the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 - I assume, I guess, and the logic of life speaks about it, they had great opportunities, than God.

 - And who these mysterious "they"?

 - These are God's children. People of the first terrestrial civilization.

 - First civilization? Means, then there were the subsequent? And in what the first civilization could differ from the subsequent?

 - Direction of the development. The mankind, Vladimir, not always went a technocratic way to measurement of anti-reason and to accident. In the beginning there was the first civilization which developed in other direction, will call its biological way. They used all what was originally created by God. The person of this civilization studied Divine creations and with their help improved the habitat. Divine creations are perfect, but each generation has to be more reasonable previous, God so programmed.

 Otherwise could not be. Otherwise God could not be called a God, and his creations which do not have an opportunity to be improved would be the end of creation. The person - the beginning of great creation.

 And it is heavy now even to imagine what heights and what were reached by the first civilization in the Divine development as the planet in the period of their material life looked.

 People of the first terrestrial civilization, of course, and externally could differ from the modern person. They had an ideal constitution, physical health allowed to comprise immeasurably more energiya, than the modern person is able to afford. The initial knowledge of the biological Divine world going from God allowed them to improve it.

 All scientific and technical achievements which exist in the technocratic world today at them existed in much more perfect species.

 - Where proofs of existence of this civilization and their achievements?

 - If you see, Vladimir, the adult, unless you need proofs that this person was at first a baby, then the child?

 - No, are not necessary. The person is the proof that was a child earlier.

 - Here and the present civilization human is the proof that there was the first. And this the first could not be technocratic.

 - Well, let could not, but from historical evidences, archeological excavations we see that the people of ancient civilizations living hundred thousand years ago ran in skins with cudgels and hunted animals as speak, they hardly got to themselves food.

 - Archeologists find people of the post-catastrophe period of technocratic civilizations.

 Imagine, Vladimir, on Earth lives a technocratic civilization, reaches heights in so-called technocratic development. But any technocratic way Earth torments the planet, worsens ecology, breaks the biosphere and there is a large-scale technogenic catastrophe. The mighty of this world, or elite, always foreknow about its approach and prepare for own rescue. One of civilizations, for example, constructed on Earth orbit the whole technical complex the size equal to two ocean liners. On it they escaped from the catastrophic changes which comprehended the earth. But this technical complex did not may support people infinitely as he is transitory. The people escaping from terrestrial accident held on on it about sixty years. They gave birth to children. But time when life on an artificial complex was impossible came. People, its inhabitants, began to perish, and then the decision to return to Earth was made, and they returned. They landed groups in special capsules. On Earth which is cooling down from big fires the grass grew already again and the fauna revived. Not all people managed to get to such oasis. Those who got to the desert or on the heated lava perished. That who managed to land on a ground with the life which remained partially, rejoiced to the good luck.

 Now I will show you.

 Look, here they, only six people, go out of the heated capsule. Rejoice to a green grass and air which can breathe. Here two children, the boy and the girl, with interest examine a bush of currant and small insects on it. And here the elderly, absolutely deprived hair of people comes back to the capsule and soon takes out from it a box. In it there are products. The person puts a box on the earth, looks at the boy and the girl at a bush of currant and approaches their mother standing nearby.

 - It is better for you to leave far away from this place and to take away children. Products at us remained no more than for a week. Your husband died, I am your distant relative, but it does not intend to protect you when fight for products begins.

 - Give us food per day at least.

 - Take itself, but try that did not pay attention to you, and quickly leave.

 The woman approached the box standing on the earth, bent as if correcting footwear, and quickly took three tubes with some substance, hid them under overalls. Then quickly approached children and having told as if is going to show bushes even more interestingly, carried away them far away from the device lying on the earth.

 The people who came back to Earth had knowledge of the technocratic world. They could use the computer and satellite phone, drive the car and the space ship, but their knowledge was absolutely useless now and is even harmful. On the earth all communications and the majority of mechanisms were destroyed. Many of remained represented danger of death, they were radioactive.

 Mother who left with the son and the daughter continued the sort. And again in the millennia the mankind in the technocratic direction developed. Archeologists dug out ancient ancient settlements. Graves of ancestors in which found primitive tools of hunting and considered that they see primitive people of the beginning of their civilization. But they saw people of the end of their civilization. Sometimes archeologists found rock paintings - the people dressed in space suits. The scientific world made hypotheses that the mankind came from alien beings that the mankind in the ancient time gained knowledge from aliens. But they still did not want even to assume that in rock paintings of beings in space suits... they see people of the end of their civilization.

 - And where first civilization now?

 - Disappeared. Disappeared suddenly, for some mysterious reason. At the time of the disappearance by people of the first civilization all information on their achievements from the Universal database was erased. They made it incomprehensibly how. For what acted this way, it is only possible to assume, to guess.

 - And what you assume, Anastasia?

 - I assume that, having felt as rulers of the destiny of the worlds Universal, they distinguished in themselves and rudiments of a virus of an antiworld, anti-reason, and the fact that they have against it no sufficient immunity. And then they psychologically blew up themselves together with the achievements, having left on Earth of those who more than others were struck with a virus of anti-reason, an antiworld. Up to the end to pass, learn measurement of anti-reason. And now we, descendants of the first civilization, learn up to the end essence of anti-reason and an instant before the planetary accident we will counterbalance in ourselves Reason and anti-reason. All achievements of the first terrestrial civilization will reveal in us in new and more perfective aspect.

 - But if how you speak, their knowledge reveals, so they somewhere are, exist?

 - They exist in each person.

 Suddenly Anastasia interrupted the story and stood - What happened, Anastasia why you became silent and stood?

 - Something occurred in Universal space, I feel it, Vladimir. I feel vibrations, and you?

 - I feel nothing, just some breeze blew.

 - Yes, the breeze, but it is faltering.

 - Well, maybe, faltering, and that from this? And occurred bad or good?

 - I do not know, Vladimir, only one is clear, the event excited space.

 - And where occurred?

 - I think, on the bank of our lake.

 - And what, all Universe reacted to this event?

 - It always reacts when interesting or unusual information appears.

 - Let's reach our lake, Anastasius quicker.

 We went a fast pace. From time to time when the taiga allowed, I tried to run. Only once we sat down to have a rest and again directed to the lake.

 Already on the approach to the lake I suddenly presented what trouble can happen to the son, asked Anastasia to stop.

 - Wait for Anastasius. Listen to me, understand. Volodya considers, you challenged us to a competition. It so?

 - Yes - Anastasia quietly answered.

 - I will not explain now why it is an unfair call. Once. But I very much ask you, do not criticize, please, what was made by Volodya in two days of our absence.

 It obviously all day long worked on the model. He tried. I know. I saw when we with it one thought over the project. But it lacks information. If you begin to criticize its creation, he will worry very strongly. He spoke to me: if I do not win a competition, it will upset mother.

 You represent, he will try not to upset you.

 - And you, Vladimir.

 - Yes. And me. But we are adults. We have to understand: there is already nothing to add to the project of the estate. An earth shaft on perimeter - brilliant idea, but it is already voiced, the pond is caused, the house location with a verandah around does not cause rejection in you. What remained? Flower beds, beds, it is trifles. Technology of construction - insignificant details. You understand, there is no Anastasius left, a scope for creativity there. You already made everything, prompted and left nothing to the son. Praise it at least for efforts.

 - Just for efforts I will not be able. It will be a humiliating praise.

 - Humiliating? And to drive the child into a corner is not humiliation? No, it not humiliation. This mockery.

 - Vladimir, please, believe, I do not scoff at our son at all. In it there is your part and mine. Information and knowledge collected by your and my primogenitors. It was brought up, the grandfather and the great-grandfather learned. Abilities of our son are not disclosed yet, but I am sure, they are big.

 - Let are big, but I explain to you: there is no field left for creativity to show them. The project of the estate is already created.

 - You consider, is created. But I had an impression for a long time, as we are with you, and the people creating estates nevertheless do not know any main their mission. Intuitively many feel it therefore the thought attracts people to create the family estate. This thought at the level of feelings, it is not clear up to the end and unknown. Unknown very important for the future and infinity.

 From the creation of the person and still in it there is everything that was created initially, and they, people gods of the first civilization, are concealed by small, maybe, micron part in each person. Perhaps, they see or feel the events. When I excessively precipitately embarrassed the son before you, this part, perhaps, responded, did not sustain or maybe time came... Perhaps, Volodya feels knowledge which is kept in him. Too unusual on beauty and functionality at it the construction turned out - this fiery bird.

 - Anastasia, understand, you cry for the moon. You want that the son explained to you or created, but itself do not know that. You only feel, some new opportunities of the family estate, but Volodya can not know about your feelings even.

 - My feelings and in our son, Vladimir.

 I followed Anastasia, understanding that she will not dissemble before the son, will not praise him just like that. And moreover, can begin to criticize. But I will not criticize. Resolved: it is necessary to find some words to encourage him, to praise for efforts.

 I a little bit lagged behind from Anastasius. When left a taiga, saw that she, standing at a cedar, from a distance with concentration peers at the events ashore. And on the sandy coast of the taiga lake surrounded with century cedars, Volodya did some unclear construction. It was the simple square, or a rectangle which framed the earth shaft enclosed from two parties with clay walls. On corners of a wall were white and above, than on the parties. With edge in a square a pond, nearby his unique bird, in the center of a square directly on sand sat Nastenka - and all. I understood, will not praise Volodya Anastasius. There is nothing. The bird was made by it earlier, the earth shaft in general is thought up not of the House and homestead constructions it whether did not manage to build, whether did not know where to arrange them. The square, however, was a little bit oddish. I turned to Anastasius and told:

 - Volodya also did not manage to make anything special, and times so, and there is nothing to criticize here.

 But Anastasia answered nothing to me, did not even turn in my party, she as if released from everything with concentration examined a square.

 I went in the direction of a square at which the son pottered, but there was something not clear. Without having reached several steps the estate model, I stopped, not in forces to move further. The space around suddenly as if was transformed. Externally everything was former, but feelings... Extremely pleasant feelings, it seems, acquaintances or comers from other life, shrouded all space around and warmed a body from within. I was afraid to move that they did not leave. Just stood and looked at a square corner. On a corner in the form of a white lodge with a window and a door.

 I began to recover when I heard a voice of the suitable Anastasia. She addressed Volodya who, being kneeling, smoothed hands of roughness of an external wall.

 - It is possible to ask you, the sonny?

 Anastasia seemed to me worries.

 Volodya got up, approached Anastasia, slightly bowed to her and answered:

 - I am glad to listen to you, mother.

 - You found new definition to the concept "house"?

 - I tried to look for it, mother, and decided that the person at the same time for himself and the hectare has to build the house, then they will be inseparably linked with each other and uniform in the space.

 - Tell, Volodya, about the model and functional purpose. Tell about all its details.

 - Well, mother, I will tell.

 And the son began to tell. From his story as if symbols of the unusual family estate came to life on the model.

 - This an entrance to the house, mother - Volodya showed on an aperture in a wall. - It is not from the road, and from the wood.

 - You want to tell that it is an entrance on the territory of the family estate - Anastasia specified.

 - All family estate is the house - Volodya answered - therefore I called it an entrance to the house, and the person has to walk before an entrance if something stuck to them, but if is not present, then it is necessary to make it mentally.

 This wall - Volodya showed on the greenhouse on hectare perimeter. - It is a live wall of the house. Its most part - a shoddy construction, will serve in order that the fertile layer was quicker created. The father wanted quicker. The soil will be created by worms. To the plants growing inside it will be warm and joyful. It is the wall from clay which is warmed up by the sunshine passing from above through glass or a transparent film about which the father spoke. In the afternoon the clay wall will heat up, and at night when it is cool, it will begin to give heat to everything that grows inside.

 In this wall there are rooms, this place where the different garden stock and devices which the person will use will be stored. And in this room, mother - and Volodya showed on the oval acting from estate perimeter - the person can sleep and eat food in the winter.

 The office where firewood is stored is farther. On corners of the live wall adjoining the wood different pets are placed: hens, swans, goat, horse, hedgehog, peacocks and pigeons. From their dwelling there are two exits, one woodward, another in house space. The father says that he often should leave, and there will be nobody to look after animals. The father considers that the person cannot get animals if he cannot pay them enough attention and is timely feed. But I consider that dependence of an animal on the person in food should not be, it humiliates an animal. The person has to create the convenient habitat that they could eat independently for the pleasant animals, and to the person to come when they are necessary for him. Around a glade - our house - lives different animals much, but we do not have need feed them, on the contrary, they can bring with pleasure to us food. I assume that the same conditions can be created to animals and in the family estate, especially if it adjoins the wood.

 - Perhaps - thoughtfully said Anastasius and continued to ask questions to the son: - Volodya, from the road, on corners, two lodges with small windows, for what they?

 - I, mother, did this project for the father. I know, the best memories of the childhood at the father are connected with meanwhile when he lived, being a little boy, at the grandfathers and grandmothers, in the bleached clay hatka covered by straw. I constructed walls of this rural hatka. I think, it will be very good if in the father's estate there are also other elements causing pleasant memories from his life.

 I quickly turned to white... Began to consider. Also recognized him - a lodge from the childhood. The bleached Ukrainian hatka covered by straw with a window and a door, and an old shop nearby. There was a wish to rush to the son, to embrace him and pleasant feelings shrouded again, without having allowed to move a little, could only tell:

 - Thanks, sonny. Everything is similar very much - both a window, and a shop, and a door.

 - The door of a lodge of your childhood opens the father. If you open it, then will get to the covered perimeter of the estate at once, on it will pass where you will want.

 And still, the father, I arranged different plants in estate space, made of them necessary signs.

 In the greenhouse, the father, you can grow up everything that you like to eat in the spring and in the summer, but besides your favourite vegetables and fruit it will be very good if you with intervals not less than eleven meters equip beds, with a diameter not less than ninety centimeters, will plant on these beds saplings of plants, for example currants, raspberries, from each party it is good to plant at least one small sapling of a cedar and herbs, the flowers brought from a taiga and it is desirable that they were taken not from edge of a taiga, and from depth.

 - It will be very difficult for people to make it, Volodya, I will be able, but there was a wish that this option was available also to many other people building family estates. At many of them it will not turn out to plant plants from depth of the Siberian taiga.

 In a taiga there are no roads, it is impossible to use transport, on yourself you will not bring a lot of things, and then still long transportation on transport. All this will involve considerable financial costs. As a result of a plant, delivered from Siberia, will be much more expensive of those which are grown up in nurseries and are on sale directly from them or nearby. You know, even the saying such is: "Overseas the telushka costs to a half-ear and delivery a three-copecks piece". Besides explain why to take plants from taiga depth if they can be dug out in the local wood or to get in the nearest nursery?

 - But it will be different plants, the father. You told that, for example, mushrooms milk mushrooms which grow here and which can be eaten crude and mushrooms milk mushrooms which grow in that strip of Russia which you call central, considerably differ from each other. Also also cowberry differs. Also, the father, berries of currant, raspberry differ. In the books, the father, you wrote, as scientists speak about it, for example the academician Pallas.

 - Tell, Volodya, tastes are the only reason for which it is necessary to construct these beds of plants from taiga depth?

 - Not only, father. Taiga plants do not accept anti-reasonable information of that world in which you should live. Landed on perimeter, they will not miss it on the territory of the estate. Local plants which you call zoned more got used to it and will pass. In particular for this information do not make any barriers those plants which do not give seeds.

 - I know about such. They are called genetically modified.

 - Important, the father that the perimeter of the estate could not miss aggressive information unnecessary you when it transfers you to other place.

 I did not understand told by the son and began to ask again:

 - To what other place? How it can transfer? Volodya did not manage to answer. Hardly hiding nervousness, Anastasia started talking:

 - Very good you thought up, the sonny, it is very important to concentrate positive emotions in the estate. And, having walked at an entrance, not to bring in it negative.



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