the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)

2012 YEAR


Date on December 22, 2012 today is widely and actively discussed also in circles of esotericists and scientists, and on the Internet. Many people consider that this day there will come doomsday.

Why it is about this date? Because this day is connected with a gloomy apocalyptic prediction of mysterious ancient Maya according to whose calendar - by the way, experts recognize that the Maya calendar much more precisely Gregorian which we use now - this day, on December 22, 2012, comes to an end the current cycle of the so-called long account, Hera the Fifth Solntsa, or the Era of the Jaguar. According to the legend, upon termination of the Era of the Jaguar years of death and destructions which will last will follow, there will not come the era of updating of mankind yet.

Scientists found out recently that the date specified in the Maya calendar is astronomically significant. This day there will be an event which happens only once in 25800 years - the Sun will appear on one line with the mysterious power center of the Galaxy, and the modern civilization will for the first time endure the unusual astronomical occurrence. Or will not worry.

It is supposed that the Maya ancestors whose monuments meet in the territory of Central America, throughout the II millennium climbed down B.C. mountains where they lived, to rainforests and on plains of Yucatan. On plains the Maya civilization in the I millennium reached B.C. the highest blossoming. Maya owned the hieroglyphic letter, at the high level they had a mathematics and medicine, they built the stone cities and improbable ritual constructions, such as the Big Palace in Palenque and - the main thing - deep knowledge of the field of astronomy had.

To this day the fact that the cities of the Maya began to come to desolation long before arrival of Europeans is not solved up to the end.

The account of days is the cornerstone of astrology of a civilization of the Maya. The standard astrology (Ancient Sumer, Babylon) takes as a basis position of planets on a zodiac circle. Maya knew zodiac constellations too, only they in the Zodiac had not 12 constellations, but 13. They considered the Ophiuchus constellation (the Maya have a Bat), which the Sun passes only several days.

Now about a mysterious calendar. The current cycle of time which comes to an end in 2012 is counted of very ancient date - on August 13 the 3114th years B.C. And it is quite strange, because as it was already noted, the culture of Maya is at least one thousand years younger. The experts studying culture of the Maya did not come to unambiguous opinion on the subject of how there was their well-known calendar. There is an assumption that a calendar, as well as writing, Maya from Olmecs whose culture has more ancient history got. Really, in the territory of the settlement of ancient Olmecs in La Venta archeologists made the finds confirming a certain continuity or interrelation of cultures. But another is much more interesting.

When scientists were engaged in comparative chronology, it became clear that some significant events of the past of a human civilization quite correspond to the beginning of the current cycle on the Maya calendar - the 3114th year B.C. -. So, approximately construction of a mysterious megalytic construction of Stonehenge begins at this time. In Mesopotamia writing appears. In Egypt, after association Top and Nizhny Novgorod of Kingdoms and the basis of fortress the White Haven, in Greek Memphis, there are ruling dynasties. In America begin to cultivate a maize. There is an impression that on all planet under the influence of certain external forces there was a global cultural revolution then and people found new knowledge. On one of hypotheses, priests, shamans and Saints of that time during meditations contacted with a certain storage of secret knowledge.

The predictions of a civilization of the Maya, the known prophecies and official sources speaking about planetary accident, of course, deserve attention. And still each conceiving person living today can make the main and most reliable definition of the future.

Let's try to analyse what tendency of changes of an ecological situation in Russia.

Let's take an interval of time only fifty last years. Most of the population of the country began to live in the big and average cities. People of megalopolises were deprived of qualitative drinking water. Besides, this the major for life support of the person the product became also paid. Fifty years ago the similar situation would seem to society just fantastic. Today society got used to it. And in vain. To all criterion is water and if society agrees with more and more increasing water pollution, then it has no right for existence. This sentence is taken out not by someone from above, and the person to himself.



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