the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



The picture shown by Anastasia or the dark-haired young man where people build the houses along fetid feelers of the monster eating people, at all not fiction, but the most true reality. Reality to which people so got used that they take it for granted.

And the monster continues to exist and increases in a size. These are our roads and what on them moves. Information on it is public.

It is known, for example, that the extent of the main highways of the world with a hard coating exceeds 12 million kilometers - it is, for comparison, more than a quarter of length of the terrestrial equator which extent makes about 40 million kilometers - the extent of air-lines - approaches 6 million kilometers, the railroads - 1,5 million kilometers, the main pipelines - about 1,1 million kilometers, internal waterways - over 600 thousand kilometers. Many millions of kilometers are made by the extent of sea lines. If to address a problem of pollution of the atmosphere different types of transport, then the share of automobile makes 85 percent! And business is not limited to harmful gases. It is impossible to forget also about such adverse ecological factors as noise and vibration. So, 80 decibels - and it is approximate noise level on the brisk city street - are already potentially dangerous to hearing. Development of different types of transport, laying of highways also does not promote mental health. And these factors directly or indirectly not only influence drivers and passengers, but also many people which are out of vehicles and communications. The filled routes, hours-long standings in traffic jams, impossibility sometimes it is simply elementary to cross the road - all this sharply increase nervousness, leads to a chronic stress and increase in aggression, sometimes provoking people to such acts which they not only would never make, but also could not present that are capable to make, be they somewhere in other place.

Annual reviews of a condition of the environment in regions of our country eloquently say about how the problem of ecological safety of one and all Russian megalopolises is particularly acute. And the main reason for decrease in level of ecological safety of regions experts unanimously recognize "the amplifying process of automobilization of society". Physicians demonstrate already now that "ecological pressure" of a motor transportation complex costs to the average resident of the large city of Russia 4-5 years of life. And it as for people - the person can not only realize a problem, but also sound it. And Earth, for example? However, Earth can sound in own way a problem, here only in noise too whether a roar and a fumes of our life we are capable to hear Earth voice still?

What does specifically motor transportation complex kill Earth with? First of all, earth per se is necessary for building of transport communications, as well as water and air. In the USA, for example - there is such statistics - the acreage on which highways, the railroads and airfields are located, makes 101 thousand square kilometers, and the square of the cities - 109. In Russia the extent of highways exceeded half a million kilometers.

Well, roads - are constructed on the earth what it? And the fact that at construction and operation of roads, pipelines, airfields soils collapse: there are landslides, sag, the erosion progresses. And already on колеям dirt roads ravines run and spread, aggravating situation even more.

Farther it is more - along highways, the railroads and pipelines coming to a surface with oil and gas the earth on the big square becomes soiled compounds of lead, sulfur, oil products and other substances. As the most dangerous experts estimate a roadside strip up to 200 meters wide on both sides of the most brisk highways. In this connection it is strictly forbidden to grow up along roads agricultural products, to gather mushrooms, berries, to graze the cattle, especially dairy (cases of poisoning of children with milk of the cows grazed around roads are known). Near highways the air layer at the earth, to meter from a surface, is also catastrophically polluted by the dust consisting of particles of asphalt, rubber, metal, find the lead and other substances possessing cancerogenic and mutagen action in it. Fans should think of it to walk or run along roads, and especially it is necessary to remember it at walk with small children - in a carriage or on foot they move in a risk zone.

And here what else wants to be added. Pay attention, the greatest number of harmful roads is concentrated not in the desert or Antarctica, and in places of the greatest congestion of people. And the large cities, megalopolises, are proud of the multiband ring highways murderers.

Adopting the state budget, all states put in it serious financing for construction and repair of highways. And how differently? In case of lack of roads residents of megalopolises can be left without food, medicines. Roads are blood vessels on which the person living in the megalopolis, all necessary is provided.

Stop! Some abracadabra turns out. Here really revelry of anti-reason. The blood vessel without which, it seems, it is impossible to do actually bears slow death.

Ah, what spiritual, intelligent and clever we want to seem! But if we leave similar monsters to new generation, it means that we give own children to it on worry. Who are we in this case?

Also it seems, an exit from the developed absurd situation does not exist. But it only seems. There is a solution. Also it consists in a way of life, both the certain person, and society in general.

Exhaust gases of millions of cars, pipes of the large and small enterprises and the other sources extorting harmful pollution, only the investigation, but not the reason which generated them. The reason in an anti-reasonable technocratic way of life.



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