the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 On the way back, when we with Anastasia came back from the grandfather, the conversation on possible existence of a biological way of development by the terrestrial person of other planets and galaxies came again. I reminded Anastasia:

 - You, Anastasia, said that constantly you think of a biological way of development of other planets and you find logical confirmations to its existence. You can state these logical reasonings?

 - We can together now begin to analyze a situation, you will continue later.

 - Well, Anastasia, only you begin.

 - At first it is necessary to decide on the first fact authentically. Everything, created in the technocratic world, existed and exists in biological and in much more perfective aspect. You agree with it, Vladimir? You understand, it is how important to decide on such understanding?

 - Of course, he agrees. It is known not only me, but also many people. Before people much better and quicker did mental arithmetic, everyone had the internal calculator. Well, and so on, it is possible to give a set of examples here.

 Most of all I like an example with the birth of the person, it the brightest and evident because now in the world at the same time there are two ways - technocratic and biological.

 Technocratic way, it when at special institute scientists take from the man a spermatozoon, and from the woman an ovum, place them together in a test tube which is held in the special equipment, necessary maintain temperature also humidity, generally a lot of trouble is necessary also means. And the biological way is much simpler and more effective. The man and the woman - in a bed... Pleasure was derived, and the person soon is born.

 - A good example, Vladimir, only, please, note very important detail. When the person let sotvoryatsya and in the technocratic way, biological material is its cornerstone nevertheless.

 - Yes, it, of course, is the cornerstone. Without spermatozoon and an ovum nothing will turn out.

 - And the biological way is required to be taken nothing from the technocratic world.

 - He agrees, nothing. Well, unless bed. Though it is possible and to do without bed. Generally, Anastasia, I completely agree and I understand - biological opportunities much more perfectly technocratic. Thinking out the so-called inventions and opening, the technocratic person replaces the existing perfect biological mechanisms with primitive technocratic. Such situation completely antirazumna.

 - And nevertheless more than once human civilizations, having forgotten about natural abilities, replaced them with primitive technocratic opportunities.

 We do not represent now as in the natural way to get on other planet. And in the same way people of other civilization of the birth of the child did not represent in not technocratic way.

 Today many women cannot imagine the child's birth without assistance, without maternity hospital and technocratic devices. If further to develop in this direction, then more and more children will be born by means of substitute mothers.

 There will be a certain similarity of farms where the women impregnated in the artificial way will be concentrated. They all life will give birth to children and to give them. Food, housing, but they will be provided to them, each of them, will represent an incubator for a human embryo, it already happened in the history in one of human civilizations.

 In this civilization also the cloning of people was also developed. As a result in the person of this civilization there was no idea of an opportunity to give birth to the person in the biological way. Lack of a thought of it and representations did not give to the woman the chance to conceive the child how many she entered intimate relationship with the man. If the woman nevertheless became pregnant in the natural way, then it was considered as pathology, and the human germ was at once destroyed or withdrawn and grown up in the artificial way.

 - Vladimir, you agree with the statement that any technocratic achievement is preceded by oblivion the person of abilities of the biological?

 - He agrees.

 And now tell me whether the person in the technocratic way move the image, for example the photo of the family estate, from one point of Earth to another or to space can?

 - Of course can, by means of the computer and the Internet, it is only necessary to choose the e-mail address, to scan this image in the computer, to enter the Internet and to send it to the chosen address, and there it will arise in the computer. From other computer it can be unpacked by means of the printer. And too it is possible to send to space if to know the e-mail address of the spaceship. And it is possible to send to the Moon, and from the Moon it is possible to send the image to Earth, so already did.

 - Well, Vladimir, very well. Only you forgot very important detail. The most important.

 - What?

 - Before making various manipulations with the computer, in the person the thought was born to send the image.

 - He agrees. I about a thought did not tell because this self-evident.

 - And now tell me, it is possible in the modern technocratic way in all points which you called, to transfer not only the image, but also a subject?

 - Subject? A subject, I think, it will not turn out. - I thought for some time and then added: - I remembered, Anastasia, is such machines which under the influence of the computer program cut out different patterns from a tree, a skulpturka for example and if the computer program with a task to cut out a skulpturka to send on the e-mail address to other continent or to the Moon, then there other computer if it is connected to such machine, cuts out just the same figure, and they will be two, one which was made by my computer, the second which will be cut out by other computer. Thus, the skulpturka which is available for me will be copied on other continent or on the Moon.

 - Therefore, a modern technocratic way it is possible to transfer or copy and recreate a subject even on other planet?

 - Yes, it is possible.

 - But you understand what it means, Vladimir?

 - What?

 - It means that there is a biological way of transferring of a subject from one planet on another, and this way is thousandfold more perfectly and more simply and can be available to any person. The biological way does not need existence of any equipment. In it the main thing is the thought human.

 - Yes, he agrees, as well as in case of creation of the child, the main thing is a thought, but for the man who thought to create the child, also the woman is necessary, and the woman who thought of the child needs the man. They together materialize pomyslenny.

 - They together...

 Vladimir, possibility of creation, the birth of the person by the man and the woman is the highest achievement. Means, creation by the person of life on other planet especially is possible in the biological way. So far it is not clear what components are necessary for its materialization.

 - Yes, Anastasia, the most grandiose opening. It would turn out grandiose if you or someone else found or opened these biological components.

 - It seems. A lot of things could be understood and felt, having adjoined to knowledge which was possessed by people of the first terrestrial civilization.



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