the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 In the evening, at an entrance to a small dugout in which Nastenka slept sometimes one Anastasia nursed it. I quietly sat next and watched interesting process.

 There was an impression that feeding per se, for the sake of saturation of an organism of the child maternal milk, was not the so main task. Nastenka, having clasped Anastasia's breast with handles, some time, smacking the lips, sucked milk, but then came off a nipple and looked in a face of mother. And Anastasia also did not tear off a look from the child, she did not pay attention neither to me, nor to all surrounding.

 It seemed, mother and the daughter as if merged during feeding in a whole and without words communicated among themselves.

 It proceeded minutes twenty then Nastenka fell asleep.

 Anastasia laid the daughter in a dugout on the laying from hay covered with fabric. It covered with free edges of fabric the sleeping child and a podgrebl from hay sides, having arranged a cozy nest. Then, being kneeling still some time at an entrance, looked at the sleeping daughter. When Anastasia got up and paid at last to me attention, I asked:

 - How you consider, Anastasia, our daughter on which of us is more similar - to you or to me?

 - As well as all parents, you, of course, wanted that the child was more similar to you, Vladimir?

 - Here also did not guess. I, certainly, want that the daughter and from me had something. But she is a girl, it needs to be beautiful, so, it is more similar to you.

 - Means, you beautiful in comparison with yourself consider me, Vladimir?

 - I consider you beautiful not only in comparison with myself, Anastasia. I consider, you the most beautiful of all people whom I ever saw including at the international beauty contests. I watched on TV. Beauty of contestants in comparison with yours some vague turns out. You the best of all.

 - Thanks, Vladimir. Your words are a compliment? Or explanation?

 - They both a compliment, and an explanation, and - admiration.

 - Thanks. Means, you will not grieve, Vladimir if I tell that Nastenka externally, the face, is slightly similar also to you, and here eyes, eyelashes, a figure - mine, and hair at it will be as at me too.

 Similarity of people on flesh speaks also about similarity of abilities, habits, a community of Souls. Means, some abilities and habits in it will be from you. Some - from me. But in soul of the newborn person, Vladimir, there are always three components.

 - Rub? And the third from whom?

 - The third component is a part of Soul which lived in a human body in its antecedents, can be hundred years ago, can be one thousand or one million. This third component in the harmonious person does not break up to parts, and waits for the moment when finds a new body which eyes will be able to see the world around and which ears will be able to hear sounds of this world, to touch it with hands, to use its gifts.

 - But if our Souls united in new life in a whole, so they have to know about all lives of each other?

 - Of course, have to. Also know. Otherwise their merge would be impossible. They could not become uniform Soul.

 - Therefore, my Soul can see antecedents of our daughter?

 - Perhaps of course, but you will feel it and will see only if you stay in harmony with the Soul and your thought will not be confused by various perversions of the world around if it is able to concentrate.

 - With me everything is clear, I and me similar cannot see the past, but you, Anastasia, can obviously learn something about antecedents of our daughter through a part of her Soul.

 - I try, Vladimir to see and understand antecedents of our daughter, and strange some it to me sees each other. Life of our daughter in a body was very short, no more than seven years, and she lived many thousands years ago.

 - Yes, at such short life of the child the little can be learned about the past.

 - Yes, the little, but happens so, as for absolutely short life the person makes the act capable to affect the events which are taking place in the next millennia.

 - It is interesting how it is the child can make a certain act which will influence in the millennia life of people? You can, Anastasia to tell, and it is even better - to reproduce pictures from antecedents of our daughter?

 - I can, Vladimir.

 - Reproduce.

 And Anastasia began the unusual story about antecedents of our daughter. Or the story about the girl whose part of Soul lives in little Nastenka now.



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