the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 Declaration of my family estate



 I, the citizen of the Russian Federation, got acquainted with the ideology of a way of life stated in an art form in a series of books "Ringing Cedars of Russia". The idea of creation of the family estate inspired me on actions.

 I got on the waste ground in the country a ground of one hectare in size for the purpose of arrangement on it more perfect habitat for the family, for the descendants and in memory of the ancestors.

 I called this place "Family estate". On the land bought by me I put a garden, dug out a pond in which fish will get divorced, got a little pchelosemy, I grow up fruit and berry and vegetable cultures.

 I plan to fertilize the earth exclusively natural and natural types of fertilizers.

 I consider what will be a positive factor if a set of the families able and persons interested to work on the earth, equipping the life in the family estates located around the big and small cities are capable to provide in full urban population with environmentally friendly products of crop production, to improve an ecological situation in regions.

 I consider inadmissible the fact that tens of millions of hectares of the earth in our country are not processed and grow with a tall weeds, and at the same time we buy 60% of food in foreign countries, and food it besides often is the low-quality product harmful to the use by the person, especially children.

 I consider, this situation undermines not only food security of the country, but also destroys the nations living in its territory.

 I consider, of similar circumstances counterproductive to accuse the government or somebody of certain mistakes. Mistakes were made by all society, and not only our country. As a result the community of many countries is on the threshold of social explosions. In the circumstances everyone needs to think what specifically he can make for positive changes already in the near future.

 The example of the countries which relied on farms shows inefficiency and even malignancy of such choice. The farmers focused on receiving profit on cultivation of agricultural products enter competitive fight with each other. To win, they need to apply toxic chemicals, herbicides, to grow up harmful genetically modified products, and, thereby, to threaten lives of people of the whole states.

 The family lives in the family estate, grows up products for own needs, and also needs of the relatives living in the cities. Thus, at the family living in the family estate, essentially other relation to the earth. The food surplus which is formed in estates will favourably differ from all other production getting on the shelves of city shops.

 The aggravated world economic crisis threatens with social explosions in many states. The ideology of a way of life of families essentially new and clear to people is necessary for recovery from the crisis. And such ideology is stated in a series of books "Ringing Cedars of Russia". Its main concepts are accepted by me and inspired me on the above actions.

 As practice, not thanks to financial injections, namely thanks to this ideology near my family estate showed, having taken on earth hectare, more than hundred families in which children are born and brought up in more perfect ecological environment already build the family estates.

 I know that thanks to this ideology in different regions of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus tens of thousands of families already build the family estates. Millions of families are going to make it as soon as there is more favorable legislative base. Many families plan to carry on small business on production of agricultural products.

 I completely support aspirations of the Government and the Russian President to creating favorable conditions for construction of low housing in suburbs, and also transfer of lands of agricultural appointment under low construction with allocation to each family of a ground. I consider that the area of these sites has to be not less than one hectare as on smaller site it is impossible to create rather made and self-repairing ecosystem, small agricultural enterprise.

 Without allocation families of a sufficient ground of the settlement around the cities will be become not producers, but consumers that will only aggravate a food, ecological and social situation in the country. I consider necessary persistently to ask the Government and the Russian President to accelerate work in this direction and to adopt the necessary law on the family estate.

 I address the President and the Congress of the USA, the UN to all heads of states interested in prosperity of the people living in them with the offer to consider and accept the idea of creation of family estates as the most effective project of an exit of the countries from a global economic crisis and prevention of the approaching environmental disaster, and also prevention of food crisis.

 Significant part of the people of Russia perceives the Family estate project as the national idea. Let it will become the international national idea, and our countries will compete in a materialization of bright future.

 The sincere understanding of the idea, its publicity and support from the governments of the different countries will stop the approaching depression. Inspired, creative, international process will begin.

 Thousands of Russian families already proved positive impact of the Family estate project in practice. Similar declarations signed more than one and a half thousand Russian families which already started construction of the family estates. Petition continues.

 Good luck and inspiration to all adherents in creative creation of the fine environment for life of the families, in the countries and in the world in general!

  Signature of the founder (founders) of the family estate


 After time this document which already received own life caused in me escalating feeling of the importance. There was a feeling that not the passport, the diploma or certain awards, namely such here declaration is the main document of the person. Mentally coming back to this document, I tried to understand from where such feelings. The text, language can be different, not they main here, the essence is important.

 I read Anastasia's declaration, told about the feelings and asked:

 - As you think, Anastasia why these feelings arise, and not only at me. I talked to many people, they have a feeling of the importance of the declaration too, but to explain why so occurs, nobody can. Why?

 - You understand, Vladimir, in me too at once there was a feeling of the importance of this document. But, as well as you, other people to explain at once that in it the main thing causing such feelings I cannot too. Perhaps, it is necessary to reflect together?

 - Perhaps, but I already reflected much. The feeling of the importance remains and why, did not understand.

 Suddenly Anastasia somehow started all and began to shine, started talking, accurately pronouncing syllables as did always when sought significant to emphasize:

 - Vladimir, I think, I begin to understand in what the importance great it. Look! When the Creator created the world terrestrial, before creation great at first He a plan sounded the. Notified on it all entities Universal, on their question: "What so ardently you wish?" answered: "Joint creation and joy for all from its creation".

 - But really it is so important, to notify all on the intentions?

 - Of course, very important. To notify all, means, first of all, to notify also itself including. To understand the events, to believe in itself.

 To that having declared words the thoughts, you already materialize them. Notifying all on them, you call for joint creation.

 - Why all to call? Someone can laugh, counteract or to be indifferent.

 - Sneers, counteraction or indifference by participants of creation will be from a reverse side. They are important for completeness of creation in which everything will be counterbalanced by you.

 - Some nervousness in me, Anastasia. Why?

 - Vladimir, I worry too. The harbinger of a new era on Earth was this document. Aspiration of the people standing behind it in themselves sensibleness great is concealed. In the millennia people lived, without causing the life. What aspired to why? What to continue them to new generations? To consider incorrectnesses of ways? What? And in vanity women of children gave birth, given rise did not provide the purpose in life. What to continue, children did not know them. Also died, vain life having lived, civilizations terrestrial. Only crocks from them remained yes tips from arrows. Others judgments of the parents were listened by children.

 And that your grandfather, Vladimir wanted from life, to the father and mother yours did not cause. They did not cause to you. You their continuation. Tell what continuation they wanted in life?

 - I do not know. It is only possible to assume.

 - It is possible to assume everything. But precisely you know, it is not caused, their vital aspiration.

 - It is not caused, of course. As well as at all other people who are known by me.

 - For the first time, maybe, for billions of years as if having woken up at dawn, the person told: I wish. I will begin the creation, and my generations in the environment of promised will live. And to improve Wednesday promised. They, of course, will be more perfect than me. But I will begin! In descendants there will live the part and mine.

 Examples it is possible to bring much to how not sounded dies together with a body.

 The person reflected how to improve the habitat for the descendants, put a cedar on the site. The person died soon. There passed 29 years, there was fifteen-meter height branchy, beautiful a cedar. In total in a year it had to bear fine curative fruits, but his people, children of the person who put him cut. Thought why here this tree is necessary, it itself shades a part of the site, and the shadow from it prevents to grow to tomatoes and cucumbers on beds. Also they cut a branchy cedar therefore cut that was not sounded by the person of the intentions.

 Almost the half-world Genghis Khan won, united Russia, India, China and Palestine under the power that there was no war, constructed roads, lowered taxes, traditions, culture respected the people different, not in the palaces occupied itself lived, in a yurta. From around the world sought to call wise men for himself. As happy to make society, thought together with them as all to learn eternity and immortality of the people. Among conquerors of Earth its empire existed most longer, he knew something, reached and showed, and all the empire broke up. And Genghis Khan in centuries is called the simple conqueror who can tell from living nowadays what his true intentions consisted in - he did not sound them.

 - They are or perhaps simply destroyed or somewhere are now stored in rolls.

 - Intentions not only - in the hearts of human have to be stored in rolls. Genghis Khan could not sound them so that in centuries from generation they were given to generation.

 - Examples are striking. Only it is possible to be surprised why for millions of years of significance people of need to sound the life did not attach? Now to me it is thought too - it is a harbinger of a new era. Tell, Anastasia and how you before people and before yourself will voice the aspirations?

 - Vladimir, in your books my aspirations are stated. If the reality is still necessary, I will tell: from all Universe the best I will collect sounds both in combinations of letters and I will enclose them in notes. Poets present, you, Vladimir, bards I will ask to sound them. The soul will feel their many people. People in clear language interpret let and model Earth blossoming, its fine blossoming. When melodies of the environment worthy the person embrace Earth everything, among good neighbors I will help our grandsons to create their estates, patrimonial at the same time I will not forget the space.

 - And what to tell me itself and how before people to read the declaration?

 - Everyone has to think of it.

 - Yes. Of course. Though to me the project which is already existing is conformable. What from itself to add to it, I will think.

 I will ask also all readers over it to think.

 This document is necessary, it is the important message of founders of the family estate to future generations some kind of. The order going from the people powerful all levels, communication with them. It will be good if beautifully processed similar document as a relic is stored in each family, along with the patrimonial book of founders of the family estate or intending to base it.

 Tremblingly and gratitude his person in a fine garden of the family estate and in hundred years will read, to read and remember the founder. And someone in hundred years, got lost in a life whirlpool, rummaging in old things of the parents, suddenly will see and will read about their unrealized intentions. Also there will be in the person burning desire to carry out them.

 And still, I think, would be useful to send the similar document to everyone personally from local authorities and to the UN.

 Also I consider also necessary to found the annual scientific and practical conference "Family Estates of the Future" within the UN.



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