the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Machine translate!

Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 Anastasia took me by hand. I felt pleasant heat of her gentle palm. And still felt how strongly she worries, looked at her face. Anastasia looked in the center of the model of the estate. I looked in the center too. Anything special. Unless the white sticks which are spread out in the center interested her. It asked a question to the son again.

 - Tell me, the sonny what designates the white circle located in the center of the estate?

 - It designates the small round greenhouse - I began to explain for the son. - We so agreed with Volodya. White sticks at us designate some transparent material, glass, for example, or polycarbonate, a film polyethylene. We long could not attach the greenhouse anywhere. It was not combined with anything. And now, when Volodya located the greenhouse on all perimeter of the estate, very much it is pleasant to me. Here to you both greenhouse, and fence at the same time, and utility rooms different. And the fact that Volodya also on the center made the small round greenhouse is pleasant to me, it to the place now too. It very much is even well combined now with all perimeter of the estate.

 - I think, in the center not the greenhouse, Vladimir - still slightly worrying, Anastasia in a whisper said.

 Volodya heard it and quietly told, addressing me:

 - Mother of the right, white sticks in the center of the estate designate not the greenhouse.

 - Then what they designate? - I asked the son.

 - In the center of the estate, the father, I placed a circle of mirror water.

 - Mirror, perhaps? - I asked again.

 - It is possible to tell and so. A mirror with mirror water - Volodya quietly answered.

 - And that, originally even. In the center of the estate on a small eminence the round mirror is located, in it clouds are reflected, the Sun, the Moon let will admire themselves. And spots of sunlight from it on all estate will sparkle. There is no similar in one landscaping, and I reconsidered their set. Very originally.

 - Around a mirror red leaflets what they designate, Volodya are thrust? - quickly Anastasia spoke.

 - It burns fire, mother.

 - From what fire turned out?

 - From oil and gas, mother.

 After this answer Anastasia squeezed my hand slightly stronger and asked the following question to the son:

 - They allowed you to light the blood, Volodya?

 - Yes, Souls of our primogenitors allowed to light the terrestrial blood, mother. If they did not want it, then would not be thought up in me thought up.

 - Perhaps will be enough to distract from important issues of the person - Anastasia's grandfather started talking suddenly, and in his voice nervousness was felt too. - You did not complete the estate model, Volodya?

 - I did not complete it yet, the grandfather.

 - So complete, and let nobody disturb you.

 - Yes, complete, Volodya, we will depart so far - added Anastasius and carried away me from the unusual project of the family estate aside. When she sat down at a trunk of a big cedar, I asked:

 - Anastasia, I feel, you for some reason worry, it so?

 - Yes, Vladimir, I worry. Much of what is done by our son does not exist nowadays on Earth, there is no information on that and in the Universe. What he created in the center of the estate you called beautiful and original. But not these, not only these words characterize created. The design about which we were spoken by Volodya is the device, a component of the device of unknown power, the biological mechanism, I feel it, but I cannot be at exact loss for words for its characteristics. Perhaps, the word such does not exist yet. About opportunities of this device, unknown opportunities, it is only possible to guess. But you do not hurry me, please, Vladimir, give gradually seen to realize.



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