the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 About fifteen years passed when I got acquainted with the anchoress of the Siberian taiga Anastasia. When in due time I learned that at it the son has to be born from me, made many efforts, up to attempts of physical impact to transport Anastasia to the city of Novosibirsk. To give birth in a taiga then it was represented to me inadmissible, to bring up the child without public institutes - impossible.

 The way of life of Anastasia in a taiga originally seemed to me, to put it mildly, strange. Now the way of life of people of modern megalopolises is represented more and more strange.

 And when it, still remaining in a taiga, bore the daughter, at me at heart it was joyful and quiet. Outlooks on life for these years cardinally exchanged.

 Wish to give birth to Anastasius not in a taiga, and even in the best maternity hospital of the capital, I would become despondent also melancholy. And, probably, I would not be abandoned by concern for the future of the child who is brought up by modern institutes of our society.

 There was a revaluation of values, I changed outlooks on life.

 Anastasia gave birth to our daughter on the patrimonial glade in the Siberian taiga. I was not present at childbirth, near it there were no qualified doctors and the modern medical equipment. But at heart at me it was quiet. I knew: childbirth takes place in one of the most perfect maternity hospitals on the earth - in patrimonial space.

 When Anastasius was given birth by the daughter, she asked, as if I wanted to call the newborn? Without thinking, I answered - Anastasius. And it not because called our son Anastasius by Vladimir. Just by the time of the daughter's birth I already regarded to Anastasius as wise, courageous and very kind woman. Her name became for me a synonym of these qualities and there was a wish that the daughter adopted them. Except Anastasius, as the daughter's tutor I cannot imagine nobody else. Though her education in many moments looks as total absence of that, but it far not so.

 Here, for example, what happened to a small tayozhnitsa in a taiga.


 This time Anastasia met me in cheerful mood, even seemed some playful. It appeared suddenly when I approached a familiar glade where lived them now three. Dressed in the light dress similar to the Roman tunic, she got in my way and smiled. Interestingly, from where this dress at it? I stopped, admiring unusual vision.

 "It is necessary - thought - so much time passed, gave birth to two children, and still young looks and is extraordinary beautiful. I here grew old, turned gray, and she does not grow old".

 It was remembered how having woken up early in the morning, she rejoices to the come day, chases each other with a she-wolf, makes intricate somersaults. Whether she will be able to make it now?

 As if having heard my silent question, Anastasia almost without running start made a double somersault and it appeared near me.

 - Hi, Vladimir - sounded its voice.

 I could not answer immediately. Bewitching aroma proceeded from Anastasia's body and unusual heat. I carefully touched her shoulder, for some reason without deciding to embrace. Also answered somehow inattentively.

 - And you hi, Anastasia.

 She clung to me, embraced and whispered:

 - Our little daughter clear head and beauty. Then Anastasia went ahead of me barefoot on a grass.

Goes and gets a leg for a leg as if the model on a podium. It so not the first time did, but every time ridiculously her gait looks and the mood is lightened.

 As usual, we went to the lake at once to bathe after the journey. I already knew - mission of this bathing not only in that being refreshed after the journey, the main thing - to try to wash away the smells not inherent in a taiga glade. For this purpose after the first bathing of Anastasius it helped me to be pounded by the gruel prepared from different herbs. Pounding, she joked:

 - Food at you get prettier becomes less, the tummy at you slightly distends.

 - Dysbacteriosis it. So doctors speak. He almost at ninety percent of the population - answered I.

 - Or perhaps it is all about lack of sufficient will of tummies? - Anastasia laughed. - You tell itself - ten percent nevertheless do not have this dysbacteriosis.

 Some time I had to go with the body covered with green gruel and even hair, then - again to dive into water, to lap. When left and the body slightly dried up, Anastasia took off the dress similar to the Roman tunic, and stretched it to me.

 - It will be good if you put on this shirt yourself now.

 Anastasia faced me with a naked breast. It had it slightly more than earlier. On one of nipples the milk droplet acted.

 - You still nurse the daughter? - I asked. - I feed up - Anastasia answered cheerfully.

Squeezed two hands a breast, scattered to me in a face a milk stream, laughed loudly, pounded milk on the person.

 - When you dress and you will gird, on you it a shirt will look. I on myself wore this shirt since the birth of our daughter all the time. Sometimes she slept, in her having muffled. Got used to its smell, a look. If you make as I speak, it will be easier for our daughter to get used to you.

 - And you in what you will begin to put on now?

 - So at me two such, very similar, I their pop-remenke carried. This that I offer you, put on more. And weaved zhgutiky often tied hair from herbs. Now I will go and to you I will weave same, you can observe our daughter so far.

 - Only to observe? It is impossible to touch, touch it, so?

 - Of course it is possible, Vladimir. But nevertheless it is better to observe at first. It though small, but already the personality independent, and better if you observe

at first behind it, not importunately. You will get acquainted with its habits, you will try to penetrate into its world.

 - I know, too at first watched the son only. You tell, Anastasia through what time she on hands can be taken?

 - You will feel itself. Heart will prompt.

 It seemed to me that Anastasia wanted that I one observed our little daughter, tried to understand something, because of it she also thought up some urgent matters. But also I was not against such approach. It is necessary to observe a manner of behavior of the child really somehow. I for the daughter only some unfamiliar uncle. And this unfamiliar uncle suddenly unexpectedly is enough the child and let's show the sloppy sentimentality. To squeeze, lisp to please to itself. Or perhaps everyones are nasty to the child of a baby talk not only unfamiliar uncles there, but also in general whose that was. I asked:

 - Anastasia, and where now our daughter? If you leave to spin, well this жгутик from herbs how I will find it?

 - She somewhere here, nearby, quietly answered Anastasia. Try to find it, let heart will prompt you its location.

 It seemed to me, I began to understand a lot of things about life on a taiga glade. But every time nevertheless was necessary to be surprised to something new.

 How can yet allow to go or creep the child who did not reach two-year age on a taiga anywhere and not to watch even it at the same time? And it in a taiga where there are no people. In a taiga, where a set of wild animals.

 Earlier I watched the newborn son, saw how he fell asleep in a groin at a she-bear, and that lay, without moving, waiting, so far he will sleep. Saw how wolves protect the baby as play with him bright proteins. It was clear to me: here on a glade and the animals living around it are assimilated to pets. They in the territory noted by them do not quarrel, do not attack at each other. In house conditions the dog can not touch and even to be on friendly terms with the cat living in the same house, and on foreign to attack. Therefore, and here, in the territory noted by them do not attack at each other, and especially posterity of the person.

 They revere the person living in their territory, it is natural and will protect the human child, will consider it as honor care of it. And still unusual such situation was some. For example, what can happen if the child goes beyond noted territory? Other animals will concern to him not as the. Generally, unusual feelings, despite logic were born.

 I asked the leaving Anastasia:

 - Well, and if I meet some animal, so far I look for the daughter? I did not get used to them yet, and they to me.

 - They to you will make nothing bad, you in a shirt, Vladimir. You can safely go, without exhaling fear thoughts. Anastasia escaped to the earth lodge.

 Having come to a glade and on it without having found anybody, I went on the wood around a glade, having decided that the daughter can be nearby and if I go, increasing diameter of circles, then I will surely see it.

 Also saw, without having finished the first circle yet. Little Anastasia one stood between currant bushes, held a branch, considered some small insect and smiled. I hid behind other bush and began to observe.

 The girl was dressed in a short dress shirt, hair her the bandage weaved out of fibers of some herbs held.

 Having satisfied the interest in the events on a branch, it barefoot legs went on a grass towards a glade. It is visible, having hooked for a branch or a grass, fell. The little girl flatwise fell in a grass, but did not begin to cry, silently leaned handles against the earth, villages. Then crept on all fours meter two and again rose on legs, slowly going, continued the way.

 I, trying to be imperceptible, very carefully moved for the daughter. And suddenly directly on my eyes Nastenka disappeared. At first I stood with surprise for some time, then quickly ran up to that place where it just went, began to look around, but it was not anywhere. Behind a tree near which disappeared, behind a bush. The little girl could not run still quickly that it is so prompt to pass out of sight.

 I began to turn around a tree at which it was gone, increasing diameter of circles each time, but did not see it. Some time stood, deciding what to do, then ran to an earth lodge where there had to be Anastasia.

 She quietly sat at an entrance, spun from grass fibers a bandage for the head and quietly sang. Near it the silver fox as a tender cat, rubbed about a tree trunk.

 - Anastasia, the daughter disappeared - I blurted out. - Followed it in several meters, an eye did not lower. And suddenly it time... as if thawed. It is nowhere.

 Anastasia's reaction was surprisingly quiet, it even did not stop weaving, answering.

 - Do not worry, Vladimir. I think, it now in an old fox hole.

 - Who told it to you?

 - You see, the fox about a tree languidly rubs?

 - I see.

 - Thereby she reports - the child in its hole.

 - And, maybe, the fox another reports about something?

 - If about bad, then it represents nervousness. Ran off aside, again ran up, entraining to the aid.

 - But nevertheless you cannot be the daughter assured for hundred percent about location, especially in that place where she disappeared, there is no hole, I examined everything.

 - Well, Vladimir, we will go together and we will look where ours hitrunye hid.

 When we came to that place where as if the baby was dissolved, Anastasia moved apart a grass, and I saw a hole at once. The manhole in it was brought slightly down, and the pole was formed. I glanced in it and saw: having curled up Nastenka at the bottom slept peacefully.

 - Here you see, she fell asleep on the crude earth. And me it is thought, independently will not be chosen from there.

 - At the bottom grass dry, Vladimir. And our daughter when sleeps, itself will be able to solve a problem how to get out of the shelter.

 - How will solve?

 - If you want, Vladimir, observe, and I will go so far, I will complete conceived.

 I remained. Approximately in about thirty minutes in a hole rustles were heard. The girl woke up, but independently it was difficult for it to get out of a pole and in general it and not strongly tried. After the first

attempts, having estimated the forces, the girl made an invocatory sound: aha, ego. Not crying, namely invocatory sound. Right there was a fox who was earlier spinning near Anastasia. She at first got up on the edge of the former hole, looked, smelled and, having turned to a hole the back, lowered in it a tail. The fox strained and slowly pulled out from a hole of the child who caught a tail. The girl approximately from half-meter was dragged for a fox, then released her tail, got up on all fours, and then rose by legs. Little Nastenka looked round, smiled as if having remembered something and, slowly going, went, smiling, towards the lake. I imperceptibly continued to follow it.

 No animals nearby existed and, appear, except me nobody in a taiga watches the baby. However a bit later I understood that I was mistaken. It appeared, both behind it, and for me fixed observation was conducted, and soon I for the first time saw the conflict of the daughter with a taiga animal.

 When Nastenka got out of raspberry bushes, some time she stood still and looked at a water smooth surface of the lake, then took off from herself a short shirt and, carefully going barefoot legs, went to the lake. To water it needed to pass meters five-six as suddenly the experienced she-wolf jumped out of bushes, and in several powerful jumps rose between the coast of the lake and Nastenkaya. The girl small handles clapped an animal on a back, pulled at wool, touched a muzzle. In reply the she-wolf licked to the child a leg, but on it their mutual signs of attention, or caress, ended. Nastenki's plans, probably, did not include games with a she-wolf, she wanted to approach water for what at first tried to bypass the standing still she-wolf, having made three short steps aside. But as soon as the girl tried to move ahead, the she-wolf blocked it a way again. Nastenka rested handles sideways an animal, trying to push away an obstacle, but the she-wolf did not obey the child and stood as driven. Then Nastenka sat down on a grass, thought some time and tried to creep under a belly of a she-wolf. But also this attempt was not crowned with success - the she-wolf nestled on the earth.

 Nastenka, probably, understood - the animal does not pass her to water and not to eliminate an obstacle with force. Some time she sat on a grass, reflecting on something, then began to creep and even to move away from a she-wolf and from the lake.

 Soon she got up on legs, holding a small branch in hand, approached a wolf muzzle, moved on it a branch and threw it woodward. The branch flew away all meter on one and a half. The she-wolf jumped behind a branch, snapped at it. At the same time Nastenka, actively working legs, ran to the coast of the lake. The she-wolf understood that she was outwitted, in two prompt jumps overtook the child at the water and brought down from legs.

 Nastenka fell on a back, its head concerned water, making a start legs about sand, she tried to promote further, to the lake. The she-wolf snapped at the child's leg. Probably, she tried not to cause to the girl of pain, its capture was not rigid.

 Nastenka rested the second leg against a wolf nose, pulled out the foot from a mouth and quickly slipped in water. In this place at once the coast had almost meter depth, and the baby plunged into water, but right there came up. Working with handles and legs, it kept on a water surface.

 I thought that it is good to float the daughter is not able. Ran out from the shelter, being going to jump in water, but when it appeared ashore, saw - to the child the she-wolf swims up. The girl floundering in water buried in a wolf side, grabbed handles wool and they floated along the coast in shallow water. Nastenka, having felt a bottom under legs, right there released a she-wolf.

 The wet she-wolf came to the coast and shook off, scattering around herself a set of the splashes glinting in the sun. She did not escape, and remained ashore, attentively watching the child, askance and as it seemed to me, watchfully glancing at me.

 And Nastenka, standing on a belt in water, smiled and diligently called up to herself a she-wolf. It clapped handles on water, invitingly waved, but the she-wolf did not go to it. Perhaps, the animal did not like water procedures or games in the lake seemed dangerous.

 Suddenly Nastenka turned a head in my party and stood. I for the first time suffered a stare of the little daughter and stood under her look, not in forces to poshevelnutsya. It was clear to me, she perceives me as the certain unclear being who unexpectedly appeared in the territory of its dwelling.

 Some time she examined me, then turned away and slowly left water on the coast, approached the she-wolf lying on a grass who, having taken teeth a dress, gave it to the girl. However Nastenka did not begin to put on it a wet little body, she took clothes and went towards the earth house at edge of a glade. I continued to observe how she makes the trip on a taiga, and thought.

 Goes, smiling, on a clearing in the depth of the Siberian taiga the small child, nothing frightens him, nobody attacks, on the contrary, animals are ready according to the first requirement to come tearing along to the aid. There is a little person, as if the successor of an imperial sort on the possession. It is interesting to it to watch life of small insects, little squirrels and birds. To consider florets and to taste blades and berries.

 And at this time some other, same girl on age is in the space limited to four walls and in it as if a small animal, she is limited let beautiful, but arena walls. And kind parents buy it plastic toys, and she tastes them.

 Millions of little girls and boys of our world as if small animals, mature in apartments cages. And we still want that clever, free and noble people grew up from them.

 Yes these persons cannot even imagine - freedom is first of all a free thought, knowledge and feeling of the live universe.

 About this live universe the matured child will be told at school. He, of course, will obtain some information on the great world of wildlife, about the universe, created by the great Creator, but will never be able to feel him as himself. Those feelings which the person from first years of life can receive, in harmony with the great world of the Creator and at the same time without efforts and tension, and opposite, effortlessly, not to replace with any school lessons and university lectures.

 I urge to go nobody with children to a taiga. It would be absurd, but something needs to be done nevertheless.



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