the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 I woke up hours in eleven, probably, slept so long from two-day continuous intellectual tension. As soon as woke up, I wanted to see the son again and to talk to him about a bath. To tell it that it is not just a bath. This multipurpose construction. It can serve as a street fireplace at which it is exciting to sit with friends or with a family. In it it is possible to dry clothes, mushrooms and many other things. In it it is possible to bake bread and to prepare tasty dishes. And of course in it it is possible to be treated, warming up a body unusual heat. So reflecting, I went to that place on the bank of the lake where there was an estate model. When left bushes, to me the following picture opened.

 Near the model of the estate the tired she-wolf lay, her legs were soiled by clay. Meters in two from a she-wolf, in a small pole the she-bear was trampled down, it kneaded clay. Volodya, being kneeling, ground palms of the hands built by him on the bank of a pond from clay... Built.... No! Language will not turn to call what was seen a bath. Even the fear for presence of a she-bear and a she-wolf left somewhere aside, and I approached closer.

 The central part of what was built by Volodya was similar to the head and a trunk of some unusual bird. At the basis a small opening - an entrance to the internal room. From the central part of a construction similar to an unusual bird, two departed it covered, they embraced space. Under one of wings the man and the woman similar to me and to Anastasius sat. In the center the little girl played. Day was cloudy, the sun brightly a star, was behind clouds. Shadow play made an impression as if the bird live and can fly up as soon as people enter it.

 - It just some delusion, since morning also I think only of your bath - the voice of Anastasia with little Nastenkaya who came to the coast of the lake for the handle was heard. - Something in it is unusual, it is necessary to solve. I even...

 Anastasia became silent, without having finished speaking the phrase. She saw created by the son. Together with Nastenka approached closer, sat down at the model, embraced the daughter and silently watched some time at a sculpture, unusual on beauty. Also started talking as if reflecting aloud:

 - The earth, fire, water, air, radiation, the person and all this is in one bird. And such unusual. To the bird similar to the eagle-hen training to fly sons.

 - This construction is multipurpose - I noticed Anastasius, rejoicing to its admiration - in it it is possible not only to get warm with friends, but also to bake bread, food to cook, dry mushrooms or still something - Yes, it is possible. But it is not necessary with friends. Only with close relatives, and is more often to one.

 - Why so?

 - This device, Vladimir, will work, perhaps, is more effective than a dolmen. In it it is possible to meditate.

 During our conversation Nastenka who approached the model diligently picked out something in it a finger.

 - Look, Anastasia, our daughter Nastenka wants to destroy the model?

 - I think, she wants to show that in a dome it is necessary to make small round openings, to make the windows coming to four parts of the world. Then in the afternoon inside will be light-, and stars will be visible at night.

 - And on the center too I planned to make a round window - Volodya added.

 Nastenka as if understood that all agree with her, ceased to drill a finger clay and slowly as if reflecting on something special, went to the wood.

 - Anasta - itself without understanding why I said it following.

 Nastenka turned back and attentively looked at me. The breeze corrected a lock of her hair and opened the birthmark similar to an asterisk on a forehead. The girl smiled and continued the way which purpose was known only to her.

 Anastasia continued to consider silently built by Volodya. She tried to realize something. Never before such concentrated I saw it. At last Anastasia started talking as if arguing aloud:

 - Five light circles, and they will move in process of the movement of the sun, the moon. To move on walls and half of the internal oval or round room. It is very important. They will light the person.

 - Tell, Anastasia, and the person who is in this construction can restore the health, how in any bath?

 - It will work more effectively, than any bath or all combined. Heated clay emits radiation, very useful to the person, blood on veins will quicker move, to get warm and be cleared internals.

 - And what specifically the disease can treat by means of procedures in this construction?

 - The person will receive fertile impact on all organism, therefore, it will be easier for organism to struggle with any disease, but it is possible to concentrate forces and to direct them to concrete body.

 - Well, here kidneys, for example, how to treat how to direct forces?

 - It is necessary to fill clean sand in a wooden bathtub, to roll a bathtub in the center of the oval room and when sand heats up, to be dug in it. Outside there has to be only a head. Before it it is good to eat a water-melon. Sand very well absorbs the sweat which is coming out a time.

 - So sweat and in a usual bath comes out a human body why in sand to lay down?

 - Vladimir, but in a usual bath the sweat which is coming out, for example, the top time on a back, a breast or from a shoulder where leaves?

 - As where, flows down down.

 - That's it, flows down down, on other time, complicating in them sweating. Dry heated sand very well absorbs moisture, and sweat will directly go to sand, but not to flow down on all body of the person. Still well, being in a sandy bathtub, to drink curative grass broth.

 - And the liver as can be treated?

 - Means, and the liver disturbs you, Vladimir?

 - So it disturbs all.

 - Effective treatment of a liver in this construction can be done at three o'clock in the morning.

 - Why in three?

 - At this time a liver all other bodies help to be cleared of the dirt which is saved up in it. Still if to put palms back where there is a liver and to think of it with gratitude, to tell it mentally: "Thanks!", it will start and will begin to self-repair.

 - How it - to self-repair? It that - live?

 - Of course live, as well as all bodies of your body.

 - And why in this construction it is possible to meditate well? You said that it, perhaps, is more feasible, than in a dolmen.

 - The people who entered a dolmen went to eternal meditation. They tried to transfer information to the descendants. The dolmen helped them with it. This unique device even more effectively, than a dolmen, can help to transfer information, but it can under a certain condition and accept information from the Universe, transferring her to the person who is inside to hide deep into weed.

 Suddenly Anastasia became silent, looked at the son and asked him:

 - You still want to add something to the project of the estate, Volodya?

 - Yes, mother. But at first I want to be alone and think.

 - Well, we will not disturb you.

 It took Nastenka on hands, being going to leave. But Volodya asked:

 - Let Nastenka will remain.

 And Nastenka, having heard the brother's request, quickly slid off Anastasia's hands and went to the model. We with Anastasia left.



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