the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 Anastasia's grandfather always differ in singularity of the behavior. Even he always spoke about very serious things with humour, with a dirty trick. Here and this time it remained is faithful to itself(himself). When we came to its glade, saw Anastasia's grandfather sitting under a cedar with skreshchyonny legs and attentively looking at the staff thrust before him to the earth. He obviously felt long ago that we go to it and the more so could not but feel our presence, but did not pay to us any attention. And even when we approached almost closely, he did not turn in our party and did not greet. We silently stood minutes three-four. Then I whispered to Anastasia:

 - You try to address it, and that we and will stand.

 - Well, Vladimir. But I try to understand that he conceived it - Anastasia also quietly answered me.

 Then she nevertheless addressed the grandfather, having told:

 - We came for a long time, the grandfather.

 And further there was absolutely strange. Anastasia's grandfather, addressing a staff, suddenly told:

 - Due to the unforeseen circumstances the break for fifteen minutes appears.

 Then he got up, took us aside and in all seriousness began to explain:

 - Now I hold a party meeting of Native Party. It will pass even minutes forty five therefore you should wait.

 - How it is a party meeting? There is nobody. And the Native Party is not founded yet - I was surprised.

 - Well, by you it is not founded - the grandfather answered. - And I for myself founded.

 - How it - you founded? Who enters it?

 - I one also enter. Here I prepare for a congress.

 - To what congress if you one all in this party consist?

 - While one, but can someone else will found the Native Party. Here we will also gather.

 - How it is possible?

 - Well you said that it is necessary to think up something new. Here I thought up that someone did not press the authority and a position on rank-and-file members of party, let everyone direct the Native Party. And at a congress all will be equal.

 - And here at a meeting what agenda at you?

 - The report of the government on the done work on improvement of the habitat.

 - And who at you reports?

 - Yes different. After a break - I will hear the Minister of Transport.

 - But it is not here!

 - For you is not present, and for me is.

 - And he knows that you hear it? - I took an interest.

 - He does not know. And what to distract him from works - And when and where your congress will take place?

 - When initiators appoint it.

 - What initiators?

 - Other heads of Native Party.

 In general the idea of creation of Native Party in which all are equal, despite all humour shown by the grandfather, I think, deserves attention. The usual way of the organization of party, except as to similarity to the CPSU, does not lead to anything. Here to me rational grain seems. Everyone is free to act on command of own soul and heart, but not by order of or to the general charter. Other party members can undertake the best actions and acts, achievements. It seems to me, in this case the live and spontaneous community of people in which everyone can really show the initiative will turn out. Leaving the grandfather, in tone to him, trying to be serious, I told:

 - From now on I establish the Native Party too. What to say much? A time to everyone to work.

 The further events which took place at Anastasia's grandfather deserve the separate book what I also am going to tell subsequently about.



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