The artificial world is transitory. Even the most perfect car, the building, any other thing of the artificial world every second collapses and only for several years turns into ashes or, even worse, into waste, harmful for the person.


The person living in the artificial world also becomes transitory. Because it is difficult for the person, every minute looking at a set of the collapsing objects deprived of ability of self-reproduction to present life eternal, to create an image of own eternity and to materialize it.


The natural, seen by us world exists not billions of years, and much more because at first it existed in not materialized image. The scientists who defined age of Earth calculated not date of its birth, but only a date of a materialization as one of life stages.


The natural world has ability to replicate, and this ability does it eternal. The creator who created eternity that is also. It Alpha and Omega, and Alpha again.


To tell, think many people can: what there were till the birth of the Creator, his energiya unusual sets? Once nothing existed. Anything! But remember how the Creator told about "nothing" to the son: "From nothing there will be a new fine birth you, aspirations, soul and your dream itself are reflected. My son, you are infinite, eternal you, in you your creating dreams".


But if from "nothing" there is something, means and "nothing" participates in the birth.


Having given rise, and including from "nothing", the Creator closed a circle and eternity presented an image to the person.


Knowledge, understanding and feeling of energy of an image in themselves allows the person not to die, but to fill up with a delightful dream. Waking up, to be embodied in the place necessary to it, time and an image, before going to bed created.


Knowledge of science of figurativeness leads to understanding of all universe created by the Creator and creation of new wonderful worlds.


Ignorance and misunderstanding of science of figurativeness inevitably leads to the inept address with the perfect natural world and to creation of the artificial, primitive, unnatural world.


Ignorance of science of figurativeness does the whole states and the people by toys, chess figures in hands of those who are familiar with this great reality.

- Anastasia, but images can be positive and negative how to distinguish what of them useful bears information and what misinforms, perhaps, with a mercenary motive?

- Yourself, Vladimir, the image you distinguish information price any.

- Means, each person has an image?

- Of course, Vladimir, the person of everyone has the image. Themselves they are strikingly excellent.

When each person would keep the primitive image, tell how the world now, Vladimir would look?

- Primitive? Means, at each person is or there was also a primitive image? What it was?

- Divine! Such it in a rush inspired our parent - the Creator - created.

- He, perhaps, God was, our primitive image?

- He a son Boga was, and remains to them.

- Where this image of the person primitive got to? Images of drunkards, addicts on streets can be seen. Images of prostitutes - at roads. On TV images different wriggle. Where the primitive image of the person can be seen?

- In. You present it. Meet halfway to it. And with pleasure it will direct to you. The way will be joyful. Approaching gradually, you will meet once. You unite! You are image the primitive store, do not betray his another in delight.

- But how to present? Around and different information on imperfection of the person pours.

Speak, he is a slave eternal as guinea pig. Familiar mine told me recently, he somewhere in the book read, there is told that as if people some alien beings created and now eat their energy, learn as unreasonable.

- Kohl you want unreasonable to be, Vladimir - believe them.

You will believe in the slave - you will generate in yourself the slave.

You will believe that eat your energy against your will - you will wither, you will really give the energy.

Everything exists that existing itself will be counted by you.

From a birth most, value of the person - the son Boga - is tried to be belittled. But you notice, Vladimir, always behind it someone is, itself seeking to ennoble. It is not high, actually, against the person, and cannot tower. It also has a way one - high to belittle and not to give it to grow.

- Yes, Anastasia, you precisely here are right. I something cannot even remember any book or the movie where the person would be represented as the strongest being of the Universe. Always aliens act as the strongest and if the people then connected with extraterrestrial forces some. Now I understand to what most serious and long suggestion the person is exposed, and, of course, it is not casual. Someone needs very it.

If really the person was weak and had no mysterious and unknown force, then what him to be afraid of? Why to waste so many efforts, proving the return?

You are one, Anastasia, you consider the person as the son Boga and the strongest being of the Universe. But it means that your interpretation of an image of the person will be resisted by a set of other images. At them the technologies fulfilled in the millennia.

They already created a set of images of powerless people.

It is a lot of different doctrines belittling the person. The world press, screenwriters and directors works for them, and there is a lot of them, it is a lot of. You, seemingly, one, Anastasia. And still you hope for something. What you hope for? On what, Anastasius?

- On a primitive image. And yours, Vladimir, primitive image. On pristineness of images of people which already estates build. The one who in the future will move towards an original image.

- Anastasia, and still they say that you are absent at all. And about me that I not that and not such as in books I look. Now I understood, such actions they try to erase information going from your image in people. Partially at them it turns out. There are readers, even among those who build family estates which say that let's not mention supposedly of Anastasia, will not speak about books, give the family estates we will not call family estates, time someone inspires in the authorities that names these bad. For it even different concessions offer them.

- And you, Vladimir how you treat such offer?

- Frankly speaking, Anastasia, and I thought: time these words irritate someone, maybe, better and not to say them? Well, that business moved quicker. Now understood, put externally, maybe, and will move, only to the party not absolutely necessary to the person. Now I understand, want that the words "Anastasia", "family estates", "Ringing Cedars of Russia" were not said because behind them there are strong images and information at once. Them also want to deprive of people. I correctly understand?

- Of course, Vladimir, behind each word really there is an image and information. Happens, everything for in a word is costed by so huge volume of information, as in hundred volumes of books not to display it, not to replace everything one this word.

- But there are words which awaken different images in people. For example, word "war". One behind this word can mean liberating war, others - aggressive.

- But after all when this word is pronounced, in representation people have a set of pictures of battles, the warring countries, weapon and many other at once. And let pictures different a little bit will be, their set and similar, and the word one.

- "Family estate", behind these words too a set of images different can be?

- "Family estate" is a phrase behind which there are strongest images capable to place the person in the Divine habitat. Judge itself, Vladimir, the first three letters of this phrase are the word "sort". And the sort is the people coming to life one after another, and the first of them from God. Each person born today becomes at the head of this great chain. Within his power to place the sort in this or that habitat. In a stone cell or in fine space of the family estate. Or - in general to break off a patrimonial chain. Within his power to feed the sort with Divine creation or the food which is not bearing energy of Soul.

- And at what here food, Anastasia? If ancestors of my sort do not live for a long time,

- There live parts of ancestors of all in you, Vladimir. From them both a body, and spirit yours.

- Well and from them. But... But it means that enormous responsibility for destiny of the whole sort is conferred on each again born person.

- Yes it is assigned, Vladimir, and to everyone is allowed to decide the power the destiny and the sort.

- He agrees, the power is given. But most of people in general do not think of the sort, and their ancestors, too, it is possible, did not think. Means, the sort going from primary sources from God most broke up, it was scattered, and it is absent now?

- The family estate, you ponder, please, Vladimir. Family estate, two words. Phrase one. As soon as it is said, so the person, still, perhaps who did not realize fully, but in the subconsciousness sounded the aspiration: "I collect a sort all and I place it here".



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