the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Machine translate!

Book 10. Anasta (2010)



- Anastasia, and those three words from the Universal law which Dark-haired mentioned those that the mission of the certain person and all mankind is defined in general are known to you?

- Yes, Vladimir, I know these three words defining the general task facing mankind.

- You can say them for me now?

- I can.

- Say.

Anastasia got up, and diligently pronouncing each letter, said:


- And all? - disappointedly I said.

- Yes, all.

- I, frankly speaking, thought it some unusual, magic words.

- It is also unusual, magic words from the Universal law. These are the main words of all Divine programs. With their help it is possible to define degree of necessity or uselessness for the Universe of both the certain person, and mankind in general. With their help it is possible to define usefulness or insalubrity of the terrestrial laws which are thought up by people.

To improve the habitat - means to improve itself.


All real in the Universe and on Earth is the uniform habitat, in indissoluble communication with each other and with the person in the center.


To improve the habitat - means to give birth and raise children, more perfect, than. Each generation is more perfect than previous has to be. For this purpose the previous generation has to provide the subsequent more perfect habitat.


Improving the habitat, the person improves own thought. The perfect habitat accelerates and improves a thought of the person.


Improving the habitat, the person learns immortality.


Improving the habitat, the person turns Earth into the most perfect planet of the Universe.


Perfection Terrestrial allows and helps the person to improve other planets of the Universe.


Perfection of the Universe allows and helps the person new to create the worlds.

"Where edge of the Universe what will be done by me when I come to it? When I fill everything with myself, conjectured I will create?" - asked God of people of primary sources. And God answered the son: "My son, the Universe is a thought. From a thought the dream was born, it is partially seen by matter. When you approach edge everything, the beginning new and continuation yours will open a thought. From nothing there will be a new, fine birth you, aspirations, Soul and your dream itself are reflected. My son, you are infinite! You are eternal! In you your creating dreams".

Anastasia became silent. Struck with unusual intonations and sense of the pronounced words, I continued to watch everything at her. And with all clarity suddenly realized. She is not just taiga anchoress living in the Siberian taiga. Not just extraordinary beautiful woman.

Anastasia - the person of other measurement, measurement in which the Reason human triumphs. She feels, sees this measurement of Reason. It is worthy it. Measurement in which the perfect, happy person creator does the planet Earth of the finest in the Universe. And delighted with its creations terrestrial, call planets of all Universe to think also of them. Though the hand slightly to touch a surface, a smile to present the future. And as it has to be intolerably sick it to look at a current bacchanalia terrestrial.

But she gave birth to two children, was not frightened of risk that children will be absorbed by the anti-reason dominating nowadays. Means, it is sure that everything will change itself, or it will change it.

- Anastasia, with your outlook it is not painful to you to look at today's reality?

- Very painfully, Vladimir - Anastasia whispered.

- How you suffer from such pain?

- Sotvory pictures of bright future, admiring them and admiring. Joy from their contemplation wins against pain. Besides it is more advantage of contemplation such - to what you will present the future, it happens by it.



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