the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 So, that we are on the threshold of planetary accident, tell many, since the UN, the governments of the different countries and finishing simple inhabitants.

 It is said also that human activity is the cause of accident.

 Needless to say, only one ascertaining of the fact of the approaching disaster does not prevent it in any way. The concrete effective measures capable to change a situation to the best are necessary. But whether there is in the nature an effective way of an exit from a crisis situation? Yes, exists! Its "code" names - "family estates", "The ringing cedars of Russia", Anastasius. These words standing behind them images, information and philosophy in the shortest possible time are capable not just to bring the countries out of crisis, but also to open the new page of harmonious development of society.

 To understand how it can occur, let's list some problems of today at first.

 Ecology. In the cities there is not enough qualitative air, pure, some healthy food.

 Transport. Many kilometers traffic jams in big cities became habitual. Because of bad roads in Russia about thirty thousand people annually die in road accident.

 Corruption. It is told about scales of this phenomenon much and at the highest level including. The official plundering treasury, a vzyatkobratel and the briber are not less dangerous, than enemy saboteurs.

Unemployment. The most dangerous consequence of unemployment - a depression. When this disease overcomes one person, he turns into a live corpse. If it overcomes a part of society - under the threat of extinction the state.

 Alcoholism and drug addiction. Struggle with these illnesses long ago and unsuccessfully.

 Housing problem. How many efforts it was undertaken for its decision, situation only worsens.

 And now let's present the following situation.

 Fifty percent of the population of Russia, America and Canada decided to lead a healthy lifestyle and to build for the family the family estate on a ground not less than one hectare in size.

 The governments provided to these families necessary land for creation of the settlements consisting of family estates prepared the necessary legislative base.

 On earlier waste lands of the former collective farms, state farms and farms the people who received the earth developed construction, unprecedented on scale. Built houses and necessary homestead constructions. Those who had no sufficient means, were engaged in construction in forces of the families. The having means employed construction crews.

 But the main thing, these people, everyone on the hectare, landed gardens and equipped kitchen gardens.

Earlier waste lands in the Far East, in Siberia, in the central strip of Russia turned into the blossoming oases.

 In the state having such oases the food problem as the families which completely changed the way of life not only provide themselves with the first-class products is completely solved, but also have an opportunity to feed the population of the big and small cities.

 In megalopolises the threat of traffic standstill disappeared. Because of reduction twice of the number of cars air considerably improved. The housing problem as the freed housing is provided to all persons in need was completely resolved. Completely unemployment disappeared, and the government could not worry that it will be when the unprofitable enterprises are closed.

 Sharply social tension in society fell down. Stratification on the poor and the rich did not cause rage and envy of most of people any more. There were priorities, than quantity of money, more significant for the person.

Intelligent communication with the earth opens for the person such opportunities and the horizons that technocratic mind, even not to present them in fantastic movies. Therefore I consider necessary all together to try to penetrate into an essence of a sacrament of this communication.

 Change of a way of life of a significant part of the population will exclude a possibility of environmental disaster of planetary scale.

 Someone will think that very much the iridescent and fantastic picture of the future turns out. From what suddenly there will be inspired desire at a significant part of the population to begin to lead a healthy lifestyle? To build family estates, developing at the same time the lands which overgrew a tall weeds moreover at own expense. And all thanks to some code words images. It is unreal, fantastically.

 At once I will tell, just with this question everything is all right. Words images are effective. Tens of thousands of people show it in practice. In Russia already more than hundred fifty settlements consisting of family estates which are organized by readers of books of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series. There are such settlements in Ukraine, in Belarus, Kazakhstan.

 And from a position of Reason insufficient assistance to these people of power structures, and in certain cases and counteraction to their fine aspiration is fantastic.

 The chorus of voices on international and regional levels calls for taking measures to prevention of environmental disaster. But builders of family estates are only who really acts in the direction of prevention of social and ecological shocks.

 More than a year ago the idea was born: to each founder of the family estate, and those who is going to base it, to declare the intentions and aspirations. For the first time I read the draft of such declaration at a meeting in one of settlements. The idea was picked up, and since then the text underwent a set of changes and additions. I will bring him with the most significant additions here.



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