the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 The next morning we with Anastasia decided to descend on a glade of her grandfather. I asked to show me this place, its glade long ago and there were a wish to talk to it. To go to the grandfather's glade, according to Anastasia, not less than three hours are necessary. Therefore, the campaign could take the whole day, but it lasted for two days.

 During a way on a taiga, to the grandfather's glade, we talked to Anastasia about estates.

 - You know, Anastasia, many builders of family estates consider that it is not necessary to install electrical equipment in the estate, to use any equipment. Others use.

 - And you as think, Vladimir?

 - I think, at the initial stage and even professional builders not to do without the equipment.

 - Perhaps, you are right, Vladimir, let for centuries the saved technical means for the good will serve now. The unity of contrasts will turn out. But I think, it is necessary to project so life that in the future gradually to do without them.

 Some time I silently followed Anastasia. Crossed through the tumbled-down trunks of old trees, bent around on an invisible track of a thicket of a bush and thought of the, maybe, therefore slightly lagged behind. Even lost sight of it. But here, having passed some more steps, heard Anastasia's voice.

 - You, probably, were tired, Vladimir? We can have a rest, let's sit down.

 - Give - I agreed. - Difficult this path. Only an hour we go and as if ten kilometers passed.

 We sat down on a tree trunk. Anastasia stretched me a handful of the currant gathered on the way. I silently ate tasty berries of the Siberian taiga and continued to think of the unpleasant situation. Then decided to tell about it to Anastasia.

 - So it happened, Anastasia that I think not the first year of a situation, unpleasant for me. In one of books I told about origin of Christianity in Russia, gave historic facts, data from the museums. And negative information was obtained at me. All this origin was similar to capture of Russia., It seems, and correct stated the facts, and conclusions, but unpleasantly now at me at heart, which year of doubt torment.

 - Why it is unpleasant, Vladimir? Because, that certain representatives of church badly speak of you?

 - Well, I already got used to it, and here I cannot deal with another in any way.

 - And with what, Vladimir?

 - When I wrote negatively about the Christianization of Kievan Rus', it turned out that was negative not to someone specifically, and to all at once. Already then understood that it could not be done at all.

 - And how you understood it, Vladimir?

 - In the village Kuznichi, at mine the grandmother and the grandfather, I spent the best years of the childhood. I remember from this life in details much. I remember what is there, in a small Ukrainian hatka, above a table in a corner there were orthodox icons. The grandmother decorated them with the embroidered bench hammer and lit an icon lamp.

 Still I remember how mother even on sore legs visited church. Often I remember the confessor, the decent monastery of Trinity-Sergius Lavra - the father Feodorit. The presented Bible still at me is stored by it.

 Here also it turns out that, speaking negatively of Christianity, I spoke negatively of the to the grandfather and the grandmother, mother and the confessor Feodorita. Well and still, maybe, about many good and worthy people. When I realized all this, at the first opportunity, appearing on television on the first channel, I apologized to Church. But it became much easier for me from it not. What, you think, it is necessary to make still that to wash away guilt before my loved ones? And before itself, can be.

 - I think, it is necessary to realize everything up to the end and to call a positive image which will overshadow negative.

 - Of course, it is easy to tell - to realize, I try to make it not the first year and not really it turns out. Tell, and you here is how treat religions, maybe, some give preference, and deny some incorrect or tear away?

 - I do not understand, you put Vladimir, what sense in the word "deny", but I will try to show you your patrimonial chain. Here take a twig, it as if your saber will be which you will cut the chain links denied by you.

 In space there was an image of a long chain of the people holding hands. At the first group of people crosses and small icons hung on a neck.

 - You see, Vladimir, is your relatives of orthodox religion. And those which in a turban, Muslims, they are in your family tree too. And here big group of people who are called pagans today. Further your ancestors hold hands the Vedic period. They are followed by not clear outlines of people of the first race, still it is possible to tell about them that it is people of the first terrestrial civilization, they are not clear because information in space is not read about them, but there too there are your relatives.

 The first person in this patrimonial chain was created by God, he holds a hand good luck also now. In all the subsequent there is a part of God too. Once so it happens that next given rise your sort learns everything and will feel all. He too by a hand will unite good luck. Perhaps, it will be you, perhaps, your great-grandsons. The circle is formed. A circle - the Alpha and Omega and the Alpha again.

 And now think and tell what of groups of people you would like to remove from a chain?

 - It is necessary to think what... Wait, wait, Anastasia, but if I remove at least one group of people, the chain will be interrupted?

 - Of course, will be interrupted.

 - And if it is interrupted, the person who interrupted it will never be able to understand God, to take him by hand and to form a circle.

 - I too so think, will not be able.

 - What does it mean? The person has to accept all religions?

 - What religion to accept is the choice of each person, but, I think, it is impossible to deny anything from the way passed by mankind. Perhaps, everything that was in the past, is necessary for today's sensibleness. What you consider good needs to be accepted. What negative, at your look, looks just needs to be known that from now on it did not repeat. But not to tear away.

 - And what if you do not know, it surely has to repeat, and in the same look?

 - Yes, will repeat. The prophet as though new bearing will come, forgotten to him will listen with delight, without knowing that do not sotvoryat new at the same time.

 - But it is impossible to know in the accuracy of all was with mankind since creation. Even the next historical events historians to please distort the authorities.

 - In you, Vladimir, and in the person everyone, on Earth living, the part is in which about your sort all information is concluded, from creation till this day.

 - I understand, this information at the gene level is stored in each person, but how will learn to use it? There is a question.

 - Not to deny, not to tear away even shreds of the part.

 - And nobody is going to tear away the.

 - When you deny information on the past, to you come from the outside, at the same time tear away a part that that is in you.

 - And if this false information?

 - A part with false information too in you. It is kept that you could understand a lie.

 - Anastasia, but you showed it and told about how black monks killed seven vedrus, not persons interested to betray the belief, the way of life. I wrote about it in the book. The image of vedrus turned out strong very much, so many speak. And me it is often remembered. Especially that picture when the wounded ведрус, the artist, lay under a pine, pressing to a breast him the beloved's figurine which is cut out from a tree. He loved her all life, and she married another. He continued to love, hiding the love. Only when cut out figurines, they always on it were similar.

 He, the elderly aged man, entered battle with the whole group of opponents to take away them from a family of the beloved, and was wounded. And I wrote your words: "On a grass lay ведрус, did not groan, from a breast the streamlet of blood flew down. The pine wooden was not able to cry..." Well, you remember?

 - Yes, Vladimir, I remember this emotional scene.

 - And how to me or still to someone not to tear away after this picture of black monks?

 - Tell, Vladimir as whom you feel: that wounded vedrusy or black monk?

 - I? Whom I? Means, you for this purpose showed... To define... But at what here I?

 - There, in the past, in that picture, your ancestors were. Who are they? How you think, Vladimir?

 - I do not know. I would like that vedrusam were they. Of course, they were vedrusa! Because black monks came to Russia from other state. Tell, Anastasia, correctly I understood everything? Tell!

 - Vladimir, you do not worry. Quietly perceive information. Your primogenitors really were vedrusa. But also the squealing black monk too your primogenitor.

 In total from Uniform occurred that is - brothers all. Forgetting about it, the people between themselves battle, in "opponent" destroying themselves. So was, maybe, not for nothing. From the beginning of the new millennium new understanding of life the era new came to Earth. Era fine transformations of Earth.

 - Came? Already came?. Generally and in me there is a feeling that something new in the world occurs, especially when see how people build the whole settlements consisting of family estates on waste grounds. They are harbingers of a new era?

 - Their sensibleness and feelings represent new to the world.

 - But on the other hand, on TV you watch news, and there still the same - on the first lines tell which of governors whom met and how much for oil, about crisis in economy which year go on, but offer nothing essential.

 - On TV, Vladimir, you see news from antecedents. The Universe already lives other measurements. You the past remember everything without the rest. With yourself take force worshipped by primogenitors.

 - How to understand? What is meant by the "worshipped force"? How it looks?

 - From generation to generation your primogenitors looked every day at an orthodox icon, prayed on it and thoughts, the expectations and requests devoted to it. She listened to them and tried to help, and every day itself became stronger. It will help you and helped already. Still honor beads and the Koran, you presented by the mufti Supreme Muslims. And Bible of the father Feodorit. Yours faithfully remember day when you addressed people in Christ Christ Redeemer's cathedral great. And day when in the most beautiful mosque Lyalya Tyulpan before people, the hall overflowed, you sat at a table, the priest the Orthodox Christian was near you and the rabbi. You spoke about estates. Ecologists supported. You remember this day?

 - Yes, I remember. The Supreme mufti is an action organized, people of different religions then came to the mosque, and all were grateful to it. But I remember also another. I remember slanderous articles in the press. I remember how on television, on a canape the first, orderly tried to deride me.

 - Perhaps, it is necessary - slander in your address?

 - It is necessary? What for? What you tell, Anastasia?

 - You enter the palace and the temple. Hero? Yes! Only to sustain not a smog of copper pipes, sounding fanfares. How to save you from egoism??

 - Yes I have neither egoism, nor arrogance. Only fatigue.

 - Means for fatigue, Vladimir, once, acting in the hall overflowed with readers, in the capital of Belarus, you began to excommunicate the bishop publicly. It for fatigue?

 - So I it not seriously. I was told before a performance that it...

 - And the hall to you applauded. The thought collective energy flew up up.

 - And what now with the bishop?

 - But we not about it now, and about you, Vladimir. You wanted to understand, experience and understand the relation to religions.

 - Yes.

 - You have to make it only itself, but I will tell of future events, perhaps, information on them will help you.

 It happens soon so that more than hundred fifty governors of the countries different will gather. They will resolve one issue with participation of scientists: to reduce as amount of the harmful gases, from human acts proceeding in the atmosphere. Gases which threaten the planet with accident. But hundred fifty governors of Earth will not be able to accept the saving decision, will part. Also harmful the planet убивать* will continue the gas created by mankind. What will you tell, Vladimir, about a situation such?



 * In 2009, from December 7 to December 18, in Copenhagen there took place the climatic summit of heads of states concerning restriction of decrease in emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Representatives of 192 countries took part in work of the summit.



 - And what here to tell? More than once heads of states gather to resolve an issue on improvement of an ecological situation, but it is vain. Most of people already and do not pay attention to this collecting.

 - Why?

 - Yes because any state did not read efficient offers. There are no times of efficient offers in the agenda what sense to gather? Only to make laugh people.

 - And what you would count as the efficient offer?

 - Such offer when at most of people of Earth life priorities change. Desire will appear to improve the habitat, but not to work at harmful productions for money for livelihood. No governor is able to stop these harmful productions because unemployment will begin, revolts, and his power under the threat it will appear - Means, heads of states are not able to stop global disaster. But, maybe, other power, spiritual, is capable to make it? Patriarchs of all religions will gather, before each other will pledge the word the flock to urge to improve the habitat of Earth.

 - Yes! Precisely! They could understand and influence more effectively with this question at the same time both the people, and the power.

 - So means, religions are important, are necessary. How you think, Vladimir?

 - It turns out, are important, necessary. Also would be great if all of them together direct the efforts to improvement of the habitat spiritual and material. But also here the reality is necessary. Your project, Anastasia, unsurpassed appeared a reality, and everywhere human souls and hearts accept it. But there is one circumstance calling into question its prospects.

 - What circumstance?

 - The family way of life shown by you in the family estate undoubtedly considerably surpasses a way of life today's people in the cities and villages. And already now, in the absence of any support from the state, the quantity of such families steadily increases every year. Also there can come such time when most of the population of Earth want to have the family estate and to live in it. And then for each wishing family of hectares will not be enough. Already now a talk on need of destruction of a part of the population of the planet goes because there is not enough vital space and natural resources. According to these rumors, on Earth there has to be a so-called gold one billion and two-three billion, it serving. Now the population of Earth makes six billion and the question of birth rate restriction as, for example, in China where on the area of 9,6 million square kilometers live one billion three hundred million people is already raised.

 If the way of life of people begins to change on your project, then life expectancy of the person will increase. Also the indisputable fact is obvious that at the person living in the family estate in the absence of addictions, I mean boozes, smoking and another, at excellent food, clean air and healing water life expectancy will increase on average twice.

 The family living in the family estate will want to have children, and thirst for their birth at such families is much higher, than at living in the modern cities. Therefore, soon new families will have no opportunity to receive hectare for construction of the family estate.

 I understand that some exit has to be, God could not, thinking of fine, to create such impasse, provoking people to wars for vital space. Your grandfather said that space exploration is absurd and unpromising this way and that there is other way, it is called psikhoteleportichesky. But to understand it in details how many thought of it, it is not represented possible. In its existence it is not believed at all and the science tells nothing about it.

 - I know too that the psikhoteleportichesky way of development of space, planets of other galaxies exists. But details, mechanisms of this way are in my family known to nobody. I hope that the people building now family estates, their children or grandsons will find, will understand how by means of what he acts. And it surely happens.

 But also your concern is clear to me, Vladimir. If the person does not see at least a part of this mechanism any more today, it will have concern because of an ambiguity of the future some kind of. It is necessary already today at least a part it to understand.

 I constantly think of it, I look for, but only logical confirmations of its existence I find more and more. Perhaps, it is necessary to state logical reasonings and to ask the people familiar with science biology and programming, to think together. All together we have to open it.

 Vladimir, we came, it is the house... This space of the grandfather - Anastasia reported.



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