the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 Anastasia has one inconvenient, in my opinion, line. She has the enormous volume of information, with pleasure answers many questions, but refuses flatly to answer some. This its categoriality sometimes irritates, sometimes just angers. But it, even seeing irritation and rage, all the same costs on the position.

 For example, she refuses flatly to make indicative planning of the family estate and its landscaping. "It I will interfere with your creativity, I will slow down Vladimir, the movement of your thought. Not you, but I will give rise to the project. He as if a nonnative child will be for you" - she says, and still adduces different other arguments.

 But I had a serious and unsoluble situation just on arrangement of the family estate. I long considered how to convince Anastasia to help or tell that the task is unsoluble that I did not spend in vain time.

 Once again I made attempt to overpersuade Anastasia and to renounce the principles. Chose time suitable - day was solar, the taiga smelled sweet. Anastasia sat under a cedar, braided the golden hair to the spit. I went about it backwards-forward, mentally selecting powerful arguments. She started talking the first. With a smile tender asked.

 - You, Vladimir, thoughts excite difficult? You nearby, here, and at the same time in the thoughts, it is far from these places.

 I sat down near Anastasia I began to speak, trying to be as it is possible more convincingly.

 - You understand, Anastasia, developed such situation that not to do me without your help in any way.

 - What situation, Vladimir?

 - Seven years ago, near the city of Vladimir, I, examining vicinities, came around on the jeep in the field and got stuck. The car sat down on the bottom, and it was possible to pull out it only by means of the tractor. While I waited for the tractor operator, examined the field abandoned, overgrown a tall weeds. The place there quite beautiful, the field was surrounded by the mixed wood, before the wood the stream proceeded, the big lake was seen not far. And I thought, it is good if there was a settlement consisting of family estates. People will build beautiful houses, will break flower beds, will put gardens and normal will construct roads.

 Also it that in a year in this place all and occurred should have happened. People, readers of books of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, began to take the earth under construction of family estates. Organizers suggested also me to take one hectare too, and I, itself do not know why, agreed. Perhaps, there was a wish to support them then. But I almost was not engaged in the hectare in any way, from time to time in general forgot about it. Only two times called and asked that sowed the earth mustard for a soil upclassing. Lands

there poor, centimeters fifteen-twenty fertile layer, go sand of centimeters on thirty, then continuous clay further.

 I absolutely forgot about the hectare. I have an apartment, a country house near the city, you know about it, Anastasia. And in Siberia to me is where to live.

 But so it happened that in five years I arrived there where my jeep got stuck. Already approaching, I was struck with what was seen. You represent, Anastasia? There are miracles! On both sides of the big lake where there was a waste ground earlier, there were houses. Different they were. Big, sound and absolutely tiny. From the route to houses conducted bulk gravel access roads. Paul, abandoned around the lake, people broke into sites and put the family estates.

 I remembered how I dreamed at the got stuck jeep of family estates on only one field. And here, it should happen - people occupied all fields around the lake. On the waste ground, overgrown, the island of new happy Russia was born a tall weeds.

 - Means, your dream, Vladimir, correct was strong. They accepted it. And now you saw how it materializes, expands.

 - More carefully I would need to dream at the jeep five years ago. If knew how everything will develop, so would crush this dream in a germ. I did not consider, Anastasia, one circumstance.

 Now I one after another will tell everything to you. Here your help will be extremely necessary.

 - So tell everything one after another, Vladimir.

 - Five years later, on the bulk road from gravel, on the same jeep I went with one of inhabitants of the family estate of the expanding settlement. One place interested me, and I stopped the jeep at the hectare which overgrew a tall weeds. To the left of it, on other hectare, there was a construction car, nearby - the beautiful house built under a roof while without glasses in windows, but to all appearances, people made habitable the family estate. To the right of the thrown hectare there was a beautiful wooden house, homestead constructions, a bath too, the pond is dug out. This, on the right, as if was proud of the flower beds and, of course, of the people who decorated it. And then I told the satellite: "I have such impression as if these hectares of the earth have destinies and their destinies with human are connected".

 "And I so think - my satellite answered. - Probably, at each person is somewhere on the earth of his hectares of the earth, but people knows nothing about him or forgot".

 I continued: "When huge fields are abandoned, for separately taken hectares it is not so offensive because all of them in identical situation as street children. But here other situation. Offensive. On the right, at the left hectares are equipped, and this, between them, is similar to the thrown child".

 My interlocutor was silent and even somehow looked down as if to him it was awkward also for the hectare which overgrew a tall weeds, and for the person who threw it.

 And I asked: "Whose it is hectare?" - "Yours, Vladimir Nikolaevich" - my satellite answered, without raising the head.


 "Yes. We here gathered, on it made entrance. The pipe in a ditch was laid and with filling brick filled up. The columns designating entrance put, fir-trees from two parties put. And it is more of nothing, everyone is engaged in the earth".

 I went out of the car. On we wash the hectare, almost equal square, hundred by hundred meters adjoining the wood only the tall weeds grew. It not just seemed thrown and lonely as the homeless child. No, to it it was heavier, than to the homeless child. Even the homeless child can leave, find to himself friends among peers somewhere and be equipped somehow. My hectare had no such opportunity.

 I went on perimeter of the site and suddenly saw two beautiful florets among a tall weeds. There was a fall. September. And they blossomed. Them after the journey it was visible not because the tall weeds was higher. "It is necessary - I thought - and my hectare seeks to be beautiful. It is unknown how seeds of flowers got here, but it grew up them and my hectare these florets as the child handles, and asks to make something reaches for me".

 And some insuperable desire arose at me by all means it is better to equip this ground and that it was not worse, than at others, maybe, even. I do not know why such desire arose. I did not think of this ground as about the family estate for the family. Just there was a wish to make on it everything correctly and beautifully. And not just a wish arose, there was suddenly some insuperable desire to make it of all the best. Perhaps, it will attract my granddaughters then. When becomes the best in the world.

 Many times I mentally came back to the hectare. Drew the plan of different economic constructions on paper, made the list of plants which will have to grow on it. To me it was necessary to stop work on the book and a set of another everyday matters to be engaged, but this hectare constantly pleasantly excited my thoughts and even took away thoughts from unpleasant problems. It is surprising, but exactly thanks to it I managed to overcome a number of everyday difficulties and psychological problems. There is nevertheless some mysteriousness in communication of the person with the earth. A certain live union stands behind this communication. And desire to make my earth beautiful and well-groomed became stronger and stronger.

 - Good desire arose in you, Vladimir, I feel, even passionate. It will help you too.

 - Who is he?

 - Your hectare. You speak, it excites your thoughts, takes away them from unpleasant problems.

 - Anastasia, there at this hectare very big difficulties, with a congenital physical defect it something is similar to the child.

 - What shortcoming?

 - On these lands nothing, except a tall weeds, grows. Vegetables do not grow. Also is not present at people in those places of normal gardens. Nearby the village, years two hundred to it, but also countrymen have no normal gardens. There, on these lands, very thin fertile layer, then at once continuous clay. Long there is in the spring water on a surface, and in the summer if the summer happens rainy. Roots of many plants cannot go to clay. If to dig out a deep hole in clay, to fill it brought from where the fertile earth, then the tree all the same can die. In a clay hole during a rainy season water will accumulate, clay will hold it, and roots will decay.

 - I do not think, Vladimir that situation such desperate as you depicted it. Tell how people treat the events? Do not despond?

 - No, do not despond. For the majority, it is felt, it is the patrimonial earth for ages. Even parents come to some, will live a little and ask that not at the cemetery they were buried, and in the family estate. Everything is good, but the fact that the earth is not capable to fructify normally, strongly upsets me. I even regretted that I dreamed that in this place the settlement arose. Now as if guilty I feel.

 - How you will arrive now, Vladimir, concerning the hectare?

 - I am not going to throw it. I think, the exit some has to be.

 - I too so think. You have to look for it and find. - I looked for it, but did not find. Therefore I ask you - help.

 - What task you set, Vladimir? You state it in details.

 I was delighted that Anastasia began to ask about a task reality, and decided to formulate it on the maximum complexity. Otherwise, thought, it will not be interesting to it. I began to explain:

 - Anastasia, I ask you, very much I ask, make so that on my hectare and on others apple-trees, plums and pears, cherries and sweet cherry could grow too. Grapes that grew ripe! Flowers good and bushes different. Still make so that all this happened to the minimum expenses. What on forces to the average person, not the oligarch capable to invest millions of dollars.

 - All this, Vladimir?

 - No, Anastasia, there is more to come. I ask you, very much I ask. Make so that all this occurred no more as in three years.

 - Better for four or five.

 - No, for three.

 - You set the good task for yourself, Vladimir, I will sincerely rejoice when you solve it.

 Even went hot me from such answer, I jumped from the place, but restrained, without having told roughness. Tried to calm down as far as it is possible and to explain:

 - Anastasia, I not only for myself ask. You understand. There in this place two hundred fifty families. Two hundred fifty. They build family estates. They understood, experienced told by you. It became their dream! But they equip the estates on the earth which absolutely, is absolutely unproductive. It and is registered according to documents. These people would not manage to receive another. Earlier, even before reorganization, these lands belonged to state farm. The state then on these lands did melioration, the drainage, pipes drove in the earth that to take away waters, and all the same, except grain, nothing on them grew.

 And now all this melioration is nullified, means are plundered and it is impossible to make anything any more practically. And whether costs, times did not help. How now to improve fertility of the soil on my hectare?

 And still I up to the end cannot imagine planning of all site. I very much want, to make everything beautifully and quickly. I need to catch up with those people who for five years ahead of me. Here also I ask you to help, to make to me this planning and to pick up plantings.

 - Planning, of course, is very important, Vladimir, planning is a creation by means of a future thought, then there is a materialization. But if you entrust planning to me, what yours will be materialized on this ground?

 - I say to you that I plan too, but I am afraid to be mistaken. Here I faced in practice such simple, it seems, business as a live fence, and it turned out that this absolutely even not simple business. It can be improved infinitely, but knowledge is required not smaller here, than to designers of spaceships. It is necessary to know what plant during what period blossoms what is required to it the soil what height reaches for the summer period what flowers at it and as they will be combined with flowers of other plants, and many other things. I from adobe planned something to make, and experts speak, it will be washed away by a rain. Present, I will build, I will employ workers, and then will make a fun of me.

 - If you even make a mistake, Vladimir, then it will be your mistake, and it materializes. Therefore planning needs to be done most. It is possible to consult, of course, on someone, but the final decision in this case always has to remain for you. In the spring, Vladimir, you can plant only annual plants when they grow, to mow them and to fertilize the soil. The next year to arrive also.

 - I cannot wait, I want quickly, otherwise not one more year will be lost.

 - Perhaps, you should not hurry? Everything is better to do thoroughly besides if you lay down conditions to realize everything in one year, then you will be sharply limited in the choice of plantings, and in the fall when all one-year dries and your green hedge will remain without any plantings, it can disappoint you. If you make all correctly, then will receive more positive emotions. Of course, it is possible to make everything and in the accelerated option...

 Anastasia for a moment thought, and it seemed to me that she considers the accelerated option, and it turned out here that.



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