the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 - What you ask, Vladimir, feasible I feel that it is feasible, but you do not want to look for decisions. Instead of spending energy for search, you spend it for convincing me to find the solution.

 You put before yourself a barrier which consists of disbelief in own forces, and, persuading me, you strengthen this barrier stronger and stronger. Behind it, Vladimir, behind your barrier of disbelief in own forces, fine gardens blossom, wonderful flowers grow, among them there live happy people, but you do not see all this, interferes with you the barrier constructed by you.

 If the solution is found by me, then it will even more become stronger. Besides the decision can be very much simple, and it will offend you. You will think how you itself could not guess? You will decide what is visible, incapable you.

 You address me, perhaps, including me charodeyky, capable to attract to the solution of your question unknown to the person of force, but I at all not a charodeyka. Through the feelings I can accept information from the Universe on everything that was, about everything that is known by the Universe, but also each person is capable to accept the same information if does not build disbelief barriers in own forces. If it is exciting physically and to think neizvrashchyonno.

 Information of the Universe is similar to the fact that it may contain a supercomputer. The person owning the computer presses several buttons and obtains information demanded to it. Now present, Vladimir instead of pressing several buttons, you ask it to make me. The person needs information constantly and if he is not able to press these buttons, near him there has to be constantly able.

 - Yes I am able to obtain information on the computer, I do not know how to receive it from the Universe.

 - Simply, very simply - most to look for the solution of a task. To believe that you will find the right decision. The most true.

 - Yes I think about it, the whole year I think, there is no answer.

 - I speak to you, the answer cannot break through the barrier constructed by you, and your ardent address to me only confirms it. I will not solve for you your problem.

 The resolute refusal of Anastasia in the help revolted me.

 - Well, of course, you will not be. You are firm in the beliefs, no arguments can force you to arrive differently - with bitter irony I spoke. - I once again repeat, two hundred fifty families, God forbid, if in other places builders of family estates can have the same situation, as in it there, but there two hundred fifty...

 - Vladimir, maybe, God also put this situation. Imagine if there initially there was a fertile soil, then these people would not get these places.

 Perhaps God and suited all, and counted powerful these lands unsuitable for cultivation of gardens. Such situation gave the chance to two hundred fifty families to buy this land and to begin to build family estates. Perhaps, even someone laughs at them, considers that at them paradise oases will not turn out, but a small sparkle information will break through to someone from them, and these places on fruit-trees and herbs will light up with billions of flowers.

 - Perhaps this sparkle will also break through, but there is a wish to live today, now, and with fine vision of the future, not with a hopelessness.

 Suddenly I felt pleasant warmly behind the back and looked back. Near me there was my son Volodya. Our views met, and unusual heat amplified.

 My son the person was similar to Anastasia and, maybe, slightly to me in youth. Its growth almost reached mine. It still the youthful constitution differed in symmetry and an unusual atletichnost, but not an artificial rating of muscles, but ideally harmonious.

 Son's look... It was similar to the caressing Anastasia's look, and in this look... You understand, in his look inexplicable confidence was read. Inexplicable and some quiet confidence. It seems, he does not know about existence of any vital difficulties at all or does not represent situations which are insuperable the person.

 Volodya bowed to me, and then started talking, addressing Anastasia:

 - Mother, I heard what you speak here about. Allow me, mother to address you and to express the opinion. - He respectfully bowed to Anastasia and silently waited for the answer it.

 I for the first time saw or felt with what respect and love it concerns Anastasia. Probably, he without its permission could not enter dialogue.

 Anastasia attentively looked at the son and did not hurry to answer. In her look there was no severity, it is rather a tenderness and respect.

 "Strange - I thought - why she so long does not answer its elementary request? Speed of her thought is big, for such long pause she could count a set of options of succession of events. And here and there is nothing to count". At last Anastasia answered:

 - Speak, the sonny, we with the father will listen carefully to you.

 - I consider, mother, it will be good and correct if you help the father. I feel, for it it is important to solve this problem. And if to help it, then the disbelief barrier in own forces and own mind will not become stronger, and will decrease. Perhaps, partially, but it will even fail. I consider, the father needs to be helped - and Volodya became silent.

 Anastasia answered not immediately again. Some time it is tender, with a smile, looked at the son, then told:

 - Of course you are right, the sonny, in this situation the father needs really to be helped. You, Volodya, help, please, the father. You together and together with other people will find the solution. It will be better if you begin to look for it right now, directly here, and I will not disturb you.

 Anastasia turned, and began to move away from us slowly. Having departed on several steps, she turned back and added:

 - You should create very interesting and useful business, visually and significantly to improve the habitat.

 We with the son one stood before each other. I asked it:

 - Tell, Volodya, and you can as mother to use all information that is in the Universe? Many thinkers speak about it. Stanislav Lem, the writer very known, and told the Universe - as the supercomputer. Not to do us without this supercomputer. At you it turns out to use it?

 - As quickly, as at mother, it is impossible to me.

 - Why?

 - Because mother thoroughbred.

 - What does thoroughbred mean? - I was surprised.

 - It means that breed of the person of primary sources remained in it.

 - And in you why did not remain? Understood... - And about himself thought: "It because I am underbred. Probably, so Anastasia explained it to him. Why then agreed to give rise from underbred? Nobody else was not, means?"

 The son attentively looked at me. Perhaps, he understood what I thought of, and said:

 - Mother very much loves you, the father, we will go with me, I will show you two things.

 - Let's go - I agreed and followed the son.

 When we approached an entrance to a dugout where I spent the night with Anastasia at the first meeting, Volodya removed a stone, opening an entrance to an oblong peshcherka, or a hole. It pushed a hand there and pulled out as if from the safe, an empty bottle from under cognac and a stick.

 I learned: it was that bottle from which I drank cognac at the first meeting on a halt. "It is necessary, it kept a bottle" - I thought.

 - And what the stick is? - I asked Volodya.

 - It is that stick which you wanted to beat mother when she did not agree to give you on education me, not given rise yet.

 - The stick could be not kept - I confusedly told.

 - Mother says that when you held this stick, in you the set of energiya stormed, and now she is dear to it.

 - And what it with them, with these things, does? In a bottle though waters can be gathered.

 - Mother does not gather in her water. She often comes to this place, removes a stone, takes a bottle and a stick in hand, looks at them with a smile and tells words. She made so that you will live forever, the father. From time to time to fall asleep for a moment and to wake up in a new body.

 - And how it can be created words? - I was surprised.

 - Words it is possible to create a lot of things, the father, and especially when these words are pronounced by mother moreover so often repeats them.

 - What it words, Volodya? - quietly I asked the son. And my son began as verses to read the words which are often said on this place by Anastasia:

 - My dear, eternity ahead at us with you. Comes life always into the own. The ray of the sun will flash in the spring, in new Soul, but also a body will put on transitory it is not for nothing humble, will embrace the earth, fresh flowers, a grass will ascend from our bodies in the spring. If in the Universe immense you motes vanish, storing disbelief, from the motes, in vechnost wandering, my darling, I will bring together you.

 - I heard too, Volodya as once these words were told by Anastasia, thought, she says just beautiful syllable, and did not assume that they have a direct sense.

 - Yes, the father, they have a direct sense.

 - Well also put - I stretched - thanks a lot of Anastasia for eternity.

 - The father, you tell thanks to mother at a meeting, tell with belief in her words, then she very much will be delighted.

 - I will tell.

 - We should solve your problem, the father, now our task the general. Let's go to the lake, on sand we will draw the plan of hectare about which you speak, and we will think how to equip it. We will think so strongly and until the right decision comes to us.

 I followed the son and thought: "Well, how? How it can come, this decision? There is no answer neither in literature, nor on the Internet. Everywhere I looked for it, did not find. Consulted on specialists in an agrotechnology, nothing serious was advised. And he, Volodya, obviously at all read nothing on this matter. Abilities as at Anastasia, at it is not present. He is not able to use information from all Universe. Then by means of what it can find something there? And it goes as if it is capable to solve a problem. It is necessary to undertake something more effective, than senseless expectations, or searches". And I decided to talk to the son.

 - Stop, Volodya, let's sit down here on this tree. I need to talk to you seriously.

 - Well, the father, we will sit down, I will listen carefully to you.

 We sat down on the fallen tree trunk. My son, having put hands on knees, attentively looked at me Anastasia's look, and I did not know how to begin with it not really pleasant conversation. Unpleasant, but necessary.

 - Now I will tell, maybe, not really pleasant things for you, Volodya, but they need to be told.

 - Speak, the father, I will sustain also unpleasant, I will not take offense.

 - You have to understand, Volodya, Anastasia directed you for the aid to me that I ceased to ask her. You will not be able to render any help to either me, or those people which equip estates. Abilities as at mother, in you is not present, you do not understand an agrotechnology what is "landscaping" obviously do not know. So?

 - I think, the father, landscaping, it when beautiful the person is going to create space.

 - Approximately so, but to make it beautiful, people with abilities also study for five years and more, communicate, pictures different look. And you saw at least one estate with good design?

 - When we with mother went to the village, I saw, on the earth around the houses people...

 - You saw only rural kitchen gardens, without any design.

 - Yes, father, kitchen gardens. But I represented what I would make the estate. Often reflected and represented.

 - Just one representation insufficiently. Serious and comprehensive knowledge which you do not have are necessary. And to think, therefore, you have nothing. As for me, I think not the first year. And not just I think, and I consult on experts. Everything is useless. And now just our one dumaniye we will not put business in motion. But you can really help. At me the plan ripened. You have to help me to persuade Anastasius to be connected to the solution of this question. If we together show persistence, it will be given.

 - The father, but mother already made the decision. Its decision also is the help. I am not able to afford to persuade mother to cancel her decision.

 - Here is how! It is not able to afford! - I exclaimed. - Means when mother speaks to you "help", you recklessly obey her. And when the father asks, at once "I will not become". Well and a vospitanyitsa at you! Any respect for seniors! To the father!

 - I treat you with great respect, the father - quietly objected Volodya. - I will satisfy your request and I will help you - Here it is so best of all. Now, let's take a walk somewhere till the evening, then we will come to Anastasia as if very upset. It will not sustain and will begin to help.

 - The father, when I spoke, I will help, meant that together with you I will resolve an issue with improvement of fertility of the soil and to do the model, landscaping of all estate.

 - Ah so! Means, to solve. You though understand... Let's go, you will understand... - And I quickly walked to the coast.

 On sand a twig I drew the plan of the hectare adjoining the wood. Different blades and sticks from trees, sticking them on the one hand in sand, Volodya represented the wood which adjoins side of the site, opposite to the road. I drew the plan of the site, just that Volodya in practice could be convinced of uselessness of the attempts. And then it happened so that I also was fond of search of various options.

 Two days we thought over a problem how to make that on the poor soil gardens could grow, ripen various vegetables. Turned over in the mind and discussed a set of options, but the problem was not solved. Did not decide because one of conditions was to make everything with a minimum of means. If not this condition, in the presence of money it is possible to bring in KamAZ of fertile soil, but at least fifty KamAZ with the earth for this purpose would be required. The cost of everyone makes seventeen thousand rubles. Therefore, eight hundred fifty thousand rubles would be required.

 To the majority of two hundred fifty families it would be beyond the means. Besides, the water standing close to a surface could wash away a fertile layer in the spring and carry away it, flowing down to the lowland.

 To distract from the hopeless task of improvement of fertility of the soil seeming then, we with Volodya began to project landscaping of the territory, more precisely, different structures tried to arrange so that they were combined with each other and with the surrounding territory.

 I explained to Volodya:

 - In the beginning it is necessary to construct a toilet and a bath, then a hozblok, the house, a garage, a cellar, the greenhouse. All this somehow so it is necessary to arrange that it was beautiful and it is convenient.

 We built the house model from sand, having arranged it on the center of the site. A bath and a toilet near the house, a hozblok from the house back. We represented the greenhouse from sand too. Over an oblong small group put a white stick that it was similar to glass or a polyethylene film.

 This greenhouse obviously did not fit in anywhere, we on the right, to the left of the house constructed it, but it was all the same beaten out from the general ensemble. And this, so-called ensemble, was not pleasant to me, and, apparently, Volodya too. Thoughtfully looking at the project, he told:

 - We made some mistake.

 - And not one - I added - it is similar, there is a lot of them.

 - I nevertheless, think, one. There has to be some correct approach, some principle, some relation, or something else one it that will solve all problems at once.

 - And what it can be for approach new? I arranged all as most of people in the country do. This arrangement was developed for centuries, is not given another. People could not be mistaken for centuries, without knowing any principle which, maybe, and at all does not exist.

 - It exists, I feel it. - Volodya kept silent and added: - Or, maybe, it will exist. We should think, the father, and we will find him.

 - And where we will find it if neither you, nor I do not contact to this Universal database?

 - Let's look for it in ourselves.

 - Well, you, maybe, will find in yourself, and to me sixty years will be soon and I, probably, will not be in time.

 - Let's be in time, the father, we will surely be in time. I will try very much, I will find it, we will find.

 I so strongly strained the thoughts that even at night when fell asleep on fragrant herbs in a dugout, in a dream touched various options. In a dream at me quickly, directly in the eyes, fruit-trees and flowers grew, but then also quickly faded and fell, without yielding fruits.



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