the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 To the middle of the second day we with the son considered the following option And that if not to suffer with fertility of the soil, not to withdraw spring waters from the site, and on the contrary to block a way to waste streamlets and to select plants which love water? The option turned out a little skudnovaty and without good garden. At this time also Anastasia approached, conducting our daughter for the handle.

 Little Nastenka, probably, decided that we with Volodya play some game. She fast sat down by us and began to consider the model attentively. On it the ditch representing a pond was already dug. On the edge - the mountain of sand representing clay as on the site the clay soil.

 I not to sit the idol, began to drive a stick on hectare perimeter, deepening line, then threw a stick and just began to look at the sandy model.

 Nastenka on all fours crept up closely to the model, sat down with edge, for some reason thoughtfully rubbed the nose and suddenly... Its small chubby handle began to row up sand on line, forming a hillock, it did it slowly and carefully. When reached the middle of one of the parties of hectare, Volodya began to do in return an oblong hillock too. And itself without knowing why, I too two hands began to rake up sand on line.

 As a result the hectare framed from four parties with an earth shaft turned out. We silently looked at created. Everyone, probably, as well as I, tried to realize what it would mean.

 - And I understood - Anastasia's voice was distributed behind my back. - As it is healthy! You found very unusual solution! Now, now I will try to understand, solve your plan more precisely. Everything, understood! You decided to fill from the fertile soil existing on hectare on perimeter of hectare of almost meter height a shaft of the fertile earth. To use at the same time a part of a fertile layer and sand. Great! You increased thickness of a fertile layer.

 On perimeter of all site, at distance of four meters from each other, you decided to make two walls of adobe. There will be many clay when digging a pond, and it can be used for a construction of these walls. Thus, your shaft will appear in a clay trench. You will outline in this trench of branches and rotten foliage from the wood, will level over them the earth. The long, four hundred-meter compost trench in which the raised earth will appear above the usual level of all site will turn out. Clay walls will not allow a fertile layer to creep away when there are spring rains.

 The raised earth will heat up in the spring quicker, and it will allow for two weeks before usual to plant many plants. You, so correctly understood that to do compost, digging out a hole in the earth where on a surface long there is water, it is less rational as it will be filled with water which in the clay soil will have no place to leave and if in it to plant fruit-trees, their roots can rot.

 On it the shaft in the first year can plant corn, sunflowers, and on outer sides flowers. By fall, in the first year, the hectare will be framed not just with shaft, and shaft on which the two-meter green fence will grow. Closer to fall you fill up it, again prisypt the earth, and by next spring this shaft will become even more fertile. When the earth is condensed, on it it will be possible to plant fruit-trees, vegetables and flowers. Clay walls can settle under the influence of moisture over time, but all the same and the accumulated clay will hold a fertile layer, and backs of plants will not allow it to creep away.

 And these half-meter small squares from adobe constructed near a pond, for what? Oh, you do not speak, understood. In them the fertile earth, from the wood brought will be filled and fruit-trees, around trees - vegetables and flowers are planted.

 Great, what simple and original decision was found by you. Solved in the right places to lift a fertile layer, having increased it to a half a meter. In such hillock warmly it will also be cozy to roots. And the growing trees are farther will make the business. Every fall trees dump from themselves foliage, it will rot through, increasing a fertile layer.

 Great. You as if pressed the button, having included the self-formed biological organism.

 I understood, Anastasia states the solution found by her, but pretends as if we found it, and she only solves. Such situation did not humiliate me at all. I rejoiced to the solution found by it. It is simple, beautiful, will not involve big costs.

 And here Volodya did not rejoice at all, he, without raising the head, continuously looked at the estate model. At me even heart clenched when I understood what could be created in his soul now. To it it was awkward before me that convinced me as if will be able to find the solution. And before too that did not execute Anastasia's order.

 We approached the son for these one and a half days of collaboration over the project, and I absolutely did not take offense at his obstinacy any more, I saw how Volodya tried, touching various options of improvement of fertility of the soil. And now I felt sorry for him, I even ceased to listen to Anastasia. Well, it is impossible to humiliate the child so! Not only that I to it the day before told, proving that at it nothing will turn out, so also Anastasia the subsequent criticism razed to the ground our efforts. She should not act this way. Or... It seemed to me that Anastasia specially teases the son, forces to strain and accelerate a thought.

 - And what is it represents a square in the center of your project? - Anastasia asked.

 - It is the house - I answered - we with Volodya decided to locate the house in the center of the estate. Around construction different economic. To the house from gate the way is paved, at the edges of the road flowers will grow.

I was convinced that Anastasia will begin to praise such decision therefore told "we with Volodya" though to locate the house in the center of the estate there was my idea. I wanted to support somehow the son, but everything turned out on the contrary.

 - And where entrance to your house? - Anastasia asked.

 - From the access road, of course. At once you drive up directly to an entrance, on the platform before it you leave the car and you rise by an open verandah. The table will stand on it. On this verandah with friends it is possible to have and admire tea flowers.

 - And the access road - with some acidity in a voice Anastasia added.

 - And the road - I answered - if the road is laid out by a beautiful tile.

 - And what behind the house is located?

 - Behind the house a pond, a garden, a kitchen garden some.

 - Means, the garden at you on boondocks turned out. You on a verandah have tea with friends, admire flowers, and everything that is located on boondocks, is deprived of your attention. Vladimir, you know that all animals, to plants need human attention. Without it they cannot execute the mission fully.

 Plants can give to the person necessary for him energy if know what are required for it energy first of all. But how they learn about it if you with them limit communication? You, Vladimir, know mission of communication with flora?

 - It is known - I answered - trying to hide disappointment, because that the house as it appeared, is located not too successfully. A half of hectare moreover together with a garden, really appeared on boondocks.

 - And still to me it is unclear - Anastasia continued - why you did not clean this huge hill on the bank of a pond? It makes heavier space.

 After these words Volodya could not restrain any more. He got up, as before slightly bowed to Anastasia, and told:

 - Allow me, mother to explain to you.

 - Explain, please, the sonny.

 They stood opposite to each other - the son and mother. And I for some reason had an impression that it is two great magicians of the Universe stand opposite to each other. Now they will enter single combat. Single combat of reason and opportunities of the person. Holy Christ, as Anastasia is beautiful! As this is mysterious and unusual the abilities and thinking, the woman who became to me the closest. One life and two will not drop down to reach it. And the son, features a little similar to Anastasia, is beautiful and stately too, but is reckless slightly or excessively self-confident. Why he enters an antagonism? Moreover at my presence. Itself said that Anastasia's abilities surpass it. Probably, proud it and resolute, but reckless slightly. And nevertheless I grieved about Volodya, wanted that he won unclear what competition. And it began.

 - It is not just the hill, mother - Volodya said.

 - Then what is it? - with a smile and an easy acidity in a voice Anastasia asked.

 - Well, as if to tell it...

 Volodya slowly, drawled words, obviously trying to think up something rational from this hill, suddenly said:

 - It is a bath, mother.

 I even shuddered from the unexpected absurd announcement of the son, but, itself I do not know why, somehow sedately confirmed:

 - Yes, it is a normal modern bath, very necessary construction in the estate. If there is no bath, then where to wash, take a steam bath where? - I took great pain to pull time to allow Volodya to find somehow a way out, to think up something. Would tell better that this mountain serves for driving in the winter on skis. Precisely reckless. - In a bath also it is possible to sleep while at home is not present - I continued the reasonings. But further did not know any more what to tell, and became silent.

 - Strange. I do not see similarity of the mountain from clay on a bath, and an entrance any in this bath something is not observed - noticed Anastasius.

Well everything, I solved, the son blurted out inattentively about a bath, and lost, and any to you battles of magicians. However Volodya continued:

 - Same model, mother. The hill representing clay at us from sand, sand is showered also an entrance it is difficult to show - Volodya still spoke slowly, and obviously strenuously at the same time thought of something. And suddenly his face as if lit up, he continued to speak, but is already accurate and sure: - When there is a clay, here, from a pond, the small entrance to the oval room with a dome is formed. Diameter of the oval room two or three meters. Height is two meters and thirty centimeters. Thickness of walls of a construction can reach meter. In walls channels for an exit of smoke and hot air, they meet to one big canal which can be closed then a stopper.

 Stones at the edges can lie in the oval room, fire will be lit in the middle.

 Internal walls of this room will be warmed. Fire can admire from a pond and if there is no wish to admire, it is possible to cover an entrance with a door. When walls are warmed and fire will go out, in this room the person can enter. His body will get warm from all directions, from below and from above. Clay will radiate very useful and fertile heat for the person.

 - Yes, of course, this very useful radiation - now Anastasia thoughtfully spoke - especially if there to put a vessel with infusion of curative herbs. Information on such bath was not in the Universe, and you could not receive it, so you added this information to the Universe, and now you...

 I looked at an earth gorochka on the model, represented this bath, around it flower beds, roses, the coast of a beautiful pond. And even just from representation on a body some most fertile heat really developed. I intuitively understood - Volodya thought up something, earlier not existing. From it it became extraordinary joyful as though both the body rejoiced, and soul.

 I began to think of the project of the estate in general again, of how I am trembling and beautiful a body and the mind of Anastasius. Of course, it is not indifferent to this project, and can be, there was her merit in the solution of a task of improvement of fertility of the soil which was earlier considered hopeless most. It is necessary to think up it - to raise above the ground an ordinary compost pit and to turn it into a green hedge. Means, after all agreed to help, contrary to the principles. It is somehow imperceptible to help. I approached Anastasia and quietly whispered:

 - Same you thought up everything, you found the solution, thanks to you, Anastasia.

 - We together thought up it, Vladimir - Anastasia also in a whisper said. - And perhaps, more it is a merit of those two hundred fifty families about which you speak.

 - But they were not here when we thought.

 - Here, perhaps, was also not, but they were there, on the hectares, and too thought how it is better to arrive. And present, Vladimir if they were not in general? Unless you would arrange an alarm in all family? Unless you would begin to strain so and so with emotion to demand to find the solution? If them was, perhaps, you even an edge of a thought concerned this question. They, these two hundred fifty families, perhaps, main character of the project.

 - Yes, he agrees, all of us together created it also for it "together" bigger thanks to you, Anastasia. - And then added: - And for the eternity presented to me too thanks. I was at that place where you hide an empty bottle.

 Anastasia slightly looked down and added:

 - And stick.

 - And a stick - I confirmed and laughed. Anastasia too modulatingly and cheerfully laughed, and even little Nastenka began to jump near the model, to wave handles and to laugh. Only Volodya indifferent to the events, still with concentration and thoughtfully looked at the model.

 And I suddenly felt intolerably sorry for the son. In spite of the fact that he managed to think up an unusual bath, he, of course, considers himself not coped with Anastasia's order.

 And before me to it, probably, it is inconvenient that did not listen to me, proved as if we will cope without Anastasia. He really tried, but... There was a wish to support somehow him, to encourage. But how to make it? It is unclear.

 Volodya with concentration looks at the model, probably, still something special tries in it to think up. Does not understand that the main thing is thought already up.

 Late at night, before going to bed, I asked Anastasia:

 - And where Volodya and Nastenka sleep?

 - In different places - Anastasia answered - Nastenka with me sometimes. Why you ask about it, Vladimir?

 - Yes it is so simple, wanted to talk to Volodya about something.

 - So call him.

 - How to call, shout perhaps?

 - Yes just call, he will hear.

 I called. And after a while saw the son going to my party. It was still extremely concentrated. When Volodya approached closer, I asked him:

 - You when, Volodya, thought up what the mountain from clay is a bath and why earlier about it did not speak to me?

 - I solved so to speak when mother began to criticize our project and the clay mountain on our project. A bath decided to call it because you, the father, spoke to me: "First of all it is necessary to construct a toilet and a bath on the site". For a toilet the mountain is rather big, and I decided to call it a bath.

 - But then you began to speak about its device and usefulness. You thought up it on the run, in one moment, or nevertheless can use Universal information how mother?

 - As mother, I cannot, the father, but in it, perhaps, is also the usefulness. I try quickly to think out about what I cannot obtain information, sometimes it turns out.

 - Moreover as great it turns out! You are directly an inventor. At me your invention does not go out of the mind. I even decided to make the working model after arrival. I will buy a clay jug, I will do in it a hole at the basis, I will close a neck a cover some with a hole for a pipe, and I will light a candle, for about two hours, instead of a fire inside to look how it will be warmed. Only walls at a jug thin, not really exact model will turn out.

 - And you, the father, impose a jug with clay, and there will be a model more precisely.

 - Precisely, I will impose with clay. You, Volodya, excuse me, well, generally, it I so in a temper told that to you to think there is nothing. You do not become angry about me.

 - I never also became angry about you, the father - he quietly answered.

 - And do not become angry about mother. You, of course, understood, she only pretended as if we thought up this earth shaft on perimeter of hectare, actually they from Nastenkaya prompted the idea to us.

 - Yes, the father, I understood everything.

 - But it is not important who thought up, it is important that the problem with the earth is solved now. Anastasius's good fellow, however, Volodya?

 - Mother called us on a competition, the father.

 - Competition? Call? I felt something like that when you against each other stood. It is such game, Volodya? For mind of development, huh?

 - It is possible to tell, a game, more precisely, a competition.

 - Dishonest this competition. Anastasia possesses information, volume about the Universe, and we are deprived of such opportunity. How here to compete?

 Volodya listened to my arguments and with quiet confidence answered: - I accepted a call, the father.

 - Well and in vain accepted. You will lose. Hundred percent, you will lose! You will be upset then as today was upset. I saw when Anastasia spoke about a shaft earth, about the house in the center and boondocks, you sat upset, with the hung head. And here you will even more be upset.

 - I should not lose, the father. My loss will upset mother.

 - So let imperceptibly somehow will give in to you that most then not to be upset.

 - Mother will not be able to give in.

 - Eh, Volodya, Volodya, sometimes seems to me, you a little reckless. It is fine that happened, happened, you go to sleep, Volodya. I will go too and I will think how it is better to locate the house on hectare, maybe, I will think up something.

 - Yes, the father, you need to sleep well. Kind dream to you, father.

 We divorced the son, but I could not go to bed at once. Told Anastasia:

 - You do not wait for me, fall asleep one, Anastasia. I need to think of something here.

 By the light of white Siberian night I went at an entrance to a dugout, thought how to help Volodya. Occasionally looked at the sleeping Anastasia. She slept on one side, having curled up, having put a palm under the head, and slightly smiled to something in a dream.

 Smiles, the beauty mild as if the child. And the day before, it it is necessary to scarify our planning so mercilessly! Called a house location wrong on the model. Boondocks of half-hectare at you turn out, told. Of course, so it also is. It is necessary to remember an arrangement of houses from magazines on landscaping. Volodya, of course, will not manage to solve a problem with an arrangement of constructions as it has no information. I should think over everything, and that he absolutely will be undeceived in own forces. I so strongly wanted to help the son that itself felt, I will not fall asleep, I will not think up something efficient yet. I saw a set of country houses with different constructions on the land plots, so I and need to find the correct solution. But it did not come. The majority of houses which I happened to see in general the front on the carriageway.

 Passed long after midnight, and I all went along a dugout, touching different options of an arrangement of the house and homestead constructions.

 Also it was suddenly thought up! Somehow at once it was thought up as if flashed, and very much it was pleasant to me thought up. Well, I will answer it tomorrow! Eh, I will answer!

 I began to represent how I will respond Anastasia to her remark on boondocks tomorrow. I will begin as if carelessly: "You here yesterday, Anastasia, about a location spoke something, about some boondocks at home" - "Yes, spoke, on boondocks of half-hectare at you turned out" - she will tell. "Lie, Anastasia, not so all. You just did not notice a vmyatinka on the model. And it is a verandah around all house. When hot, we with friends sit from shady side, at the wall opposite to an entrance. We sit, we admire a garden, beds, and there are no boondocks. On perimeter of all house the verandah open passes". - "Yes, it is valid, I did not notice" - Anastasia will tell.

 It was well thought up, I solved, and gradually not to interrupt its sleep, lay down on an odorous bed near the Sleeping Beauty.

 At night about our bath the dream dreamed me strange. As if I enter it, I close a door behind myself. And the bath comes off the earth and flies to the sky, gathering and gathering speed.



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