the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



- The person who put the family estate can collect in it Souls of people from some kind of, and they will be grateful to it for such great action. As guardian angels they will protect and protect the family estate and the person who created it. Nothing in the Universe disappears completely, and only passes from one state into another. When the person dies and his transitory body indulges in the earth, from it trees, a grass and flowers grow. It passes from one state into another. And into what passes the main power complex - a human soul?

At first it soars in that place where there is a body of the person, and in some religions, understanding it, do not commit the human body to the ground at once. When the human body already embraces the earth when the person is buried at the cemetery, Soul soars over that place where the body is buried. Some time relatives are near a grave. The soul deprived of a body so hearing and sight, cannot see and hear, but it can feel when speak about it, think of it. If good is told, to Soul it is good, bad - it it is bad.

Then people leave the cemetery. Smothering some time is over an earth hillock where her body is buried, but any more feels nothing, only emptiness. The modern people shipped in a daily vanity quickly forget the died relatives. In apartments of modern people often at all reminds nothing of the died relatives. In year, five, ten years already in general nobody remembers them, and souls of the dead appear in full emptiness. And we tell it about recently died, and there are still relatives who lived hundred years ago, one thousand and one million years ago, and all of them are in the total oblivion.

The person creating the family estate can collect all the sort. For this purpose it is necessary to think of the relative, to present him, and then Soul will start, she will feel a thought of it and, in whatever corner of the Universe was, it will rush on a ray of this thought to that place from where it proceeds.

The person cannot remember all the relatives and cannot constantly think of them, remember, but he can put a small trees grove, it is desirable patrimonial trees which live long, to it the oak, a cedar belong. When landing it surely has to start the patrimonial thought, having told itself(himself); "I land this grove or the avenue in memory of members of my sort. I create the family estate in which let the members of my sort living in the past and those that will live in the future gather".

Planting each separate tree, it is necessary to remember a name any of recently left relatives, to represent each of them, to speak well of them.

The person cannot remember the family every minute and hourly, but the trees which obtained such information will store it in themselves every moment. Souls of relatives of your sort will feel it. Also will live in your estate in trees, blades, flowers. The beams proceeding from trees are much weaker, than from the person, but they are more constant. Souls will feel it, and at first will come to this place of a shower of the closest relative which you remembered, and others also will reach for it gradually to this place.

In nine years the grove from the trees planted by the person will grow up, and it will be unusual trees, they will have enormous and fertile energy. Nobody will be able to feel its grace, except the collector of a sort and its immediate family.

You represent, Vladimir, what extraordinary and good deed it will be made the person! It as if the Creator, collects the sort which dissipated in time again.

- Anastasia, but you said that Smother - it is a power complex, and some of them after the death of the person break up to parts, giving energy to different small insects, plants, animal.

- Yes, spoke, Vladimir, it occurs when during life on the earth a power complex, the human soul, is in disharmony with the environment to such an extent that represents danger to terrestrial existence. Completeness of a complex of Soul of the dead is kept when the imbalance does not reach a critical point. In a body terrestrial first of all more harmonious are embodied again. Unfortunately, they become in Universal space less and less, and the program chooses the best of the worst now.

- And if in my family all Souls were scattered on parts, then any also will not approach the patrimonial grove landed by me?

- Time you, Vladimir, exist, so also patrimonial your chain is not interrupted.

- And what occurs when the person is buried in the estate?

- When the human body is buried in the estate that which he equipped, his Soul does not break in Universal darkness, it remains in the family estate, there the person planted trees, communicated with the earth. Nothing not seeing and not hearing, but feeling Soul will feel heat given it by plants and people, descendants of this person who live in the family estate, will remember it more often, adjoining to deeds to them.

- I, Anastasia, know one case when to the estate to my familiar people there arrived their old mother, she was more than eighty years old. She to stay for a while just arrived for several days. Came to the daughter just to look what is it they conceived with the husband. Then asked to remain for ever. Also remained. She long sat on a small bench, sometimes went on an estate lesochka, and once told the daughter and the son-in-law: "When I will die, please, do not carry away me at the cemetery, bury me here". Also showed the place which chose. When this elderly woman died, the daughter and the son-in-law satisfied her request. What will happen to Soul of this elderly woman if she did not manage to put anything in this estate?

- Her Soul will remain in the family estate even if she just sat on a shop. She wanted to be buried there, so thought of it before death, and her relatives are more often than at the cemetery will come to that place where she passed away, will think of it more often.

It is impossible to bury the person in the family estate against its will even if he did something there. If it occurs, it is necessary to ask for it forgiveness, to come to that place where he is buried and to mentally explain to him why it was made, to ask it the help.

- Yes, Anastasia, interesting situation. And earlier people knew about it, understood?

- Of course, knew, Vladimir. Even in recent times many people had patrimonial crypts, you know about it. And during earlier period of life of people of cemeteries did not exist at all, they appeared when there were people who do not have the patrimonial earth at all: handicraftsmen in the cities, the servants, servants different, soldiers mercenaries. When they died, they needed to be buried, here both took their bodies and threw without family into otkhozhy holes where threw sick animals. Or buried in the general holes. Is slightly later when the cities became more, and in them there lived many different families including well-founded, cemeteries began to arise. Wealthy people bought small grounds on which they buried the died relatives, nearby others also arrived. Subsequently cemeteries began to be divided, speaking to today's language, on elite, sredneelitny and usual, for servants.

- Such and today exist to get on the Vagankovo Cemetery, many means and efforts to put that the place good to receive, and places are allocated with the special funeral commission are necessary.



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